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• States can use Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant (Title V) funds to evaluate and assess their case-management services to to determine the most effective strategies to improve access to oral health care.
Product – Sonimart Standard Size Replacement Toothbrush Heads for Philips Sonicare Plaque Control HX9024, 4 pack, fits Essence+, Plaque Control, Gum Health, DiamondClean, FlexCare, HealthyWhite and EasyClean
replacement electric toothbrush head bristles

If flossing action doesn’t appeal to you, Oral-B makes a Dual Action Vitality brush with the same handle but different shaped brush heads that’s under the $40 mark. If you like the oscillating action of Oral-B brushes, you won’t find a generic brush handle with the same kind of scrubbing movement. There are lots of great alternative for sonic brushes, but for oscillation–stick to name brand. This brush costs about the same as five lattes.
Oral diseases are highly prevalent among people on social assistance. Despite benefiting from public dental coverage in North America, these people rarely consult the dentist. One possible reason is rooted in their perception of oral health and the means to improve it. To …
Study subjects, aged 18-70 with no known health issues were selected at random from the community and divided into two equal groups, with half using an Oral B 5000 Oscillating/rotating electric toothbrush, and the other have were given a Sonic toothbrush.  All study subjects were given a baseline assessment of gingivitis, a common oral hygiene problem that affects nearly 50% of adults to some extent, which leads to swollen and bleeding gums, and plaque/tartar visible on the interior and exterior of the teeth.
It cost us 800. We were pleased with Knight Environmental consulting who we hired. They were very thorough. Friendly and respectful of our home.They checked everywhere in our 7000ft home and tested the air… [more]
The Philips Sonicare For Kids app synchs with your kid’s sonic toothbrush to help them learn about oral care through play. Your kid’s brushing coach challenges them to brush for longer and better. Each session starts with clear visual instructions about correct brushing techniques and the app’s progress monitor tracks the total performance. Kids learn while having fun, and parents get to see how well kids are doing in between check ups.
The Kissliss brush has five brushing modes with different vibration rates ranging from 31,000 strokes per minute to 48,000 brushstrokes per minute which is the fastest vibration on the list–that’s 800 strokes every single second. The modes in order of lowest to highest are sensitive, gum care, clean, polish, and white. The gentlest mode on this one has the same vibration rate as the strongest on other models so this might not be a good first brush if you’re new to sonic toothbrushes. You navigate the modes by using the power button which means you have to shut the brush off when you want to switch modes which isn’t ideal but not a huge problem either. This brush has a two minute timer and quad-pacer that pauses the vibration after every 30 seconds. It comes with a compact charging station that takes 100-240 volts and a full charge will last you over a month of regular use. The Kissliss includes two normal brush heads and two sensitive brush heads. The normal replacement heads are affordable, but the sensitive heads are much harder to find. That fifth, strange looking attachment is a facial vibrating brush used to clean pores and clear away dry skin. These types of brushes generally run around $30 all on their own. This Kissliss facial attachment is a great idea, but it’s a little too small to be really effective plus there’s just something about moving my toothbrush handle all over my face that I’m not into. Even if you completely ignore the facial brush, this Kissliss is a good deal. The Kissliss will run around seven lattes.
I’ve used Oral-B toothbrushes for about 15-20 years, first an Oral-B 3d then the Oral B Sonic Complete (now discontinued). Now that the battery on the Oral B Sonic Complete won’t hold a charge, I ordered a new Oral B Pro 7500. It arrived yesterday. It works but is EXTREMELY LOUD – annoying so, ridiculously so. Thinking I may have a defective unit, I called the customer service number to ask about it and the very polite representative told me the Oral B products are all louder than what I had been used to in previous products. This is very disappointing to me, especially since I am a long term P&G stock holder. I’ll be sending this product back. I’ll look to buy a different model, but if that ends up being very loud as well, I will have to switch to some other product as I’m not going to put up with 10 years of annoyingly loud two or three times a day.
Newby EE, Martinez-Mier EA, Zero DT, et al. A randomised clinical study to evaluate the effect of brushing duration on fluoride levels in dental biofilm fluid and saliva in children aged 4-5 years. Int Dent J 2013;63 Suppl 2:39-47.
You don’t use much of the product so the bottle lasts a long time. It does make my teeth feel cleaner and yes it is a little soapy. I don’t mind the soapiness since my teeth don’t have that grungy pasty feeling anymore, they feel really smooth, like when you have just had a cleaning at the dentist.
