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Additional Features — Daily Clean, No Case, Removes 300% more plaque along the gum line vs. manual toothbrush Bluetooth, Travel Case, 3 Refills, 6 Cleaning Modes Daily Clean, No Case, Removes 300% more plaque along the gum line vs. manual toothbrush
I bought these brush heads specifically for my daughter who wanted Frozen themed brush heads. The cars themed brush heads that my son got had Cars on the brush, so I thought these would be the same. I’m not sure how you can advertise something as being Frozen themed when the item has nothing on it. The package has a picture of Olaf. That’s it. False advertising.
We’ve been using this toothbrush for 4 months now and also the one that’s yellow/blue too. This one is more “adult” and I have noticed that it spins faster and a little more harder than the yellow/blue one. My daughter find that it’s a little too tough for her teeth. I think this would be better for more teenagers or adults.
For three months later, she was experiencing some alarming problems with her teeth. ‘My gums started to bleed as I was brushing and often I’d be spitting out bloody water into the sink,’ says the full-time mother-of-one from Margate, Kent. ‘My teeth would ache after brushing, too, and I could feel my fillings shaking as I used the brush.
InterCare – The InterCare sonicare toothbrush head is the same price as the DiamondClean brush head, but rather than focusing on the cosmetic aspects of your teeth, instead, it helps you to enjoy better gum health. In just 2 weeks, you can experience improved gum health. If you already experience gingivitis or receding gums, you should use this toothbrush as it will prevent the problem from getting worse, will clean your teeth and gums effectively, and in the case of gingivitis, it can even treat it so that eventually this condition will go away. Even if you have healthy gums at the moment, you should consider purchasing the Intercare brush head, as it will ensure that your gums won’t recede and it can also prevent gingivitis and other gum problems. Although it doesn’t promise to remove the stains from your teeth like the DiamondClean brush head does, it is still capable of removing 7 times the amount of plaque that your manual toothbrush would. These toothbrush heads are designed so that the bristles can get in between your teeth for better gum cleaning and it has a pop on brush head for easy installation. This toothbrush head fits many models of Sonicare toothbrush models including the DiamondClean, FlexCare Platinum, FlexCare+, FlexCare, HealthyWhite and EasyClean models. You’ll know when you need to change your brush head, as the blue bristles will gradually fade to white.
The unacceptable factor here is that dental disease is entirely preventable. Adopting a simple daily oral health and hygiene routine should be sufficient to develop and maintain good oral health. Brushing last thing at night and at one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste, cutting down on how often we have sugary foods and drinks, and visiting our dentist regularly, as often as they recommend, are three effective ways to protect our oral health. 
The project narrative is a broad overview that includes the sections noted on page 34 of the NOFO. The work plan should have more detail on how the recipient will achieve the required performance measure outcome—see page 36 of the NOFO. Regarding the requirements of the work plan, see page 25 of the NOFO.
It teaches good habits: The electric toothbrush has always been at the forefront of oral hygiene technology, and that trend continues into the digital age. APP support has become a key feature of many new brushes. No, they don’t all feature it, but those that do are designed to train children and adults alike to practice good brushing habits. How Many contemporary electronic toothbrushes use APP technology to ensure that you brush your teeth for the dentist recommended two minutes. Some of them also monitor the regions of your mouth that you have already brushed in order to ensure that you use those 2 minutes to maximum effect and cover every necessary area.
Clean toothbrush electric

“One of the best out there. Highly comparable to the Sonicare Series 2. Compared to its higher-end siblings, like the 3000 or 7000, the 1000 Pro lacks fancier features like different speed modes, pressure sensor, and Bluetooth connectivity. However, if you don’t have sensitive gums, you probably do not need the pressure sensor, and if you do not obsess about logging your brushing performance in an app, then you can do without Bluetooth connectivity as well. For basic effective cleaning, this one does the job. It gives 20,000 rotations per minute. Two minutes of brushing with this leaves you with a fresh-feeling mouth. Definitely a good investment.”
