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We searched the databases Medline, EMBASE, Evidence Based Reviews–Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, CINAHL, and Web of Science for intervention studies assessing the effectiveness of eligible strategies. Two reviewers independently (a) screened titles, abstracts and retrieved full-texts; (b) searched key journal contents, key author publications, and reference lists of all included studies; and (c) assessed methodological quality of included studies. Discrepancies at any stage were resolved by consensus. We conducted a narrative synthesis of study results.
Otherwise, you’re basically saying, “this one works better for me, for the things that I like,” i.e. it makes your mouth feel cleaner (to which I will add that you’ve provided no evidence other than “it feels cleaner to me”). That is great for you if that’s what you care most about. I think most people would prefer the brush with clinical evidence backing it up.
The toothbrush seems to be ok, and I have not found any defects. I will spend some time and go out in the laundry. Only to be able to tell the manufacturer, that he would change the cable from the charging station to the usual network and increased the charging station itself, for a pike though for two spare tips for other family members.
Oral health means much more than healthy teeth. It means being free of chronic oral-facial pain conditions, oral and pharyngeal (throat) cancers, oral soft tissue lesions, birth defects such as cleft lip and palate, and scores of other diseases and disorders that affect the oral, dental, and craniofacial tissues.
The overall design of the toothbrush and its accessories are great. To mimic putting a regular toothbrush in a glass like many people do, you also put it in a charging glass that sits on top of a dock. This gives you a good three-week stretch of battery life, but if you’re travelling and aren’t sure when you’ll be next to an outlet again, the travel case also has a convenient USB charger to take on the road.
While Oral-B used to also have a line of Sonic toothbrushes designed to compete with Sonicare, these were average at best by comparison. We were not surprised that before lone the Oral-B sonic toothbrush range had been completely discontinued.
Unfortunately, some people lose their teeth entirely. This loss takes an immense physical and emotional toll on someone, however it can be remedied. Dental implants allow patients who have lost teeth to regain the ability to eat and give them a smile they can be proud of. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are placed in the jawbone where teeth are missing and are the foundation on which replacement teeth can be erected. Dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth, returning your ability to smile and chew.
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Basic dental care involves brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, seeing your dentist and/or dental hygienist for regular checkups and cleanings, and eating a mouth-healthy diet, which means foods high in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, and dairy products.
The Coalition is part of a larger movement nationwide to expand access to dental care. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is supporting efforts in five states – Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio,Vermont and Washington – to pursue an innovative dental provider model that can expand access to dental care by adding an additional provider to the team. Community Catalyst, a national health advocacy organization, is helping to lead the effort.
Electric toothbrushes are not good for sensitive teeth: People that have sensitive teeth must often revert to using a manual toothbrush because it is hard to find electric toothbrushes with soft or ultra-soft bristles. Because the nerves in your mouth aren’t used to the vibrations and speed of an electric toothbrush, it can actually be the cause of the sensitivity.
Thanks for your feedback on our pick. We’ll definitely keep the buildup issue you mention in mind next time we revisit this guide. If you were happier with the Sonicare than you are with the Oral-B, then you should switch back. We’re sorry our pick didn’t work out, but what matters most to us is that you have a product that you like.
How do I get brush refills? If you need more brush refills, they will be available on our website at www.thegoodwellcompany.com, as well as stores across the US. If you want us to be carried at your local store, please reach out to us via email, and put us in touch with your local grocery or retail.
Over the years I have had mixed emotions about the RotaDent electric toothbrush.  Overall it is one of my favorites, but I am not a fan of it as a solo brush.  Below is a list of features that the RotaDent has:
Unlike most sonic toothbrushes, this one will cost you less than $100. In most cases, when manufacturers cut the cost, the available features and modes are simultaneously cut. So, we end up having a basic electronic toothbrush. What we admire most about Brio, is their innovative ability to keep the price low, but still, offer some advanced features.
We should also mention that the user reviews we read seemed to suggest that this is the most counterfeited Oral-B brush head (its basic design would lend itself to that). So beware of your source is for this product.
Oral health is essential to the general health and well-being of all Wisconsin residents and can be achieved by all residents. The word oral refers to the mouth. The mouth includes not only the teeth and gums (gingiva) and their supporting tissues, but also the hard and soft palate, the mucosal lining of the mouth and throat, the tongue, the lips, the salivary glands, the chewing muscles, and the upper and lower jaws. Equally important are the branches of the nervous, immune, and vascular systems that animate, protect, and nourish the oral tissues, as well as provide connections to the brain and the rest of the body.
If you’re looking for another reason to quit, the threat of a missing tooth might persuade you to pass on purchasing your next pack. In addition to a long list of negative cosmetic effects, including a reduced sense of smell and taste, bad breath, a receding gum line and yellow-tinted teeth, tobacco use is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.
The national network of Delta Dental companies protects more smiles than any other insurance company. Enter the location where your company is headquartered or the state where your company’s insurance-buying decisions are made.
This article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly credited. The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiver (http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated.
