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One of the first features people notice about you is your smile. With the help of our oral-care collection, you can make yours look like it cost a million dollars (and you’ll be the only one who knows it didn’t!). You’re going to love the results you get from our dental-care products, but that’s not the only reason you’ll be grinning from ear to ear! Our assortment will also transform your everyday oral-care routine into an enjoyable beauty treatment, so you’ll look forward to taking care of your teeth instead of considering it a chore.
We’ll also mention that using any of Oral-B’s better plaque removers should produce the same general effect of removing stain over time, although likely more slowly. (As proof, Sonicare states their brushes remove staining yet none of their heads features a rubber cup.)
Manual toothbrushes are available in a variety of bristle shapes. Manual toothbrushes can come with bristles that are in a cup shape or diagonal shape. According to Dentistry Today, burrs, which are the sharp edges of bristles, can be more destructive to teeth than end-rounded bristles. An individual should select a toothbrush with bristles that are end-rounded, which are less abrasive than burrs.
The Oral-B PRO 5000 electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 technology provides focused care as you follow your dental care journey and receive guidance that can be adjusted by your dental professional. Download the Oral-B App on your smartphone and use Bluetooth technology to get real-time feedback while you clean for improved brushing habits.
When the use of services is studied through the classification of different socioeconomic factors, the equity of the healthcare system in question can be indirectly assessed. In countries with systems that encompass policies for the universality of healthcare services, such as England, Canada, and Brazil, equity can be confirmed by the lower income population’s greater use of healthcare services [46].
… ABSTRACT This policy is a compilation of current concepts and scientific evidence required to understand and implement practice-based preventive oral health programs de- signed to improve oral health outcomes for all children and especially children at significant risk of …
A review from TheGeeklyNews called the Fairywill “capable of improving oral health” in as few as “14 days of regular use,” while a writer from Heavy was impressed that the toothbrush “holds a charge for about a month.” – Steven John
Bad Breath: As your teeth fall out or you don’t brush properly, your gums and teeth begin to break down and cause foul odors. Other causes of bad breath include gum disease and oral infections. As with tooth decay, brushing and flossing are vital, as is regular tongue scraping and the use of mouthwash.
Consumer dental and oral health information can be found on, a site by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) and its health information referral service, the National Health Information Center.
This article is remiss in not dealing with the huge issue of replacing batteries. The built-in obsolescence in all these brushes is both an environmental evil and an economic abuse. Imagine if a few torch manufacturers managed to corner the market, form an oligopoly and start making torches which you had to throw away once the battery died. That’s what we have here with this lot.
Buhlin K, Gustafsson A, Andersson K, Hakansson J, Klinge B: Validity and limitations of self-reported periodontal health. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. 2002, 30: 431-437.View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar
The main purpose of the Campaign for Dental Health is to promote and defend community water fluoridation. This is done by publishing strong online resources for a wide variety of audiences that raise awareness of oral health and the benefits of disease prevention. Community water fluoridation is solely the easiest and most equitable method of preventing dental diseases. However, to end the social and economic disparities that result in high rates of dental disease especially in families with low incomes and communities of color we need to do more than just fluoridate water!
3US Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A national call to action to promote oral health, Rockville (MD): National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research; May 2003, p. 1 -53. (NIH Publication; no. 03-5303).
As professionals, we have a responsibility to ensure that the oral health needs of individuals and groups who have a physical, sensory, intellectual, medical, emotional or social impairment or disability are met. Adults with a disability often have poorer oral health, poorer health outcomes, and poorer access to services than the rest of the population. To fulfill this task, it is suggested that therefore should be a networking of dentists with special interests and primary dental care practitioners. A skilled workforce that can address the wider needs of people requiring special care dentistry should be formally recognized and developed within the country to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable sections of the community are addressed in future.[40]
You’ll get a Waterpik Sensonic Professional Toothbrush, which uses sonic technology to remove plaque from your gums and teeth. The brush has two speeds, a two-minute timer, and soft bristles that clean your teeth very effectively without irritating your gums. The kit includes a standard brush head and a compact brush head for precision cleaning.
Nowadays that type of design is relatively hard to find. Instead what’s most available is an arrangement where different groups of bristles have different lengths, jutting out at different angles. And studies indicate that this irregular-looking type of design helps to make a brush more effective.
There are really three kinds of toothbrushes: there are your standard “non-powered” brushes which most people use; there are “electric toothbrushes” that first came around in the 1950’s; and there are high-powered electric models (also called “sonic” toothbrushes) that were first developed in the 1980’s. Here are your basic differences between the three “types” of toothbrushes:
One in five people have untreated tooth decay which can lead to pain and infection and ultimately to problems speaking, eating, working, and playing. When tooth decay in very young children requires extensive treatment under general anesthesia in a hospital operating room, costs can increase by thousands of dollars. Timely delivery of fluorides and dental sealants to at-risk people reduces tooth decay and treatment costs. Residence in a fluoridated community also can reduce the percentage of young children receiving dental treatment in a hospital operating room.3
You should avoid elective dental care within the first few weeks after receiving your pacemaker. If you must receive dental care within that time, your dentist and physician should decide if you need to take antibiotics before treatment.
The committee concludes that (1) publicly funded programs should not separate oral health from overall health, and (2) because publicly funded programs are the primary source of coverage for underserved and vulnerable populations, Medicaid cannot properly address the issue of access if oral health services are excluded from Medicaid benefits. However, in the absence of a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis and in a climate of significantly limited resources, the committee lacks the necessary evidence base to recommend that all states be required to cover essential dental benefits for all Medicaid beneficiaries. Nevertheless, the committee firmly concludes that this is a critical and necessary action worth building toward.
capable electric toothbrush

The Groom+Style review team may not think lots of extra features are necessary, but many people love them. That’s why we’ve selected the DiamondClean sonic model as the top-ranked electric toothbrush on our list; it does an exceptional job of cleaning teeth while providing most of the extra goodies you might need (minus the Bluetooth and UV functions). The price you’ll pay reflects the fact that this Sonicare is at the upper end of the spectrum.
This toothbrush has, no exaggeration, changed my life. I have tried so many different things to whiten my teeth and improve my oral health in general. My teeth were NOTICEABLY whiter after just one use. I was absolutely blown away by how amazing this toothbrush was. I also had a few spots that my gums would typically bleed when brushing. Within a week of use, my gums stopped bleeding. My teeth feel so clean and fresh after using this toothbrush. It is ABSOLUTELY without question worth the $100 I spent on it ($30 off coupon, thanks Amazon!).
These natural bamboo toothbrushes will break down in a landfill way faster than their plastic counterparts will if you throw them away. They can also be recycled. That’s a purchase parents can feel good about. Plus, you’ll get four toothbrushes so you’ll always have a spare on hand.
There has been a change in focus in the education of developing clinicians all over the world. The first dental school was developed in 1828 [20] and was followed by an ever-growing field of practice. The dental practice began with its main focus on the treatment of oral disease and branched into a wide scope of practice with many dental occupations involved.
If you want a healthy mouth, it’s time to go nuts. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, take your pick—they’re all fantastic options. Nuts are loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals that benefit your teeth, and the chewing that’s needed to break them down for digestion increases saliva production, keeping your mouth nice and clean.

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