RECOMMENDATION 8: Congress, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), federal agencies, and private foundations should increase funding for oral health research and evaluation related to underserved and vulnerable populations, including
The last two tests involved the feature set of a toothbrush and how comfortable it felt in the hand, along with less obvious metrics like the number of extra brush heads you get in the package or what kind of charging case a brush might have.
The Office for Civil Rights ensures nondiscriminatory access to HHS-funded programs and services and continues to accept, investigate, and take action on complaints alleging discrimination by oral health-care providers. The Office for Civil Rights also develops and enforces standards for health information privacy, security, and breach notification; initiates compliance reviews; and investigates complaints alleging violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Privacy and Security Rules and reports under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act Breach Notification Rule.57 (Strategy 3-E)
At this stage, you also have deeper pockets and bleeding gums. As the severity increases, it gets more and more difficult to get healthy again. In these severe stages of periodontitis, you begin to tempt your fate with a point of no return — as in, the point where your gums will no longer respond to treatment. Surgery is frequently required in these stages.
Although we tested 13 different electric toothbrushes and oral care systems, the keen-eyed among you may notice that only 5 electric toothbrushes seem to have made the podium. So what happened to the rest?
Colleen M. Olson, RDH, earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University in 2008 and worked in sales for five years. She graduated from the Blinn College Dental Hygiene program in 2013. She is currently a full-time hygienist in private practice in San Antonio, Texas. Colleen enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, Zach, and their dogs, a Great Dane named Shiner and a shepherd mix named Duddley.
The good news is that, when topped with fluoride toothpaste to harden the surfaces of your teeth and protect against cavities, either electric or manual toothbrushes can help keep your mouth as sparklingly clean as possible. It really just depends on your situation.
That’s not to say smart toothbrushes don’t have their place, though. Imagine if the brush head could analyze tartar and plaque levels, or the quality of tooth enamel — now that’s data you can actually do something with. A silly fantasy, maybe, but even now there are firms cooking up smart toothbrushes that have real benefits. Kolibree, for example, is developing a connected toothbrush with an app that does all the boring stuff Oral-B’s does, but with games. The idea is the toothbrush becomes the controller, encouraging kids, small or big, to do the unthinkable: scrub their teeth for more than 10 seconds.
Everyone deserves a smile they are proud of. Some of us are lucky to have teeth that are naturally straight and white. Others are not as fortunate, but there are solutions! Dentistry has advanced so significantly that you can now easily achieve your best smile. Private Dental Services offers several different treatment options to give you the smile you deserve. Our skilled staff and advanced treatment options are sure to give you a smile you feel good about. Here are some of the methods to achieve a smile you are proud to show off to the world.
This year’s annual meeting expanded on the message “Equality doesn’t mean Equity”. It fulfilled its goal of tackling disparities by teaching oral health advocates how to work towards equality and how to promote equity by giving everyone the same oral health opportunities.
The comparison doesn’t even come close and I really can’t understand why anyone would spend the extra money for the Diamond model when you’re not getting all the features of this model! The Platinum has the ultraviolet sanitizer for the brush head that my old model had. I really like that feature because the brush head is prone to all kinds of bacterial growth. I’m shocked the Diamond model doesn’t have that included for the money they’re wanting for that model. Finally, I greatly prefer the White Platinum color over the Black Diamond color for a toothbrush. I don’t know what Philips was thinking with that LOL! THIS is the best value in their line-up for sure!
First, let me note that most of the reviews are for the Pearl White model, but I bought the Black model. It’s slightly different in that it has 5 settings vs. 3 and there’s no charger cradle for it. However, it appears everything else is the same. It even can use the Pearl White replacement heads, which I wasn’t sure of since the replacement heads state that it’s only for the Pearl White model (in point of fact I couldn’t find the black model replacement heads on Amazon, which is why I explored this option).
You will still need to assist younger children. The power of this toothbrush can cause damage to young children’s teeth and gums without proper supervision. Young children — such as two and three year olds — may still need you to brush their teeth for them, to ensure they don’t cause unnecessary damage.
This guide is going to be constantly updated as new electric toothbrushes come out. Even as I finish typing these final words, a new electric toothbrush from Waterpik is being tested and will be added to the guide very shortly.
