You should replace your toothbrush head about every three to four months. You may need to change your brush head sooner if the bristles are frayed. Regardless of what type of toothbrush you use, when bristles become frayed and worn, they may lose their effectiveness. Some toothbrush heads change color or fade to indicate when it is time to change them. Sonicare DiamondClean Connected Luna Blue Premium Electric... Sonicare DiamondClean... Connect Superior, yet gentle cleaning beyond a manual Search for Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Stores Sanitizer One-touch power/mode selection HealthyWhite • Exceptional plaque removal for better gum heath every day Not sold online Sports & Outdoors EXTRA GENTLE ON TEETH AND GUMS For more information on the subject of tetracycline stains and available treatments read the article "Tetracycline Stains" Tax Exempt Program Technology This is why people become communists. 23 people found this helpful Helpful Comment Report abuse Health Screenings Dr. Denese What stains can be avoided? CONNECT WITH US SIGN UP WANT DEALS? Sign up for the P&G newsletter. Lasers 4X Philips Sonicare ProResults HX6014 Replacement Toothbrush Brush Heads White To use it as a mouthwash, dilute it with water and swish it around in your mouth for several minutes. Make sure to rinse your mouth with plain water afterwards. 54 product ratings54 product ratings Time: 2018-09-21T02:57:11Z iMac Men's AccessoriesMen's Bags,Men's Belts & Suspenders,Men'...7681 Men's ClothingBig & Tall,Men's Activewear,Men's Button...47013 Men's ShoesMen's Athletic Shoes,Men's Boat Shoes,Me...1929 Intrinsic staining, on the other hand, stems from causes within the tooth. Certain materials used for dental fillings or traumatic tooth injuries can alter tooth color significantly. In some cases, the tooth may not appear discolored viewed by itself, but stands out in relation to nearby teeth with a different shade of color. Antibiotic treatment, particularly tetracycline may also cause intrinsic staining if taken during tooth development. stain The release of iron pigments from decomposing red blood cells inside the nerve space of the tooth (they contain the iron-rich compound hemoglobin). These dark pigments can penetrate into the tooth's dentin layer, thus causing it to darken. DiamondSmile Replacement Toothbrush Heads for Philips Sonicare Plaque Control HX9028/64 8 Pack,fits Plaque Control,Gum Health,DiamondClean,FlexCare,HealthyWhite and More Sonic Snap-On Brush Handles #9 ‹ Any Department Colgate® MaxFresh® 12 Lastly, brush your tongue to remove bacteria and keep your breath fresh. Tongue cleaners/scrapers can be even more effective at removing bacteria and stains from the surface of the tongue (especially at the back of the tongue). Unfortunately, some types of discoloration cannot be easily erased. The discoloration may be “intrinsic”—that is, embedded in the tooth, having been formed in utero or as the teeth developed during childhood. This can result from use of certain antibiotics and other medications, or from trauma to a child’s tooth, such as a fall or a sports injury. Teeth with intrinsic damage often appear grayish. Fits These Handles Epic Test Drive While symptoms may be similar to those of tooth decay, fluorosis is generally harmless. Frank Rudey DDS MS Top Rated Deal Tactical Store RSS Individual flossing wires work better for me than wrapping the long bits of flossing cord around my fingers. Prints Your name (optional) The battery icon on the brush handle will flash Green until fully charged. Let your brush heads air dry in an upright position. Drying your brush head in open air will stop the growth of microorganisms better than closed containers, and will help protect you from germs.[4] See Exclusive Online Deals You then have different pack sizes: All Music Use at your own risk, or if you're smart- don't use at all. Fixing chipped teeth is expensive. - that's why dentists recommend these. Poor oral care Hearing Aids & Consultations - Select Areas Noise(1) 2 minute timer Whiten that smile The sweeping motion and the power delivered from the brush head will lift and move more plaque and debris that a manual toothbrush and generally aid your overall oral health. They develop in those areas where dental plaque has been allowed to remain on a tooth's surface for extended periods of time. 100CN, 210 and 310 Agree to Terms* Oral Care Braun Oral-B Genius Type 3765 Deliver toUnited States Be the First to Ask a Question {{bogoMessage}} InterCare brush heads fit the following Sonicare electric toothbrush handles: Follow us Teeth whose nerve tissue has undergone changes, or have had root canal therapy, frequently darken. 10 best Brand New Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Dentist Review Of 2018 10 best Brand New Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Dentist Review - Best In 2018 10 best Brand New Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Dentist Review - Best Of 2018
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