Healthy smiles for healthy families start with professional family dentistry. At Eric Dahle Family Dentistry, your bright, healthy smile is our top priority. We take the time to listen to your needs and concerns, and we use gentle, efficient techniques so that your smile reflects both excellent dental care and respectful service.
Burke MA, Marlin SA. (2008). Global forum for health research, monitoring financial flows for health research 2008. Prioritizing research for health equity. URL available at: (accessed Dec. 21, 2010).
When You are SickHow Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush or Electric Toothbrush Head?Many dental professionals recommend changing your toothbrush about every three months, and the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you replace your toothbrush approximately every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed.That’s because, no matter what type of toothbrush you use, its bristles can become frayed and worn and may lose their effectiveness. And clinical research shows that a new toothbrush can remove more plaque than one that’s worn out, ensuring that your brush is working its hardest to help keep your teeth clean and healthy.Change Your Toothbrush Head When You Are Sick or Not Feeling WellToothbrush bristles do not kill bacteria in the mouth, protect you against disease or prevent you from getting sick. So be sure to change your brush regularly for maximum effectiveness and to practice diligent hygiene, despite the type of toothbrush you’re using.Resources
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If you vomit from morning sickness, take care to rinse your mouth with water or a fluoride mouth wash. Stomach acid left on the teeth can damage your teeth and cause them to decay. After rinsing your mouth, wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.
If you clean your teeth too rigorously, you can end up with receding gums too. Don’t believe that just because you clean your teeth every day that you are not likely to get receding gums. You should ask your dentist if he or she thinks that you are cleaning your teeth too aggressively.
First of all, I am a Sonicare user–I did use Oral B about 6-8 years ago and for some forgotten reason went back to a manual toothbrush. I bought the Sonicare upon the advice of a dental hygienist and the reviews here and on other sites. The Sonicare does a great job. I decided to “hedge my bets” and decided to add this Oral B unit to the arsenal. Both Oral B and Sonicare do a good job–if both are used properly. The new Oral B “deep sweep” was not too hard to get used to after using the Sonicare–I can see how some Oral B users would have a minor problem using this larger brush but for me it was not a problem. I also tried the Oral B “gentle and floss” heads–both are the circular type–both o.k. but still prefer the “deep
Most dental hygienists recommend having the teeth professionally cleaned every six months.[citation needed] More frequent cleaning and examination may be necessary during treatment of dental and other oral disorders. Routine examination of the teeth is recommended at least every year. This may include yearly, select dental X-rays. See also dental plaque identification procedure and removal.
Dentistry is predominantly a primary care service. There are therefore many parallels between general medical practice and general dental practice. The Declaration of Alma Ata in 19789 reaffirmed the World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of health and also defined the meaning of primary care, urging governments to develop primary care and incorporate the primary care approach into their healthcare systems. Worldwide evidence indicates that the primary care approach leads to better health outcomes for lower costs.10 Starfield11 identified four cardinal features of primary care:
– My tooth wasn’t hurting but lost filling and needed to clean and “refill”, dr went on and on on how irresponsible I am! even though I told him I brush my teeth every day and floss few times a week. When I asked him how I can take care of my teeth better than this, he said he doesn’t know what I’m doing to make them this bad! I never heard this from any dentist before!
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Weighing in at just 6oz and only 6in tall, which is approximately 2 inches shorter than some of the newest products on the market, Be. is designed to fit in your purse, in your desk compartment, or in that last bit of space left in your almost overweight carry-on. When you are constantly on the move and trying to manage space for your essentials, size matters, and Be. makes the cut. 
If you plan on buying a pair for you and your partner, I strongly suggest buying from Costco for their lifetime return policy. They have comparable Oral-B and SonicCare models and regularly run sales.
Щетка просто отличная! Долго думал, стоит ли покупать. Сомневался, но все таки взял и не жалею. Щетка работает очень хорошо. Сначала было непривычно немного, но потом привык, чистит гораздо лучше обычной щетки. Засекает время чистки, уведомляет, когда пора перейти к другой части рта, при желании можно немного поднастроить через приложение. Заряд держит очень долго. И само по себе исполнение просто отличное: и сама щетка, и зарядная платформа – все сделано хорошо. Советую.
The different colour options allow you to have something that suits your personality a little and further personalisation comes via selecting 1 of 12 colours to light up the SmartRing on the neck of the brush handle.
