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Designer Clothing Save on SONIC Electric Toothbrushes Tooth color varies according to race, gender and geographic region.[4] Females generally have slightly whiter teeth than males, partly because females’ teeth are smaller, and therefore there is less bulk of dentin, partially visible through the enamel layer. For the same reason, larger teeth such as the molars and the canine (cuspid) teeth tend to be darker. Baby teeth (deciduous teeth) are generally whiter than the adult teeth that follow, again due to differences in the ratio of enamel to dentin.
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[Actually, if you do the math you’ll find that even these low frequency brushes do have stroke rates that lie inside the audible range (although the very bottom of it). But as a matter of convention, they’re not classified as sonic toothbrushes.]
First, as you age, the outer layer of the tooth’s enamel gets thinner over time, revealing the natural yellow color of the core tissue of your teeth, called the dentin. This dentin also yellows naturally with age. In addition, years of drinking tea, coffee, dark sodas, and wine can cause progressive tooth stains over time. Finally, damage or injuries to your teeth, which occur over time throughout your life, cause discoloration that can become noticeable with age.How to Remove Teeth StainsFortunately, there are many treatment options for teeth stains. Keep your teeth healthy and looking great by maintaining a consistent oral health routine including twice-daily toothbrushing and daily flossing, twice-yearly visits to your dentist, and by limiting your consumption of teeth-staining beverages. Regular whitening maintenance will help keep them looking whiter and brighter.Regardless of the type of tooth discoloration you have, there are many safe, over-the-counter,  teeth-whitening products available to help you makeover your discolored teeth into a beautiful white smile. Ask your dentist for recommendations on the best teeth whitening option to treat your age-related tooth stains and discoloration.
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Tooth discoloration associated with celiac disease is permanent. Most stains and spots caused by fluorosis or tooth decay are likewise irreversible. Re D1, Augusti G1, Battaglia D1, Giannì AB2, Augusti D1.
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Sensonic® Professional Plus $30 $31.85 Used Is this answer useful? Co-authors: Using a Brush with Hard Bristles
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Arco Dentist Office See more Test #5: The conventional electric toothbrush was held in direct contact with the enamel sample. Procurement
Periodontal disease and bone loss Food & nutrition ● Gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gumline
free shipping on $35+ One thing worth pointing out about electric toothbrushes is that they are not cheaper in the long run. Electric toothbrushes cost about 10 times as much as manual toothbrushes, and you have to replace the brush heads at the same frequency (every three months), each for about the same cost as a manual brush. What you get for the higher cost is less friction in achieving good brushing habits, and, according to research, a significant reduction in plaque and gingivitis, even if that reduction may come only from having a brush that encourages good habits, like a full two minutes of brushing for each session.
These spots can vary in color from yellowish-brown to black-brown. The shape and size can vary. Some people may notice irregular, blotchy patches, while others have brown lines.
Case in point: Research shows people with whiter teeth are perceived as more socially competent, smarter, more satisfied with their relationships, and more psychologically adjusted The influence of tooth colour on the perceptions of personal characteristics among female dental patients: comparisons of unmodified, decayed and ‘whitened’ teeth. Kershaw S, Newton JT, Williams DM. British dental journal, 2008, Feb.;204(5):1476-5373.. Another study (full disclosure: It was commissioned by Crest Whitestrips) suggests that a brighter smile may lead to more success in both your professional and personal lives.
For fresher breath, be sure to brush your tongue, too That’s right, not brushing your teeth can lead to heart attacks and incidences of stroke. “The bacteria that resides in the plaque in the mouth will enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart and brain to then create arterial plaque,” Shah told me. “If that plaque grows enough to prevent the blood flow to that area, the cells in that area will die due to the lack of oxygen. The heart and the brain are the areas that are most susceptible to the damaging effects of arterial plaque.” 
Elecrtric Toothbrush with 5 kind of “magic” Step 4 Careers The fluid dynamics created by a sonic toothbrush disrupt dental plaque. SearchNewsletter
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I belive that my son is the most difficult child in brushing his teeth, he used to cry and screem every time we brush his teeth, and he wold never tuch the teeth brush with his hands. I started to search Amazon and i bought this book + elmo book : ready, set, brush + dazzlepro musical teeth brush + StarSmiles elegator that has teeth to teach children to brush. To be honest the most effective things was THIS BOOK + Dasslepro music teeth brush. I had take a vedio for this book to upload as a review but the suprise was that my son wold always take my mobile to see this vedio when we are out home. This book realy work and motivate little kids. Imagine that one time my son went to his room and started to brush his teeth with dazzlepro music teeth brush without any help! even no one asked him to brush his teeth! This transformation in my son is because THIS BOOK + DAZZLEPRO
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How Does Teeth Whitening Work? Pacifier Holders Whitening Crest Pro-Health HOME > LEARN > CONDITIONS > TEETH STAINS > TEETH STAINS: CAUSES, REMOVAL AND WHITER TEETH Cetylpyridinium chloride, which is found in many antimicrobial mouthwashes, can result in staining due to dead bacterial residue.[15][16]
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Go to professional site Help sale “I brushed the teeth of my girl cat, she did not like what was happening and was very glad to be done, however I definitely don’t think she was scarred by the process, nor was she upset with me after.”
There are many reasons why some people are more likely to have a yellow coloring to their teeth, said Dr. Edita Outericka, the dental director at Dynamic Dental in Mansfield, Massachusetts. “The No. 1 reason is genetics. Dentinogenesis imperfecta and amelogenesis imperfecta are two inherited disorders that cause the teeth to develop improperly and could lead to discoloration,” Outericka explained. 
The travel case Customer reviews SKU: 00566B Widely applied across personal care products, sonic technology is very useful in cleaning the soft but sticky plaques stuck in the crevices between our teeth and gum line.
DP23264-4500 (Gold) / 1300937605221 / 12122194411621 / pro-care-platinum-sonic-toothbrush
Gaming У щеток пять режимов работы: The Benefits of Fluoride for Older Adults Рукоядка щетки по ощущениямм напоминает приятный софттач пластик. Степень защиты от влаги указан IPX5.
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International Services 4)    Bill Boch / FoodPix Bookshop ^ Jump up to: a b Ghom AG; Ghom SA (30 September 2014). Textbook of Oral Medicine. JP Medical Ltd. p. 117. ISBN 978-93-5152-303-1.
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My Tools Manual toothbrushes are the most common type of toothbrushes, available at your local convenience store. Many people choose to opt for the manual toothbrush because it is a much cheaper option compared to the electric and sonic toothbrushes. Studies have shown that there is not a huge difference in using a manual toothbrush vs. an electric/sonic toothbrush, as manually brushing still cleans the surface of your teeth of food debris and plaque. However, manual toothbrushes clean your teeth at a rate of around 300 brush strokes per minute, while electric and sonic toothbrushes operate much faster (see below).
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10 Best Costs Under $50 Change Toothbrush Head Sonicare – Best Of 2018 10 Best Costs Under $50 Clean Teeth At Dentist In 2018 10 Best Costs Under $50 Clean Teeth At Dentist Of 2018

