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The WHO-FDI Joint Working Group on Periodontal Health Services recognized that there are many deficiencies in knowledge about screening, monitoring, professional care and on the information for individuals and groups.40 Current theory suggests that progression of periodontal disease is slow. Most of the disease is at the gingivitis or early destructive stages. The tenuous basis for the effectiveness of current dental care for these stages of periodontal disease has been highlighted.41 Frandsen (1986) carried out an extensive review of professionally administered mechanical periodontal procedures. His main conclusions cast severe doubts about the effectiveness of most periodontal procedures such as scaling and oral hygiene instruction, the usefulness of removing calculus, the importance of root planing, polishing and the removal of plaque at intervals longer than four weeks.41
Modern electric toothbrushes run on low voltage, 12v or less. A few units use a step-down transformer to power the brush, but most use a battery, usually but not always rechargeable and non-replaceable, fitted inside the handle, which is hermetically sealed to prevent water damage. While early NiCd battery toothbrushes used metal tabs to connect with the charging base, modern toothbrushes use contactless inductive charging: the brush unit and charger stand each contain a coil of wire; when placed in proximity, the powered coil from the stand transfers power by induction to the handle, charging the battery.
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Elevate your custom cleaning experience with the multifunctional 360º SmartRing. Visible from every angle while brushing, the SmartRing allows you to see feedback from the pressure sensor, brushing timer and Bluetooth connection with ease. It can also be programmed through the Oral-B smartphone app to illuminate with your choice of 12 colors as you brush.
22. Gherunpong S, Tsakos G, Sheiham A. The prevalence and severity of oral impacts on daily performances in Thai primary school children. Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2004;2:57. [PMC free article] [PubMed]
Agreed! Frankly I couldn’t give a mouthful of last years food particles about electric tooth brushes. You’re far better off finessing a stiff manual any who. What I find troubling is the same old saga surrounding the “marketing” , or lack there of Oral b waxed vs. unwaxed floss. It’s a known fact: wax leaves a counter-productive residue. Try to find unwaxed on the shelf these days. Oral-B floss is the best. However the lack of disclosure in the labeling is another sad indicator of the lack of kosherity in health care products etc.??? Come on Oral-B/ UNE/ Proctor & Gamble, who ever you are. Do the right thing!!!!
These products vary in their application. The MI paste Plus is applied in the evening after brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. A generous layer is applied to the tooth surfaces (either with a cotton swab, gloved finger, or custom tray) and left on for 3 minutes.  The Arm and Hammer and Dr. Collins’ products are used in lieu of regular toothpastes.
Featuring a comfortable handle, this toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof for safe use. A travel case is included to keep it safe and clean. 1x electric toothbrush body. 2x electric toothbrush heads. Modes: 5 modes (clean, sensitive, massage, white, polish).
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We could not find any independent studies comparing toothbrush models or brands, and all the ones tested for the fluid dynamics aspect are Sonicare brushes, which are all 31,000 movements-per-minute brushes. Other brands have toothbrushes that move faster, slower, and at roughly the same speed as this. Though the fluid dynamics effect exists, remember that it’s secondary to actual bristles scrubbing your teeth and gums.
One of our priorities at the Health Department is to integrate dental health messages and services into primary medical care (and vice-versa), so that Vermonters are receiving comprehensive, coordinated health care, and are aware of how their dental health is related to their general health.
2. This 7000 series has an inferior battery. NiMH batteries die much quicker than Li-ion batteries. This is one of the reasons why your cell phones have the latter. The 5000 series (my brush) used to have Li-ion battery, but it looks like Oral-B (P&G) changed all their brushes to NiMH to save some $ and offer you a more expensive brush at the same time.
A Philips Sonicare toothbrush is designed to clean your teeth with powerful brush heads. The brush cleans deeply to remove a high level of plaque. Here’s what people need to know about the way it works.