Sonicare is one of the best selling Philips toothbrushes around. It provides sonic technology, which is perfect for sweeping away the plaque and the bacteria from your teeth as well as breaking down bacteria and debris that may have managed to sink below the gum line. As different users have different requirements and needs, there are a few different brush heads that you can choose from for these electric toothbrushes. Read on to find out more about the kinds of sonicare toothbrushes that you can choose from.
SOHAPs may be submitted using either a CMS-developed Oral Health Action Plan Template or a user-friendly template developed by the Medicaid-CHIP State Dental Association. Completed SOHAPs may be submitted to Andrew Snyder, Health Insurance Specialist via email to andrew.snyder@cms.hhs.gov with a copy to your CMS Regional Office contact. Any questions about the SOHAPs may also be directed to Mr. Snyder.

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  1. In order for a manual toothbrush to be effective, remember to replace it when the bristles become worn or every three to four months. Replacing a toothbrush on a regular basis is essential for proper dental hygiene.
    Oral health affects people physically and psychologically and influences how they grow, enjoy life, look, speak, chew, taste food and socialize, as well as their feelings of social well-being (4). Severe caries detracts from children’s quality of life: they experience pain, discomfort, disfigurement, acute and chronic infections, and eating and sleep disruption as well as higher risk of hospitalization, high treatment costs and loss of school days with the consequently diminished ability to learn. Caries affects nutrition, growth and weight gain. Children of three years of age with nursing caries weighed about 1 kg less than control children (5) because toothache and infection alter eating and sleeping habits, dietary intake and metabolic processes. Disturbed sleep affects glucosteroid production. In addition, there is suppression of haemoglobin from depressed erythrocyte production.
    Second, they’re easier to use. If you brush your teeth with a manual toothbrush as directed by dentists (brushing for two minutes, divided into 30 seconds for each quadrant of your mouth, and using tiny, tooth-width strokes) your manual toothbrush will do about as good a job as a mildly lazy electric brushing session. Electric brushes do most of the work for you. You still need to brush the quadrants of your mouth for a total of two minutes, but instead of furious little brushstrokes, you only need to lightly guide the brush across your teeth. Plus, many electric toothbrushes have a built in timer so you know when you’ve brushed long enough without staring at clock.
    Treatment: you’ll need to be doing better at home with flossing and brushing and you might need to increase your frequency. Ask your dentist or hygienist for a demo of proper brushing and flossing technique. You might also need different instruments — gum disease can be aggravated by a toothbrush that is too old.
    “The Sonicare toothbrush is a workhorse. There’s no doubt about that. If you inspect the back of your teeth, you can usually see a small layer of plaque. Well, the Sonicare toothbrush is your answer to the best at home cleaning, after about two days of brushing, my teeth were noticeably cleaner. My colleagues were asking me if I whitened my teeth lol. I can never go back to a manual toothbrush. 32,000 brush strokes a minute, think about that. If you care about how your teeth look, then this is a great investment.”
    Anytime between the third and ninth month of pregnancy, you may experience “pregnancy gingivitis.” Pregnancy gingivitis is when your gums are swollen, red or irritated from bacteria along the gum line. Your gums are sensitive because your estrogen and progesterone hormones have increased.
    This is a castile soap. Castile soap is really effective at cleaning teeth. As such I don’t have much to say about it’s ability to do it’s function, it works quite well. However, it’s a terrible value. There’s no difference between a castile soap marketed for teeth cleaning than one marketed for anything else. Just read the ingredients and make sure there are no surprises. Right now you can buy a 32 oz bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap for $17.99 which is what I use now. That’s $2 less for 16 times the amount. I couldn’t recommend that anyone buy any soap at this price.

  2. If we accept that cleaning teeth is an imperative public oral health requirement, we need to explore the ways and means of achieving this goal. How can we assist, facilitate, motivate and even educate people to clean their teeth? I strongly believe that it is considerably easier to treat caries (but less important).