Promoting greater oral health prevention in the USA could be achieved via structural approaches such as introducing mid-level providers [4, 5•] or providing universal dental insurance coverage that financially incentivizes prevention-focused care. Alternatively, providers could be trained to effectively deliver prevention-focused oral health care through training that helps providers work with their patients to:
The outer ring features 14 clusters of Oral-B’s Indicator bristles. The inner circle contains 12 clusters of light blue bristles. Despite the different colors, both sets of bristles appear to be made of the same soft material.
DiamondClean Smart comes with four modes which cover a range of brushing needs: Clean mode is for exceptional daily cleaning, White+ helps remove stains, Deep Clean+ gives you an invigorating deep clean, and Gum Health gently cleans along your gum line. Three intensities allow you to choose between a higher setting to boost your clean and a lower one for more-sensitive mouths.
New research identifies role of tiny bubbles in teeth cleaning : University of Birmingham Dental School News Release, March 2, 2016. Researchers use high-speed video to confirm that ultrasonic dental scalers do indeed use cavitation.
Installing a recessed medicine cabinet (which doesn’t need to be mirrored) on a non-sink wall has numerous benefits, says Givens: It frees you to find the largest cabinet possible without worrying about sink-to-cabinet proportions; it allows you to choose a really special mirror in a beautiful frame for over the sink (form over function—so fun!); and without a swinging cabinet door to worry about, you can install a small glass shelf below the decorative mirror and above the sink faucet (which adds storage for soap dishes, apothecary jars filled with cotton swabs, and more).
When a person uses a manual brush, he or she does not have to rely on an instrument to ensure teeth are cleaned properly. He or she must practice proper brushing techniques, which makes a regular tooth brush a better option than an electric toothbrush.
Whichever toothbrush you decide to use, don’t get carried away with brushing. “Excessive brushing with manual or electric has its risks,” Friedman says. “Too much pressure and too frequent brushing can abrade enamel, or the root if the gum has receded.” This abrasion, he says, can cause teeth to become hypersensitive to hot and/or cold.
Abstract – Periodontal disease incidence, progression and rate of tooth loss in a general dental practice: The results of a 12-year retrospective analysis of patient’s clinical records | Full Text – Periodontal disease incidence, progression and rate of tooth loss in a general dental practice: The results of a 12-year retrospective analysis of patient’s clinical records | PDF (142 KB) – Periodontal disease incidence, progression and rate of tooth loss in a general dental practice: The results of a 12-year retrospective analysis of patient’s clinical records
Diabetes- If you have diabetes, you’re already at increased risk of developing gum disease because diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to infection. Research shows that people who have gum disease have a harder time controlling their blood sugar levels. Some studies even suggest that controlling diabetes can improve the condition in the mouth. Infection may cause insulin resistance, and when you treat periodontal disease, the need for insulin may be reduced.
Now for the heads themselves. New Sonicare 2 came in and I immediately noticed the had being smaller than anything I’m used too, it also felt pretty odd in my mouth. So then I slipped on a Sonifresh head, which is the size I’m used too (mediumish maybe?), and felt right at home brushing.
‘I was caring for a lady with cerebral palsy at the time and used to watch her clean her teeth, and it looked amazing,’ recalls Natasha. ‘An electric toothbrush seemed to clean her teeth thoroughly with hardly any effort.’
Periodontal diseases prevalence and severity varies by a number of social conditions. People from higher social classes, those with more education, people living in urban areas and females have less severe periodontal disease than their lower social class counterparts who are less educated, male and live in rural areas.5
Just got my bill and in 5 weeks we supposedly used 356 gals. Hard to do when you are not there the entire time and you turned the thermostat to 60. They charged $.35 more per gallon then from 5 weeks ago. $3.42 per gallon… [more]
Because DHATs perform only a small number of the most commonly needed routine procedures, their rigorous training can be completed in two years.8 They also earn lower salaries than dentists, which allows tribal dental clinics to care for more patients, in an affordable way, while enabling dentists to focus their efforts on more complex needs and procedures.9 In one case study, two DHATs generated more than $216,000 in estimated net revenue after accounting for employment costs, including full-time dental assistants.10 This frees up resources that can be reinvested in clinics and in expanded services.
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Consider a toothbrush sanitizer. While studies do not show any particular benefit to these devices, you can purchase one that has been cleared by the FDA. Toothbrush sanitizers kill up to 99.9% of bacteria on the brush. (Sterilizing means that 100% of bacteria and living organisms have been killed, and no commercial toothbrush cleaner can claim this.)
Waterproof Inductive Chargable. Rotated Electric Toothbrush Oral Hygiene. when you operate this electric toothbrush, it will last for 2 minutes and it will remind you to change oral parts every 30 seconds that can clean oral hygiene maximally.
I would have believed in the accuracy of this site more had you not entered the info about the Quip brush. I made that unfortunate leap and it was a complete waste of money. The brush itself is little more than a manual brush that lightly vibrates. This serves no cleaning purpose, only that of a quadrant timer. So, if you’re looking for a chunky, uncomfortable to use manual toothbrush that requires batteries, the Quip may be for you.
Switching to a soft toothbrush. To avoid causing any damage to the tooth, it’s important to use a soft bristled toothbrush. We would recommend using an electric type, as it will help to remove more bacteria. Follow your proper tooth brushing routine, with cleansing the gums and teeth twice each day. Don’t be too aggressive when brushing and when cleansing the gums, hold the brush at an angle towards the gums.

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