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At first glance, the dual clean seems really impressive. The Dual Clean combines the smaller round Oral-B heads with a second head that moves side to side, similar to the Deep Sweep brush head above on a head that is a similar size to a traditional toothbrush.
Counter oscillating – Is the last type of electric cleaning motion that toothbrushes come equipped with. The idea of this design is to allow each tuft of bristles to rotate in the opposite way of its neighbor. For instance, while one tuft may be rotating clockwise, its neighboring tufts could be going in a counter-clockwise direction.
Children are a delicate people: Their gum is no exception to this. Therefore, the brush that you choose should have soft and well-rounded bristles. If the toothbrush bristles are firm, then it will be easy for the child to damage the enamel as well as the gum line. Since children do not know how long to take when brushing, you could get one that has a timer. This feature will help the child to take just the right time. The timer will be part of his brushing routine and you will not have to struggle to get him to take the required amount of time.
Tooth cleaning can help prevent oral cancer. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, someone dies from oral cancer, every hour of every day in the United States alone. When you have your dental cleaning, your dentist is also screening you for oral cancer, which is highly curable if diagnosed early.
Explore our full outreach tool library of free education materials or use the select items below to promote good oral health and encourage families to enroll their eligible children in Medicaid or CHIP. Some of the ‘Think Teeth’ materials can be customized with your organization’s contact information. Please see our Customization Guide for instructions. Organizations are responsible for covering printing costs for customized materials. We also provide materials that you can download, print, and use in your outreach and education activities. Read some ideas on ways share oral health education materials.
We truly believe in Kickstarter as a platform, where like-minded entrepreneurs and early adopters bring together innovative, disruptive and sophisticated projects to life. We already supported a dozen projects from other people on Kickstarter on our own.
Bad breath is a symptom of food and plaque which have become lodged in the nooks and crannies between your teeth and along your gums. An electric toothbrush and regular flossing can work together to get rid of bad breath by finding and eliminating the food between your teeth.
Elderly patients with dexterity issues can also benefit from electric toothbrushes, Thiel says. Many older patients can’t move their hands the way they need to, so if they use a manual brush, they’re likely leaving plaque behind. An electric version cleans their teeth for them, so as long as they get it close to where it needs to be, it’s going to remove plaque and help prevent problems.  
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Thompson B, Cooney P, Lawrence H, Ravaghi V, Quiñonez C. The potential oral health impact of cost barriers to dental care: findings from a Canadian population-based study. BMC Oral Health. 2014;14(1):78. doi:10.1186/1472-6831-14-78.View ArticlePubMedPubMed CentralGoogle Scholar
I ABSOLUTELY love my dentist. Dr. King and his team are AMAZING!!! No other Dentist Office compares. He is known for constantly keeping himself educated in his field. His office is stunning with the latest technology. My Hygienist is Katie and if you ever let her give you a cleaning, I promise you…you would never want to get a cleaning from anywhere else. I no longer live in Chicago and flew in yesterday from Texas for my service. Will fly in next month for my fillings. Before meeting Dr. King I dreaded going to the dentist. But I have never experienced any pain after being serviced by him. I’ve had a root canal and wisdom tooth pulled, which are major for me and each experience has impacted the strong relationship that we have now. If he can’t do it….no one can. There is an art in dentistry and this office has PERFECTED IT. Send me to the moon and I will still find a way to find this office.
Why Choose Oral-B?Oral-B electric toothbrushes are dentist-inspired and clinically proven to deliver a superior clean compared to a regular manual toothbrush. Their secret: the oscillating/rotating/pulsating power Oral-B is known for today. As we continue to innovate and introduce new technologies, we always keep one goal in mind: Make it easy for you to get your best clean every time you brush.More Cleaning Power
Liz has been with us for over 3 years now at Day Dental Care.  She received her Registered Dental Assistant license in 2011. She also completes annual continuing education courses at local and regional conferences to stay in touch with the latest developments in the dental field.
Toothbrushes should be replaced approximately every three to four months or more often if the bristles become matted or frayed.  The effectiveness of the brush decreases as the bristles become worn.10
Works great! Battery is not so good so i charge it more often but that’s not a deal breaker. It is a bit loud as I’ve read in a few reviews. I hardly use the app and don’t use that clock thing. Great upgrade from my oral B 1000 I believe it was.