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    Dental treatments may also cause teeth to darken. “Many dental materials can cause discoloration, especially amalgam restorations (silver fillings),” said Dr. Bruno Sharp of Sharp Dentistry in Miami, Florida. These can give the tooth a gray-black tinge, according to The Cleveland Clinic. 
    Cell salts: Since teeth need minerals to be strong and decay-free, a broad-spectrum cell salt supplement can help to support good oral health. (Don’t administer without doctor or dentist approval.)
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    It’s been a couple years since the first app-connected, or “smart,” electric toothbrushes became available, but they still don’t offer enough capabilities for their added cost for us to recommend them for most people. (They’re at least double the price of a standard electric toothbrush.) “Smart” brush capabilities vary widely, but mainly these devices automate the process of tracking your brushing habits, typically by connecting to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The most expensive “smart” models, like the Oral-B Genius and Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected can track where the brush is in your mouth.
    What is TAVR?
    If a food or drink can stain a tablecloth, it can stain your teeth. It’s no surprise that red wine, an acidic drink known for its dark, rich color, will discolor teeth. But white wine, which has even more acid, also can.
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    Whether you want an electric toothbrush to focus on gum health, teeth whitening or plaque removal; or something that does everything, Philips Sonicare has your smile covered. Our sonic electric toothbrushes use advanced technology to sweep away plaque and give a deep clean. Go on, treat your smile.
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    “Average folks brush 46 seconds. With timers people will go to at least the two minutes,” said Dr. Joan Gluch, an adjunct associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania Dental School. “Clinically, we see patients do better with powered toothbrushes.” Dr. Mark Wolff, a professor at NYU Dental School and chair of the Cariology and Comprehensive Care department, agreed: “It helps people that don’t brush well,” he said. “If you need the guidance, invest in the guidance.”
    Tea has more teeth-staining power than coffee. (Photo: Konstantin Aksenov/Shutterstock)
    Sonic Advanced Care Toothbrush with 12 Brush Heads White.

