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Modes 1. Daily Clean 1. Daily Clean 1. Daily Clean 2. Gum Care 3. Sensitive 1. Daily Clean 2. Gum Care 3. Sensitive 4. Whitening 5. Pro-Clean 1. Daily Clean 2. Gum Care 3. Sensitive 4. Whitening 5. Pro-Clean 6. Tongue Cleaning
Bailit, H., T. Beazoglou, N. Demby, J. McFarland, P. Robinson, and R. Weaver. 2006. Dental safety net: Current capacity and potential for expansion. Journal of the American Dental Association 137(6):807-815.
Electric toothbrushes can also help if you brush your teeth and gums too hard, which can lead to gum recession that causes sensitivity while eating and drinking. Since electric toothbrushes do a lot of the work to remove plaque, putting too much pressure on your gums becomes less of an issue, Dr. Daniel says. Some even have pressure sensors that freeze the toothbrush’s motion if you’re pressing too hard.
Despite great achievements in oral health of populations globally, problems still remain in many communities all over the world – particularly among under-privileged groups in developed and developing countries. Dental caries and periodontal diseases have historically been considered the most important global oral health burdens. At present, the distribution and severity of oral diseases vary among different parts of the world and within the same country or region. The significant role of socio-behavioural and environmental factors in oral disease and health is evidenced in an extensive number of epidemiological surveys. Dental caries is still a major oral health problem in most industrialized countries, affecting 60-90% of schoolchildren and the vast majority of adults. It is also a most prevalent oral disease in several Asian and Latin-American countries, while it appears to be less common and less severe in most African countries.
Like many areas of your body, your mouth is filled with bacteria. More than 500 bacterial strains have been identified in dental biofilm. Normally, your body’s natural defenses and good oral care prevent these bacteria from harming you. The oral mucosa is one such barrier that provides critical defense against pathogens. Salivary secretions are a second major line of defense. The body uses saliva to wash away food and acid-producing bacteria in the mouth. But ongoing inflammation in your mouth mixed with other conditions can allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which in turn can lead to inflammation in other parts of your body. Additionally, certain medications such as decongestants and antihistamines can reduce saliva flow.  
PPO plans and dental HMOs work with only a select number of doctors. While that usually means fewer costs, it also means you have less choice in the dentist who can treat you Before purchasing the plan, you’ll receive a list of dentists in each network. From there, you can then pick a plan with doctors who meet your standards and requirements.
4Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General. Washington, DC: 2000. Available from…
Approximately 40% of pregnant women have some form of periodontal disease (19). Periodontal disease during pregnancy is most prevalent among women who are African American, cigarette smokers, and users of public assistance programs. A study conducted in 1996 showed an association between maternal periodontal disease and preterm birth (20). Since then, other studies have supported this conclusion (21, 22). Theoretically, blood-borne gram negative anaerobic bacteria or inflammatory mediators, such as lipopolysaccharides and cytokines, may be transported to the placental tissues as well as to the uterus and cervix. This results in increased inflammatory modulators that may precipitate preterm labor, particularly in African Americans (23). However, recent meta-analyses and other large trials have not shown any benefit of periodontal therapy during pregnancy in the reduction of preterm birth and infant low birth weight (24–29). Similarly, there have been conflicting results with respect to the effect of periodontal disease on preeclampsia (30, 31). More research is needed in these areas. Randomized controlled trials of periodontal treatment during the preconception or interconception periods may better define whether prepregnancy treatment could reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes.
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Tell your dentist the names and dosages of all drugs you are taking – including medications and prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor – as well as any specific medical advice your doctor has given you. Your dentist may need to alter your dental treatment plan based on this information.
It features 2 modes, which are designed for different age groups. The low mode is to be used by kids from 4 to 7 and the high mode is more appropriate for kids seven and up. For the same two age groups, it provides two brush heads. One is for younger kids and the other for seven and up.
Beyond that, everything is relative. If you can tolerate the brushing action generated by the Precision Clean or CrossAction heads, they’re probably more effective, or at least more efficient, cleaning devices.