An understanding of the relation of commensal microbiota to health is essential in preventing disease. Here we studied the oral microbial composition of children (N= 74, aged 3-18 years) in natural transition from their deciduous to a permanent dentition and related …
Over the last few years the concept of Caries Management Based on Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) has been widely adopted and applied to dental practice. This has been clearly presented and described in an applicative pragmatic manner. Featherstone, in 2004, has stated that “A structured caries risk assessment should be carried out based upon the concept of the caries balance. Following the risk assessment a treatment plan is devised which leads to the control of dental caries for the patient” [5]. The “caries management system” has been reiterated and explained by other authors [6]. Low risk patients are classified, among other criteria, as those with low plaque levels. Medium risk patients are those with medium plaque levels and high risk patients are those with abundant plaque levels. Orthodontic treatment should not be forgotten in this equation. Low risk patients would include those with minor orthodontic treatment: short term removable appliances; medium risk would include patients undergoing longer term orthodontic treatment, usually with active fixed appliances; high risk patients would include complex cases (e.g. skeletal malocclusion, anatomical oral malformations, etc.) and long term treatment with active fixed appliances, often including surgical or prosthetic involvement. Orthodontic appliances and brackets should be fully recognized as plaque retaining vehicles.
The Genius Pro 8000 is preceded by the 6000 model and followed by the 9000 model. The reason we chose to feature this particular model in our list, is because it has the most positive customer reviews. Additionally, the 8000 series offers many improvements compared to the 6000 model. While the Genius Pro 9000 did not improve much when compared to the Pro 8000.
Health education supports personal and professional development through providing information, education for health, and helping people to develop the skills needed to make healthy choices. Integrated oral health education input into the national curriculum is essential to foster the development of the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to promote oral health. In particular skills training such as decision making, assertiveness training and cooking should be included in personal and social development courses. Overall the health education components of the National Curriculum need to be strengthened and incorporated across appropriate aspects of the curriculum.
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do your research before EVER purchasing online an electric toothbrush that needs replacements so you know that they are easy to replace. i bought another oral-b and had to ditch that one just because didn’t sell the replacements and it seemed ebay had all generic kinds only. i live on a small island and if i can’t get shipping here then what’s the point? so that’s my only recommendation. otherwise, GREAT PRODUCTS FROM ORAL-B all the way around! in my opinion, WAY better than Sonic Care and i have had go arounds with both brands at least thrice 😉 even my little one prefers Oral-B to sonic care 🙂
CMS supports state Medicaid programs and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to implement policies that encourage the integration of oral health and primary health care. CMS provides technical assistance to state Medicaid and CHIP dental programs on reimbursing primary care medical providers for oral health services, including through managed care contracting arrangements, on tracking the provision of those services on line 12f of the CMS Form 416 (Annual Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment Participation Report), and on implementing strategies to convert physician visits into referrals to dental providers for follow-up care.39 (Strategy 1-C)
After successfully trialling this  method of collecting adult oral health data  we are  hoping to recruit about 400 dentists across Scotland  to record routine dental information on between 25-40  of their patients.
Public health dentistry, is practiced generally through government sponsored programs, which are for the most part directed toward public-school children in the belief that their education in oral hygiene is the best way to reach the general public. The pattern for such programs in the past was a dental practitioners annual visit to a school to lecture and to demonstrate proper tooth-brushing techniques. The 1970s saw the emergence of a more elaborate program that included a week of one-hour sessions of instruction, demonstration, and questions and answers, conducted by a dentist and a dental assistant and aided by a teacher who had previously been given several hours of instruction. Use was also made of televised dental health education programs, which parents were encouraged to observe.[5]
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1. Allston AA. Improving women’s health and perinatal outcomes: the impact of oral diseases. Baltimore, Md.: Women’s and Children’s Health Policy Center, 2002. Accessed August 1, 2007….
“We have babies come to us who already have a mouthful of decay,” said Marcio da Fonseca, who heads UIC’s department of pediatric dentistry and oversees the clinic. “It’s the result of a combination of poor diet, poor oral hygiene, poor parental education and a lack of access to routine care.”
When you get regular cleanings and exams — covered at low or no cost under all of our dental plans — you’ll remove plaque, cut your risk of cavities and help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and more serious oral health problems.
