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Maintaining a diet free from foods that are heavy in sugar is essential. While crumbs left over from meals make for delicious food for bacteria, sugar and glucose are the prime nutrients. Bacteria wind up in overdrive when running into glucose, as both bacteria and people use sugar for energy. Foods such as juices and candy are high in sugar. These sugars fuel bacteria to produce even more acid that can cause damage to teeth quickly. Therefore, people should stay away from foods that are packed with sugar to preserve their teeth.
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The Framework is a commitment by HHS and federal partners to a collaborative call for action, with strategic and performance-based goals, strategies, and actions, and defined roles and responsibilities by which federal agencies, programs, and stakeholders can measure success.
According to the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a relationship between gum (periodontal) disease and health complications such as a stroke and heart disease. Women with gum disease also show higher incidences of pre-term, low birth-weight babies.
The Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum allows you to choose your preferred cleaning mode and intensity depending on your needs. Choose from Clean, White, or Gum Care cleaning modes, and Low, Medium or High intensity modes to ensure you have the most comfortable brushing experience.
“Personally, I love the Oral-B because it lets you know the areas where you’re brushing too hard, which can lead to toothbrush abrasion,” adds Mobile, Alabama dentist, Valerie Musial, DMD. “It’s timed in 30-second increments for each quadrant of the mouth for a total of two minutes. I also love it for the different interchangeable heads that it comes with. I like the one that’s round and similar to what the dental hygienist uses when you come for your biannual cleaning. There is one that is the perfect shape for getting around orthodontic brackets and appliances and another one that is pointed to get in between the teeth for those that don’t floss as well as they should.”
Then there are the variety of settings: Gum Health, which adds an extra minute for low-powered gum brushing; Deep Clean, a three-minute power wash; and White, which supposedly works harder to remove those coffee and tea stains you’re likely to get in the morning. 
What is the Best Electric Toothbrush for Your Kid?Each of the Oral-B Stages kids’ toothbrushes (as of 3+ years old) are geared toward children of specific age groups with a wide range of character companions, from ©Disney characters like Mickey or Winnie the Pooh, to Star Wars™ and LucasFilm Ltd.™ characters. Every stage in a child’s oral health development is important, and that’s why Oral-B’s range can inspire fun and healthy brushing habits. You can find choices ranging from manual toothbrushes for toddlers all the way up to older kids’ electric toothbrushes.
99. Jablonski-Jaudon RA, Kolanowski AM, Winstead V, Jones-Townsend C, Azuero A. Maturation of the MOUTh Intervention: From Reducing Threat to Relationship-Centered Care. J Gerontol Nurs. 2016;42(3):15–23; quiz 4–5. pmid:26934969
Ultimately, insurance companies argue that this gateway approach to services controls costs, which in turn allows them to offer more comprehensive dental coverage. Some of the drawbacks to the insured are the additional amount of time it takes to obtain the services that are actually needed and the multiple co-payments that must be made with every additional office visit. A co-payment is the out-of-pocket contribution that insurance companies require insureds to pay whenever they make an office visit.
Our newest addition to our Poseidon line of at home dental products is this sleek looking Sonic Toothbrush. With 31,000 pulses per minute, your mouth will thank you! The included cradle gives you a place to not only store, but also charge your toothbrush.
Dental Health by Dorothy Siegel. Chelsea House, 1994. A good overview of how teeth, gums, and jaws actually work and how to ensure their long-term health through effective dental care. A short, 111-page school text for ages 10+.
Your dental health during pregnancy is extremely important, for both you and your new baby. Visiting your dentist in the West Loop should be an essential part of your pregnancy check-up routine. When booking your appointment with Private Dental make sure to let them know what stage of pregnancy you are in and any new medications you are on.
Displaced populations are at high risk of disease outbreaks due to poor living conditions, lack of clean water and sanitation, and barriers to access basic health services. They are also at an increased risk of poor oral health, as this usually tends to take a backseat to general health concerns. Accessing oral healthcare can therefore become a challenge, particularly in unfamiliar host countries where oral care itself may be considered as a luxury by its own populations due to inequalities in socioeconomic status.
By no means does this mean that the price we show is a good one. We’d hope that by shopping around even a little, either locally, online or both, you could do better. But using this method gives us a fairly apples-to-apples way to make cost comparisons between the different models.
I experimented with various modes (there are five: clean, for everyday cleaning; white, to remove surface stains; deep clean and gum health) and the three speeds, before settling on a medium speed, gum health setting. The brush was able to remove stubborn strips of plaque along the gum line on my back molars that I’d struggled to tackle with the Oral-B.