You touched on the issue of sensitivity, but not gum disease. I’ve had periodontitis for years, but it’s gotten much worse. I can’t afford to see a dentist anymore, so an electric toothbrush has become even more critical. I started using the flossing head, but it’s made matters worse. I have to use Peroxyl because my gums are so raw.
The toothbrush comes with 2 brush heads: infant and toddler.  There is a controllable light – it comes on when the button is first pushed, starts to vibrate on a 2 minute timer on second push  and turns off on the third button press.  Both the 2 minute light timer and 30 second quadrant change pulse reminder work together to help teach good oral care habits from an early age.
I have had the deep cleaning and it did nothing for me. All they did was take a drill under the gum line which is something they should do with any cleaning. They said we will do a quadrant at a time and numb you up. I said try it without numbing since I don’t like that. They did, and I had no pain whatsoever. They did my entire mouth and I came back another day and they did the same. A couple years later they said I needed it and I told the hygienist I couldn’t afford it so she did it anyway without saying anything. But my gums were no better than after regular cleaning.
While it’s known that people with diabetes are more prone to gum disease, surprising new studies suggest that serious gum disease may actually contribute to diabetes as it affects blood glucose control. The Canadian Diabetes Association says, “Because periodontal disease is an infection, bacteria produce toxins that affect the carbohydrate metabolism in individual cells. It is also thought that the host response to periodontal bacteria can increase insulin resistance and, therefore, blood glucose levels.” This two-way link is a wake-up call to take care of your teeth, especially since the incidence of diabetes is rising.
via philips.comIf pressed to choose between the various Philips toothbrushes, Gregg Lituchy, DDS of New York City’s Lowenberg Lituchy & Kantor dental practice, would have to go with the Philips Sonicare Essence. “I love that it has an oval-headed brush attachment, which works really well in hard to reach places in the back of the mouth.” He also loves its timer-feature, which buzzes when two minutes have passed, ensuring the proper amount of time was spent brushing. Of course, all electric brushes are great, he concedes, “especially if you’re someone who’s not good with keeping up with the brushing-twice daily routine because the technology helps assure that all spots are reached and plaque is removed before turning into tartar.”
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Oral Health Program reports that in 2010, more than 27,860 patient visits to hospital emergency departments statewide were for non-traumatic dental complaints. The average cost per dental-related visit was $420 (averages $35 per month).
Recent systematic effectiveness reviews of dental health education have highlighted the limitations of existing dental health education interventions.48–50 Interventions were shown to be ineffective at producing long term sustainable changes in oral health behaviours and failed to address inequalities. Indeed the narrow individualist approach adopted actually increased oral health inequalities.51 A more progressive health promotion approach which recognises the importance of tackling the underlying social, political and environmental determinants of oral health is therefore needed. For this approach to be successful in achieving sustainable changes in oral health, multisectoral working is an essential requirement.
This is a toothbrush that I got comfortable with really quickly. It’s extremely easy to use and has enough power to remove any plaque, tartar, bad breath, and I even noticed that the stains on my teeth started to disappear as well.
The revolutionary AURA CLEAN SONIC TOOTHBRUSH SYSTEM from TAO CLEAN has raised the bar on oral hygiene care. The Aura Clean toothbrush provides a remarkable way to clean and whiten your teeth with up to 40,000 strokes per minute using state-of-the-art sonic technology in two cleaning modes, professional and sensitive.
Frequent use of sugar based paediatric medicines is associated with increased risk of caries in vulnerable chronically sick children. Caries can be prevented by using sugar free medicines.65 Greater use of sugar free medicines is dependent upon action by medical and pharmaceutical professions together with the pharmaceutical industry. For example, the computerised labelling of Sugar Free options on GPs IT prescribing systems will encourage GPs to select these healthier choices.
After examining descriptive statistics and bivariate associations between independent variables and school performance, we used multivariable logistic regression models to test the relationships between oral health status, school performance, and school attendance while accounting for control variables. Because we considered the potential for dental and general health variables to be highly correlated with school absence variables, we estimated logistic regression models after excluding each of these variables to further examine their relationship with poor school performance. We conducted mediation analyses to test whether school absence for dental pain was a mediator between oral health status and poor school performance.