Unless multiple people in your household share the same electric toothbrush motor for their individual heads, you also have the option of just standing your electric toothbrush up on a flat surface between each use.
Studying the factors associated with the use of dental services can provide the necessary knowledge to understand the reasons why individuals seek out public healthcare services and the formulation of more appropriate public policies for the present-day reality.
I actually ended up buying it because my previous 1000 had died, and I can confirm it is exactly the same (except for a color change). It works with all the normal rotating brush heads. They actually have a brush-head compatibility chart on their site that shows you what it’s compatible with.
To make things easy, we’ll jump straight in with out comparison video. And just below that, we give a quick answer on what we rate as the best brush head, before looking at all the heads in more detail.
Victora CG, Huttly SR, Fuchs SC, Olinto MTA: The role of conceptual frameworks in epidemiological analysis: a hierarquical approach. Int J Epidemiol. 1997, 26: 224-227.View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar
 pH matters in the mouth! Foods and liquids that are acid based can rob your smile of the minerals that maintain smooth, healthy teeth. Sour candies, soda pop, even citrus fruits can lower the pH of the saliva and create an environment that bacteria love! Your best defense is minimizing consumption of acidic foods and brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Acids can also erode the surfaces of teeth, making them look dull. Be kind to your smile and adjust your pH!
Fortunately, there are models that can serve as a basis for developing a core set of oral health competencies for nondental health care professionals. For example, as discussed in Chapter 3, the University of Washington developed and implemented curriculum to train medical students about oral health that has subsequently been endorsed by the American Association of Medical Colleges (Mouradian et al., 2005). The curriculum includes competencies in five general areas: oral public health, dental caries, periodontal disease, oral cancer, and oral-systemic interactions. Similar sets of competencies have been developed or proposed for other disciplines (e.g., geriatrics and physician assistants [PAs]) and health issues (e.g., family violence) (Danielsen et al., 2006; Knox and Spivak, 2005; Partnership for Health in Aging, 2008).
This is a very professional seller. The package includes your toothbrush with sanitary clear plastic cover, two additional brush heads, a gift box with flossing head, USB charging cord (without plug in
The brush has five different brushing modes (Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Sensitive, Massage, and Tongue Cleaning), and a variety of brush heads are available to fit any patient’s needs and preferences. The brush handle connects via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone and automatically records each brushing session, similar to the way a fitness tracker keeps a record of steps taken or calories burned. The mobile app stores data from the 20 most recent brushing sessions. When a brushing session begins, the app displays a timer with a two-minute goal, and the toothbrush handle vibrates after every 30 seconds to remind the user to switch areas of the mouth. After brushing is completed, the app reminds the user to brush his or her tongue, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. The user can indicate that these tasks have been completed or skipped. All of this data is stored in the app and can be viewed by day, week, or month for a more cumulative picture of the user’s home-care routine.
1DeltaCare USA is underwritten in these states by these entities: AL — Alpha Dental of Alabama, Inc.; AZ — Alpha Dental of Arizona, Inc.; CA — Delta Dental of California; AR, CO, IA, MA, ME, MI, MN, NC, ND, NE, NH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, VT, WA, WI, WY — Dentegra Insurance Company; AK, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, KS, LA, MS, MT, TN, WV — Delta Dental Insurance Company; HI, ID, IL, IN, KY, MD, MO, NJ, OH, TX — Alpha Dental Programs, Inc.; NV — Alpha Dental of Nevada, Inc.; UT — Alpha Dental of Utah, Inc.; NM — Alpha Dental of New Mexico, Inc.; NY — Delta Dental of New York, Inc.; PA — Delta Dental of Pennsylvania; VA – Delta Dental of Virginia. Delta Dental Insurance Company acts as the DeltaCare USA administrator in all these states. These companies are financially responsible for their own products. The plan is a dental HMO in CA and TX.
Because of KinderSmile Foundation’s efforts, over 185 children at the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton now know how to properly brush their teeth. Monique did an outstanding job and has a great smile. W…e appreciate your efforts to increase access to oral health care for underserved children. Thank you. #bgcclifton See More
The amount of dental professionals produced from tertiary education has increased in Nepal over the years, but remains low in comparison to the rest of the world. There were approximately only 100 dentists in the workforce in the year 2000, which has increased to 240 in the present.[29]

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