I also liked the videos and dental health tips in the app. I’m always asking my patients to bring in their toothbrush so I can show them proper technique by brushing their teeth for them as they hold a mirror. This app is essentially recreating this interaction on your phone. It’s available on both Android and iPhone.
To be optimally effective in preparing dentists to care for underserved and vulnerable populations, it will be necessary for dental residencies to include clinical experiences with young children, individuals with special health care needs, and older adults.
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Shopping for toothbrushes has never been an easy task. This is because you will buy a toothbrush for your baby but they completely refuse to use it. You may agree with me that most kids in their tender age are least interested in brushing teeth.
Enamel is the thin outer covering of the tooth. Although thin, enamel is a tough layer responsible for protecting teeth from wear and tear of daily use such as biting, chewing, and grinding. It is transparent, and the colour that you see is the colour of the dentin, the inner layer of the tooth that’s under the enamel. Despite its durability, the enamel is still susceptible to breaking down or enamel erosion.
Philips also say that this sonic toothbrush is able to remove more than 7 times more plaque from in between teeth than the manual type.  Increased plaque removal is something that many advocates of electric toothbrushes talk about, but actual scientific evidence for this is always much harder to pin down.  A lot of dentists say, anecdotally at least, that patients indeed do better with a powered toothbrush, and this is probably the reason why the debate about them has lasted as long as it has.
Prevent cavities by eating a real food diet and limiting grains and sugar. Oil pulling is a wonderful and effective way to fight cavities and may help to improve gum tissue. For detailed instructions regarding oil pulling, click here. For increased effectiveness, add 1 drop of clove or peppermint essential oil to your oil pulling routine. I recommend oil pulling with organic extra virgin coconut oil. Oil pulling may also prevent gum disease.
My least favorite parts are the built-in timers that vibrates the handle every 30 seconds to let you know when to change areas of your mouth and every 2 minutes (dentist recommended time). This can become annoying as there is a brief pause in the spinning action of the brush when these intervals occur. It’s a bit silly that you’d have to be reminded to change spots of your mouth especially since brushing is an almost unconscious activity, but it may appeal to some. There is also quite a bit of extension cord that I wish could be tucked into the base, but is otherwise not really more than a cosmetic complaint. The brush heads themselves don’t appear to last a long time, but I suppose that’s just the consequence of the spinning action of the brush. I can foresee a decent amount of spare brush heads being purchased in my near future.
Differences in race, income, and disability status also impact older Americans when it comes to oral health and dental care. Poor oral health disproportionately occurs among racial and ethnic minorities, and also in older adults with physical and intellectual disabilities and those who are homebound or institutionalized.[9] Older African-American adults are nearly twice as likely to have periodontitis (gum disease) than their white counterparts.
A toothbrush does the necessary job of vanquishing incredibly rude bacteria relentlessly working to mess up your oral health. “There’s a biofilm of bacteria that builds up in our mouths and our teeth and even in our gums. If it’s not removed, this biofilm becomes what we know as plaque,” dentist Maria Lopez Howell, D.D.S., an American Dental Association spokesperson, tells SELF. Plaque, which honestly has no chill, is “just forming all the time,” she adds. When not swept away frequently enough, plaque can lead to tooth decay and gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease, aka periodontitis), along with full-blown periodontitis. Without proper treatment, tooth decay and periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.
THIS TOOL DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.
Sonicare toothbrushes are known for their unmatched thoroughness of cleaning and there are mostly highly positive Philips Sonicare toothbrush reviews and high Sonicare ratings. There’re many sonic toothbrushes available on the market and in our Sonicare toothbrush comparison we did our best to narrow them down to top 4 results to help you choose the best Sonicare toothbrush. Best price on Sonicare toothbrush you can find on Amazon, where they also offer free shipping.
Component 1 requires clinical reasoning, a skill that dentists and other oral health care providers have, but one that needs to be used to “work backwards”—from clinical findings to specific patient behaviors that contribute to poor clinical outcomes (i.e., behaviors that must be changed for the patient to learn, practice, and sustain new habits that promote positive clinical outcomes). As well, this component requires asking questions to determine the patient’s current level of knowledge and personal attitudes or beliefs that are intimately associated with (i.e., “embedded within”) such behaviors [6]. In general, the provider should apply an “epidemiological perspective” to the individual patient; the provider should be able to determine where on the spectrum of oral disease the patient is and ask questions to map out past and present risk behaviors (i.e., presence or absence of a behavior) that may have contributed to the current clinical presentation and/or may contribute to future disease progression.

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