Do also be aware that everyone’s natural tooth colour varies.  You friend may have naturally whiter teeth than you and those with darker skins often appear to have whiter teeth because of the contrast against the tooth colour.
It’s important to note that non-contact brushing doesn’t remove as much dental plaque as plain old tooth scrubbing (bristles scouring tooth surfaces). But it is a valuable secondary mechanism. And for that reason, for our Best Oral-B’s list, we’re only going to consider models that have it.
Dental health practitioners should recognize the unique fabric of each individual within his or her community. All people and all communities are not the same. We are all social beings. A person within a community that does not floss will not floss. A person within a community that regularly visits dental hygienists will follow suite. A person within a community that consumes massive amounts of candy will do the same – even if the dentist or hygienist “tells them” otherwise. We are not all the same. Some groups of people need our assistance, some do not. Some people want our assistance and some do not.
The charging does take quite some time until it is fully charged. However, if you are like me, I brush three times a day, and usually place the unit on its charge at night. Therefore, the brush has hours of charging before its next use. One minor gripe is as opposed to the Sonicare, the vibrations are REALLY STRONG. This may be a positive to some, but it does tend to vibrate your head at first. Which I must admit, was a slight burden when I first started using this unit. Once you use this toothbrush for quite some time, you get used to the vibrations and now I don’t even really notice it.
You have the option of choosing from the three operational modes, Clean- the standard mode, White- for whiter teeth and Gum Care- for gentle massage over the teeth. The brushing options allow you to maintain the oral health without damaging the mouth. Since it works with a sonic technology, it rotates at a speed of 31,000 strokes per minute to provide whiter teeth using dynamic action.
The main body of the Sonicare Flexcare Platinum toothbrush is made of white plastic with a metallic panel at the front. The controls are imbued in the metallic panel. It has three distinct buttons for power, intensity and mode, making it easier for your brushing needs. There are LED displays in the panel which indicates the operational modes and intensity level. The back end of the handle is a textured plastic, giving it a good grip for superior handling. The slimmer look of the handle gives an elegant and classy finish to the brush. Cleaning the brush between the buttons can be a bit of a work but nothing too cumbersome.
Slippery design. While the bristles and brush head on this electric toothbrush are top-notch, the handle could use some improvement. The handle is made from plastic and can become extremely slippery when wet.
Here’s a link to Delivering Better Oral Health – 3rd Edition.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Give BURST a go! I’m very impressed with their customer service. New company and their entire platform is customer-centered! If the price concerns you try my Dental Professional Recommending Code: GCRVGX to save big – I’ve been trying them all over the last 25 years-this is my favorite by far!
Washington’s oral health programs are making progress for kindergarten and second- and third-grade children! During the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years, the Washington State Department of Health conducted the fifth Smile Survey. More than 13,000 children in 76 public schools and over 1,400 preschool children from 47 Head Start and ECEAP program participated in the 2015-1016 Smile Survey. Dental screenings were completed by licensed dental hygienists and one dentist.
Finally, an important role of hygienists related to total physical health is carrying out basic wellness checks at the start of a routine dental cleaning appointment.  Hygienists can alert a patient if they have problems, such as elevated blood pressure or dry mouth related to medications. When hygienists incorporate patients’ overall health into the conversation, they can better engage them in discussing and accepting the importance of preventive oral health care.
Abstract – Periodontal disease incidence, progression and rate of tooth loss in a general dental practice: The results of a 12-year retrospective analysis of patient’s clinical records | Full Text – Periodontal disease incidence, progression and rate of tooth loss in a general dental practice: The results of a 12-year retrospective analysis of patient’s clinical records | PDF (142 KB) – Periodontal disease incidence, progression and rate of tooth loss in a general dental practice: The results of a 12-year retrospective analysis of patient’s clinical records

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