  4. While it can be tempting to skip a brushing session here and there — you’re too tired, you forgot and didn’t remember until the last second, and others — once you see what can happen to you when you don’t brush your teeth, you’re likely to skip brushings much less frequently.
    What do I do with the excess water in my mouth?
    My breath is super stinky. I love it. Should I keep it smelling like this?
    Первое, что надо заметить, щетка со своей задачей прекрасно справляется, учитывая оч низкую цену. Теперь подробнее:
    Electric sonic toothbrush with 3 brushing modes to choose from. Model number: S430. 40,000 sonic strokes per minute. Operation modes: Normal (clean), soft, and massage.
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    Decent product for the new electric toothbrush user.
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    Acidic foods and beverages can promote staining by eroding tooth enamel and making it easier for pigments to latch onto the teeth. Tannin, a bitter compound found in wine and tea, also helps chromogens attach to tooth enamel, which ultimately causes staining. But there’s good news for tea drinkers: A 2014 study published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene found that adding milk to tea reduces its chances of staining teeth because the proteins in milk can bind to tannin. 
    A-Z Health A-Z
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    ^ Jump up to: a b c Rao A (20 July 2012). Principles and Practice Of Pedodontics. JP Medical Ltd. p. 436. ISBN 978-93-5025-891-0.
    Re D1, Augusti G1, Battaglia D1, Giannì AB2, Augusti D1.

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    Én valójában nem vártam semmit a dologtól, fogalmam sem volt, hogy jobb vagy rosszabb lesz-e érzésre a Seago-507-tel tisztítani, mint a hagyományos megoldással. Mivel én a fogorvosnál is intenzív nyáladzásba kezdek, ez itt sem volt másként, ami azért baj, mert ugye elviekben csukva kellene tartanom a számat. A másik, hogy ki kell nyitnom, mikor az alsó-felső felületeken dolgozom meg a fogaimat, szóval meg kell tanulni a használatot, de ez gyorsan, 1-2 nap alatt mindenkinek menni fog.Ugyanez igaz a rezgésre is, ami eleinte furcsa lehet, ez ugyanis nem egy körkörösen forgó, hanem oldalra percenként 40.000-et rezgő „sonic” típusú technológia, ami elviekben jobban tisztít, mint azok a fejek, amelyek forognak. Ez viszont azt jelenti, hogy valamennyire rezgeti a szánkat, ami nem kellemetlen, csak szokatlan, 1-2 nap után már nem is zavart. Fájdalmat egyáltalán nem okoz, tehát nem kell tőle félni. Az oldalváltást és a forgatást viszont értelemszerűen nem tudjuk összezárt fogakkal végrehajtani, szóval ez is egy olyan dolog, amit meg kell tanulnunk.A Seago SG-507 automatikusan „emlékeztető” módban működik, vagyis a 2 percet 4 részre osztva, 30 másodpercenként megáll egy pillanatra, ezzel jelezve, hogy váltsunk oldalt vagy alsó-felső részt. Hasznos funkció, én is használtam és gyorsan megszokható.
    It’s important for you to understand that the fluid-dynamics cleaning action of a sonic brush (the cleaning effect that occurs beyond where the tips of its bristles actually touch) is not 100% effective in removing dental plaque.
    It’s hard to keep your teeth clean. Many tasty foods are sugary or acidic, which means they slowly eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Then other delicious things, like wine and tomato sauce and beets, straight up splash your pearly whites with all sorts of unsightly stains.
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    In research papers, this disruption of dental plaque is frequently referred to as “non-contact” brushing.

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    There’s an art to brushing your gums. Our electric toothbrushes use a gentle sweeping motion to remove plaque from your gum line, and a soft touch to manage sensitive and bleeding gums. 

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    With 40,000 brush strokes per minute, the 2 Series’ fast pace can be a bit uncomfortable for sensitive teeth. Swapping to a softer brush head can help, but for more sensitive teeth an oscillating model like the Oral-B Pro 1000 will be the better option.
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    good job of cleaning teeth.

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    Hoping that it will prevent their teeth from becoming stained, many people will switch from coffee to tea. The problem is, however, because tea is still full of tannins, it will still stain your teeth, depending on which variety you prefer. The darker the tea is, the more likely it is to stain your teeth. If you just can’t kick the tea habit, choose green or white over black teas. These will probably still stain your teeth, just not as much as dark teas.
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    If the bristles are too stiff – they can hurt your gums.
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    The five steps below show you how to brush your teeth correctly.

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