Millions of lives are impacted by mental health conditions and substance use disorders. The nccPA Health Foundation believes passionately that systemic change is possible by advancing the roles of PAs and strengthening partnerships to address these conditions. Our goals are to equip PAs to design and execute outreach activities that leverage their mental health knowledge and skills and to raise awareness of models where PAs bridge system gaps in addressing these needs.
One of the downsides that I would like to see changed with this particular electric toothbrush is to make it waterproof.  While I’m not planning on dropping this into the toilet or bathtub anytime soon, accidents do happen, especially when you have kids running through your bathroom playing.  All I’m saying is that it’s better to be safe than sorry.
If you have a source where their cost is all about the same for you, you’d be getting the DiamondClean at a bargan price. It has more features than you really need, but with its higher MSRP comes a more refined product.
Cleaning your teeth regularly takes time and discipline. Finding the best toothbrush will help make this task easier. Maybe a powered electric toothbrush is best for your needs. Or perhaps a regular manual toothbrush is better. Picking a powered toothbrush without knowing what exactly it will help
Our mediation analyses revealed that school absence resulting from dental pain was not a mediating variable in the relationship between good, fair, or poor oral health status and poor school performance. Although missing school because of dental pain may have an impact on performance, there appears to be something fundamental in the relationship between oral health status and school performance independent of attendance. This finding suggests that a child with poor oral health is at an increased risk of having a diminished educational experience. We hypothesize that a child with poor oral health is more likely to have pain or infection that not only leads to school absences but also detracts from his or her ability to perform well whether present in school or studying at home.
4 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Dental Services-Mean and Median Expenses per Person with Expense and Distribution of Expenses by Source of Payment: United States, 2012. Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Household Component Data. Generated interactively. (February 6, 2015)
Then brush the surfaces of your tongue and roof of your mouth. This will help to get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath. Remember to brush your teeth and gum lightly; do not attack them with the bristles, as this will do more harm than good.
Postpartum – Paying close attention to oral health should not end after the birth of your child, in fact you now have another person’s mouth to look after. Baby teeth usually begin to appear about six months after birth. Clean your newborn’s mouth during the first few days after birth by wiping their gums with a clean, moist gauze pad or washcloth. Tooth decay can occur as soon as your baby’s teeth come in so it is very important to keep the area clean.
Oral diseases are highly prevalent among people on social assistance. Despite benefiting from public dental coverage in North America, these people rarely consult the dentist. One possible reason is rooted in their perception of oral health and the means to improve it. To …
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Provide anticipatory nutritional guidance in clinic regarding strategies to reduce impact of sugars in the development of caries. For example: discourage continual bottle/sippy cup use, avoid frequent snacking and bottle propping, limit juice to no more than 4-6 ounces per day, and encourage only water between meals!
Although the expectations for what older individuals want and can afford in dental care can and do vary widely, there are also commonalties. Many health problems—both oral and systemic—are more likely to occur in this population. How are these problems recognized and diagnosed? How are they managed? What are the specific dental treatment needs of the elderly, and how is dental treatment planning shaped by the characteristics of aging? These questions are the focus of this chapter.
At $165, the DiamondClean is our most expensive toothbrush. But we think it earns its hefty price tag. One of the benefits is the inclusion of a pressure sensor that actually activates without needing an unreasonable amount of pressure. Although we didn’t make pressure sensors a must-have (due to the variability in the technology), the feature came highly recommended from our experts and the DiamondClean’s sensor is top-of-the-line. When even slightly too much pressure is applied, the handle vibrates and a purple light flashes until you ease up. The closest competitor was the Oral-B 8000 which also came with an accurate pressure sensor and app compatibility. However, the core difference between the DiamondClean and Oral-B 8000 came down to usability. In short, the DiamondClean’s features were much easier to use.