When you’re buying an electric toothbrush, it all depends on how much are you willing to spend. The most expensive ones can cost up to about $200, but they have the same brushing technology and they are equally effective as most middle-priced ones. The main advantage the most expensive toothbrushes bring to the table is the number of cleaning modes, and the amount of goodies that come with them (travel case, USB charging glass, etc).
To date, we’ve sold 1 million premium manual and 100% recyclable toothbrushes. We’re also proud to offer all natural Pacific Mint toothpaste with compostable packaging, and GoodFloss, our 100% biodegradable flossers. 
Provide tools and training to help adolescent health care providers, such as school-based health centers, establish youth advisory councils to better integrate a youth-patient voice into their practice
116. Stewart JE, Wolfe GR, Maeder L, Hartz GW. Changes in dental knowledge and self-efficacy scores following interventions to change oral hygiene behavior. Patient Educ Couns. 1996;27(3):269–77. pmid:8788355
Gingivitis (Figure 3) is the most common oral disease in pregnancy, with a prevalence of 60 to 75 percent.6 Approximately one half of women with preexisting gingivitis have significant exacerbation during pregnancy.9 Gingivitis is inflammation of the superficial gum tissue. During pregnancy, gingivitis is aggravated by fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels in combination with changes in oral flora and a decreased immune response. Thorough oral hygiene measures, including tooth brushing and flossing, are recommended. Patients with severe gingivitis may require professional cleaning and need to use mouth rinses such as chlorhexidine (Peridex).
Finally, HRSA can play an important role in supporting the adoption of oral health core competencies into nondental health professional education programs. To that end, the committee suggests the following strategies:
We could all use a reminder from time to time. When I do a demo of overbrushing for my patients, they’re shocked at how little it takes to do damage. To get live feedback in your bathroom on your brushing technique is pretty incredible.
Yogurt and kefir are also two calcium-rich dairy options that can contribute to overall oral health. And as an immune-boosting bonus, the probiotics found in them increase the good bacteria throughout your body—including the ones that fight the bad, cavity-causing bacteria.
In the case where you’ve just come from your dentist’s office and your teeth have been polished white and clean, all that’s needed to prevent surface staining from forming is the best plaque remover possible. (All tooth surface stains start out as debris accumulation.)
I can’t believe I’m reviewing a toothbrush. Well, not just an ordinary toothbrush but a battery operated toothbrush with a lot to offer. Technology has come a long way or should I say that we have evolved in so many different aspect in our way of healthy living. I have always thought some time ago that an electric or battery operated toothbrush is overrated and is just a fad with no additional benefit to your teeth and gums. Now, I’m a believer to a more complete tooth brushing with maximum benefit. It helps disrupt any plaque forming activity when used correctly. Of course there is still manual brushing involve for a thorough reach and add a bit more in cleaning your teeth. I was the last one in my family to transition to this and I’m glad I did. Since all of my family members are using Oral-B, there is no reason for me to find another brand. I was skeptical at first that this will eat up the battery so fast that it would not be practical. However I was surprised that two AA battery could last for so long that it is so worth it. The construction of this toothbrush is design to withstand the sliminess or residue and water around it. Easy to change the brush head when worn out. I do change it every time I have to change the battery. This Oral-B battery operated toothbrush is of excellent quality. Of course, I can’t say for other brands because this is the only kind I’ve used so far and I absolutely satisfied with it. I would suggest looking for a brush head that suit your need in cleaning your teeth. This one comes with a round tip and is already ideal for me. I would definitely try other brush heads in the future and that would be in a separate review to note.
In our experience, all of these brushes, even the top-end ones, did the same thing—moved toothpaste around in your mouth. Toothbrushes that identify as “sonic” like Philips and Waterpik models tend to be quieter and have a vibration-like movement, and oscillating brushes are louder. But this is a distinction between different types of brushes made by different manufacturers, not expensive brushes versus cheap ones.
Electric toothbrushes oscillate automatically, so they are able to move faster and target your teeth more quickly than could ever be possible with a manual toothbrush. They also tend to include sensors that can keep you from brushing too hard as well as timers that make sure you spend an adequate amount of time brushing with each cleaning. Studies have shown that people who use electric toothbrushes often have less plaque and a decreased risk of gingivitis because these users tend to brush more thoroughly-in part, because brushing feels like less “work.” A wide selection of toothbrushes and replacement heads are both available from Walgreens.