In the video above I describe how I use oil pulling in my own oral health practices and the benefits you may experience as well. One of the reasons it works so well for cleansing your teeth and gums is because bacteria have fat-soluble membranes that break down with the mechanical action of swishing and pulling the oil through your teeth.13 Coconut oil also has the added advantage of inhibiting Streptococcus mutans, the chief bacteria responsible for cavities.14
See your Dentist after your delivery for your regular examination and cleaning. If you have experienced any gum problems or bleeding during your pregnancy, having a thorough exam and periodontal evaluation is the key to continued good oral health.
Benedict I. Truman et al., “Reviews of Evidence on Interventions to Prevent Dental Caries, Oral, and Pharyngeal Cancers, and Sports- Related Craniofacial Injuries,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 23, 1 Suppl. (2002): 21–54,
The world’s largest, free resource for wellness programs and health promotion initiatives.  Our free wellness library contains nearly 16,000 free health and wellness programs, handouts, posters, presentations, tool kits, wellness newsletters and more.
During your dental visit, your dentist can talk to you about your health history and examine these areas for signs of mouth and/or throat cancer. Regular visits to your dentist can improve the chances that any suspicious changes in your oral health will be caught early, at a time when cancer can be treated more easily.
Most dental insurance covers two teeth cleanings per year. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in the past 6 months, schedule an appointment with us at any of our conveniently located offices in North Carolina.
Brushing your teeth can be an interactive experience with a smart electric toothbrush. You will want to buy a product in this category if you desire Bluetooth connectivity. You can track your brushing habits and receive real-time feedback all from your mobile device. Pressure sensors also quickly alert you when you are pressing too hard, preventing any damage to your gums or teeth.
Soft Drinks and School Age Children: Trends, Effects, Solutions An informative pamphlet describing the alarming trend of excessive soft drink consumption, the resulting detrimental health effects, and possible solutions for correcting this growing problem.
If you’re looking for another reason to quit, the threat of a missing tooth might persuade you to pass on purchasing your next pack. In addition to a long list of negative cosmetic effects, including a reduced sense of smell and taste, bad breath, a receding gum line and yellow-tinted teeth, tobacco use is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.
Supporters of legislation this session to expand the oral health provider universe say 47 percent of children on MassHealth, or 290,000 kids, did not see a dentist in 2014, while many low-income individuals, including seniors, are losing their teeth due to a lack of care.
Oral health is important at all stages of life, especially since older adults and seniors are keeping their teeth longer than ever before. However, older adults may have less access to oral care services and dental professionals because of lower incomes and/or a lack of dental insurance.
Design ideal for smaller hands. This toothbrush is the perfect size for younger children. It boasts a small ergonomic handle, as well as small, soft head brushes that easily fit in the mouths of younger children.
Remove the tooth stain and dental plaque, whiten your teeth and alleviate gums bleeding. Brush head replaceable, low-carbon and healthy. Bristle material: High-grade fiber. Anti-slip curvy handle design, comfortable to hold it in hand.
Remove more tooth-decaying plaque and avoid cavities with Philips Sonicare™ 2 Series Plaque Control Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. This rechargeable toothbrush has an ergonomic handle, easy-start feature and 2-color battery indicator.
We applied the same buying model to the Sonicare line and tried not to buy brushes that were differentiated only by their unnecessary features. We also bought one high-end brush, the DiamondClean, to assess if the cleaning experience was $120 better. It was not.
These models use vibration instead of a rotating or brushing motion. they have the same type of heads as a regular toothbrush; the main difference is that the head vibrates so the recommended brushing technique is similar to manual toothbrushes.
There is a huge gap beween the brush head and the handle. It’s not flushed, water and toothpaste will get in between and eventually turn into mold. All the brush heads I got with the unit does this too! Is this a manufacturing defect?!
Careful and frequent brushing with a toothbrush helps to prevent build-up of plaque bacteria on the teeth.[1] Electric toothbrushes were developed, and initially recommended for people with strength or dexterity problems in their hands, but they have come into widespread general use. The effectiveness of electric toothbrushes at reducing plaque formation and gingivitis is superior for reducing plaque and gingivitis to that of conventional manual toothbrushes.[2]

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  1. Because poor oral health can happen for a variety of reasons, it’s important to visit your dentist for an exam. During the exam, your dentist can identify potential reasons for the changes in your mouth. Additionally,a professional dental cleaning can give you a fresh start on your hygiene routine.