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  1. We could all use a reminder from time to time. When I do a demo of overbrushing for my patients, they’re shocked at how little it takes to do damage. To get live feedback in your bathroom on your brushing technique is pretty incredible.
    The first survey was conducted in 1968 in England and Wales. Similar surveys were also conducted in Scotland in 1972 and in Northern Ireland in 1979. The second ADHS was conducted in England and Wales in 1978. None of these earlier surveys are available from the UK Data Archive. The third survey was conducted in 1988 and was extended to include adults in Scotland and Northern Ireland providing estimates for the whole of the United Kingdom (available from the Archive under SN 2834). The fourth was conducted in 1998 (available under SN 4226) and also covered the whole of the UK. The latest survey in the series took place in 2009 and was carried out in England, Wales and Northern Ireland only (available under SN 6884).
    The Oral-B Vitality does as well or better at plaque removal compared to the other electric toothbrushes we examined. It brushes in a circular motion, which will attack plaque well, and uses a small, round head to clean hard-to-reach areas with high quality bristles that won’t scratch the enamel.
    Sonicare For Kids – These toothbrush heads are to be used with the sonicare for kid’s rechargeable toothbrush. The brush heads are designed to fit better in children’s mouths and as a result, they are smaller than the standard adult toothbrush heads. In addition, these are softer brush heads. If you have particularly soft gums or if you have sensitive teeth, you could even use these brush heads for your own use as the soft bristle ensure a more gentle clean.
    There is no direct evidence that screening by primary care clinicians reduces early childhood caries. Evidence previously reviewed by the US Preventive Services Task Force found oral fluoride supplementation effective at reducing caries incidence, and new evidence supports the effectiveness of fluoride varnish in higher-risk children.

  2. Despite these challenges, several factors make this an opportune time to address global inequalities in oral health. Global health is increasingly viewed and embraced as not merely a humanitarian obligation but rather as a vehicle for health diplomacy, part of the broader development mission of poverty reduction, building stronger economies, promoting peace, and strengthening global security. This emphasis is reflected in several salient efforts in the United States.
    I had used the basic Elite series for a while, but the screw-in brushes got gross and smelly, so when the toothbrush died, I got the Flexcare. I liked the snap-on brush heads for the Flexcare brushes, as well as the slimmer, more elegant handle. While the Flexcare is a nice model and does a great job cleaning, I think it is too expensive and includes features I never used (and would bet most people don’t use).
    Does design matter? If your toothbrush’s charging stand will be sitting out on your bathroom counter, looks might be important to you. As we noted above, charging modes vary; and charging stands can be very plain or quite fancy.
    Apps like this should be fairly straightforward, and I found the Sonicare app rather confusing at times. I liked what it’s trying to do, but got turned off from using it each time because of its oddities.
    Area-based indicators are better predictors of oral health status than measures of socio-economic status. Moreover they add additional explanatory power to models of health inequalities.16 Wide regional differences exist in prevalence of caries. Children in the north-east Region had more decay than those in other parts of England. Fourty three percent of the 3Þ–4Þ year-olds in the north-east had decay compared with a quarter in the rest of England.3 The regional and national inequalities persisted in older children. In the United Kingdom, there is nearly a threefold difference in the dental health of 5-year-old children from the relatively prosperous region in the south-west and the relatively deprived regions of the north-west. At 6- years-old the dmf levels were 1.8 and 2.6 respectively.4 In 1992–93 the mean DMFT scores of the 12-year-olds in the two north-west regions were 1.9 and 1.5 compared with 0.8 in South West Thames. The regional and district differences in caries are related to deprivation. Jones et al17,18 showed correlation’s of from r =0.88 and r =0.46 between caries levels in 5-year-olds and Jarman scores. In adults there are marked regional inequalities in dental status. Mainly in relation to edentulousness. For example, in the southern region of England 19% of females were edentulous compared with 33% in the northern region.5 The incidence of mouth cancer in males was worse in the northern region of England than in England and Wales as a whole.7
    A great toothbrush that leaves my teeth feeling clean. I previously used an Oral B toothbrush, but figured I would give the Sonicare system a shot. So far I am extremely pleased with this purchase. It was a little bit more expensive, but it seems so far that it was worth the upgrade cost. My teeth feel clean after using it, and the replacement heads really aren’t all that expensive.

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