    Designed to reach deep between teeth and into hard to reach areas the InterClean brush heads feature extra-long, high-density bristles to target hidden plaque caught deep between teeth and in other hard-to-clean areas.
    Short battery life. Oral-B claims the battery life on the Oral-B Kid’s Power Rechargeable Toothbrush lasts up to 5 days on a single battery charge. Many users found this untrue, and report have to charge it every night to ensure optimal performance.
    Additional Features No Travel Case, Removes up to 2x more plaque than a manual toothbrush No Travel Case, Removes up to 6x more plaque tan a manual toothbrush Daily Clean, No Case, Removes 300% more plaque along the gum line vs. manual toothbrush No Travel Case, Removes up to 6x more plaque tan a manual toothbrush
    Veneers Dental veneers (sometimes called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates) are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance.
    Chew on sugar-free, aspartame-free, plastic-free, natural xylitol-sweetened gum like Glee Gum. Xylitol may increase salivation, helping to reduce cavities and plaque. More research is needed, but the author of one study did note, “the benefits it offers are literally worth salivating over,” which was good enough for me to test it out post-lunch.
    Manufacturers of electric toothbrushes design their devices for instant gratification. They know that customers judge a product after their first time using it, and evaluate the product by how their teeth feel after brushing. Most electric toothbrushes will instantly remove the pellicle, and there will be a smooth feeling on your teeth. While this is good, it’s not the only thing one should take into account when picking a toothbrush. Toothbrush abrasion is bad for the enamel and gums, and good habits such as brushing frequently and replacing the toothbrush head will be far better for your teeth than buying a top-of-the line electric toothbrush.
    Thousands of dental professionals worldwide recommend Philips Sonicare to their patients. Why? Philips’ patented Sonicare toothbrush technology produces a dynamic cleaning action that thoroughly cleans teeth and massages gums while still being remarkably gentle, even on sensitive teeth. Our products give your patients superior plaque removal, healthier gums and naturally whiter teeth.
    Scaling and Root Planing can be performed on one or two quadrants (quarter) of the mouth at a time, or the entire mouth can be treated in one visit, depending upon the diagnosis and recommendation of your dentist.
    We’ve encountered two retailers (Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target) that frequently have sample models of Oral-B and other electric toothbrushes out on display. The items don’t actually run, but you can pick them up and hold them to get an idea of what each is like. In our local area, Target had the wider range of Oral-B models out.
    … Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The current oral health situation and development trends at global level are described and WHO strategies and approaches for better oral health in the 21st century are outlined …

  2. Instructions: Drop desired amount directly into mouth and brush with a wet toothbrush for one minute until mouth is soapy. Rinse 2-3 times or as desired. Tooth Soap® tastes best if used within 3 months of opening the bottle. All batches of soap are made small to ensure you are getting a fresh product.
    These brushes are identical to the name brand. The only difference is that the brand name isn’t printed on the brushes. They fit the toothbrush perfectly and they perform just as well as the name brand at about a 6th the cost. This is definitely the best way to save money on your brush-heads without compromising the quality. I will order these again. (Please note I have used other replacement brush heads from other vendors and was not as impressed and even bought some that did not work properly). I am not being compensated in any way for my review. This is truly my opinion based solely on my experience with this generic brush head.
    … Globally, poor oral health amongst older people has been particularly evident in high levels of tooth loss, dental caries experience, and the prevalence rates of periodontal disease, xerostomia and oral precancer/cancer. The …
    Another evaluation is to simply compare the bristles of the head you’re using to a new one to see if they seem noticeably splayed or damaged. Brushing with too much pressure tends to wear out brush heads quicker.
    Title says “Triumph” because these will fit the Triumph model electronic toothbrush. These are the Dual Clean Heads and they work with ALL Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes except for theSonic and Pulsonic models.

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