    On the whole the app works really well and can be worth investing some time into learning and perfecting use of it.  However time and effort it does take.  You are going to have to put in effort when cleaning round a brace, but the enhanced position detection system is a bit of a faff when you have to mount the phone in a smartphone holder on your mirror, even if clever.
    Read on in the slides below to learn why the Oral-B Pro 1000 is our top pick and why you might also like the Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, the Philips Sonicare for Kids, the Oral-B Pro 7500 Electric Toothbrush, the Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control, and the Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

  3. But the new model also has some key differences: A big one is that the ISSA 2 has a superior battery, and a one-hour charge now lasts a whopping 365 uses (yes, you read that right). It also squeezes in way more pulses per minute—11,000 compared to the original ISSA’s 183—to remove bacteria buildup with thousands of effective micro-sweeps. In other words, if you loved the original ISSA, the ISSA 2 is going to blow you away.
    As you can see in our picture, it’s relatively large (the other head shown is the FlossAction, the largest of Oral-B’s rotary-motion brushes). A smaller “compact” version of the Deep Sweep is not available.
    HRSA supports and encourages health center organizations to engage in practice transformation and achieve patient-centered medical home certification, and promotes patient-centered medical-dental home professional training and practice described in the recommendations from the report issued by the Advisory Committee on Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry to the HHS Secretary and Congress.41 (Strategy 1-D)
    Pages with related products. See and discover other items: deep clean for teeth, Best Rated in Replacement Toothbrush Heads, Best Rated in Toothbrushes, professional brushes, Best floss brush for teeth
    … Oral health also has an effect on other chronic diseases (1). Because of the failure to tackle social and material determinants and incorporate oral health into general health promotion, millions suffer intractable toothache and poor quality of life and end up with few …
    This is one of the average-sized brush heads for the Oral B toothbrush, but can still feel quite large due to the moving parts at the base of the brush – children and those with a smaller mouth cavity may find it uncomfortably large in the beginning, but this is something you can easily get used to. The bottom part of the brush head moves side to side, the top rotates. In terms of cleaning power, I have not seen a noticeable difference between this and the Deep Sweep – (where both parts move side to side). Personally I prefer the Deep Sweep, which has a larger head, and a motion that most closely resembles a classic toothbrush. However, that’s just personal preference, and they are both great for the job.
    Takeaway: The Essence toothbrush from Philips Sonicare is a cheap but effective electric brush. It does the job, it’s comfortable, and the battery holds a charge longer than some comparable models. Complaints are scattered here and there among reviews, but overall, the Philips Sonicare Essence is a good low-cost way to begin using an electric toothbrush.
    Receding gums is a condition that is one of the forms of the periodontal disease. It entails the gum tissue surrounding the teeth pulling back or wearing away from the tooth surface, thus exposing more of the tooth or even the root of the tooth. It’s a serious condition that most often becomes the result of poor oral health care. With the development of gum recession, the person can have gaps building up between the teeth and gum line. These gaps become the perfect place for bacteria build-up which could potentially lead to other diseases. It’s important to provide proper treatment for your receding gums. Because leaving it untreated, can lead to more severe damage to the supporting gum tissue and bone structure, and this can ultimately result in tooth loss.

  4. Oral disease is a health crisis that leaves its mark on communities around the globe. Though staggering regional oral health disparities exist in the U.S., its overall rate of toothlessness and decay comes nowhere close to these five countries. Take a look below to find out which nations are affected the most by poor oral health.
    If you have a partner, they will thank you, if you have lots of restorative dentistry you will make it last and last saving you hassle, discomfort and money, and if you have minimal dentistry it will keep you disease free.  It is a gift you give to yourself and something that you can selfishly do for just you that will have a profound impact on your dental health, your general health, your life expectancy, and your quality of life.  The key is simply willingness.  If you have any questions on flossing, brushing, or Waterpic use please feel free to ask me or my staff.  These are learned skills that respond well to coaching, and we are always here to help you in any way we can!
    However, there is also the problem of how many charging cycles a battery can take. The less expensive batteries will lose the ability to “hold a charge” much sooner than a more expensive battery. Again, you get what you pay for!
    Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations examines the scope and consequences of inadequate access to oral health services in the United States and recommends ways to combat the economic, structural, geographic, and cultural factors that prevent access to regular, quality care. The report suggests changing funding and reimbursement for dental care; expanding the oral health work force by training doctors, nurses, and other nondental professionals to recognize risk for oral diseases; and revamping regulatory, educational, and administrative practices. It also recommends changes to incorporate oral health care into overall health care. These recommendations support the creation of a diverse workforce that is competent, compensated, and authorized to serve vulnerable and underserved populations across the life cycle.
    Advanced Sonicare technology can allow up to 31.000 strokes per minute. Combined with Sonicare’s InterCare brush it can reach areas between teeth much more effective than manual brushes, removing up to 7x more plaque.

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    data collection tools that accurately and efficiently generate annual reports for the Oral Health Program about the services delivered and the oral health status of students related to HP2020 objectives (such as iPads and software licenses and support)
    Teeth Sensitivity: Some people are born with teeth that are naturally sensitive to cold. A lack of brushing can also comprise your teeth’s natural protection. The best method to help protect otherwise sensitive teeth is to use specialized toothpaste geared toward people with worn or damaged teeth.
    Now, the pay-for-value era promises to put some power behind the effort to end disparities in healthcare access and outcomes. Research shows that minorities are more likely to experience the kind of bad outcomes that result in penalties from Medicare. For example, non-white patients are more likely to experience avoidable hospitalizations and suffer from medical errors, says Joseph Betancourt, MD, director of the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
    The other reason being prevalence of unqualified practitioners prevailing in both rural and urban areas, which provide quick and inexpensive harmful substitutes and people usually move to them.[4] Quacks usually enjoy a wide social acceptance and a brisk practice and usually offer dental extraction to most of their patients sometimes as primary and mostly as ultimate relief. In fact, the quacks those who have been practicing in rural and far-off areas should be educated of fundamentals and reference as a separate program for them to have a mass effect. Moreover, any attitude in society cannot be modified effectively if the quacks believe otherwise.
    The Adult Dental Health Survey collects information about the condition of adults’ teeth and dental hygiene. It investigates dental experiences, knowledge of and attitudes towards dental care and oral hygiene.
    There are two variations of the Oral-B 7000 and the only difference between the two is color. Out of the two we recommend the white model. Toothpaste and watermarks were much more visible on the black model.
    Use the Oral Health Network forum to share ideas, get updates on ongoing projects, and develop potential opportunities for partnerships all in one place. First time users will need to create a login by emailing info@betteroralhealthmass.org.
    And yes, overall health is legitimately of far more concern than dental health. But there’s a growing realization that good oral health is far more than a cosmetic concern. Tooth and gum infections are associated with heart disease, depression, speaking disorders and other maladies.
    • CMS can support state efforts to streamline administrative processes by issuing guidance to state Medicaid officers on strategies to reduce administrative burdens associated with provider participation in Medicaid.

  6. I honestly cannot see a reason to buy any of the other versions (which are much more expensive). All they do is add a few ‘modes’ which are generally just less rotations, giving a ‘less intense’ brush for various activities (gum brushing, sensitive teeth, tongue etc). The single mode on this one doesn’t at all prevent you from being able to properly do those other activities and ALL of the replacement style heads for the other ones work on this version too. If you’re shopping through the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 etc etc like I was.. Stick with this one, really no reason to upgrade from it unless you just love to spend money :shrug:
    Caper suggested that efforts to define the term ‘quality’ should be abandoned in favour of the identification and measurement of its components.43 However, without an agreed conceptual framework underpinning these components they lack value and a link to stakeholder experiences and therefore their credibility can be questioned. Moreover, without a clear understanding of quality, how to measure it and improve it, there is a risk that dental services will not provide value and fail to improve quality.
    Oral-B is manufactured by Braun (yes, the same mob that makes electric shavers) which is a subsidiary of Proctor & Gamble. We found it fitting that given Braun’s German origins that they choose to manufacture most of their electric toothbrush range in Germany.
    Electric toothbrushes enhance cleaner and whiter teeth: With bristles moving at a frequent rate of 3,000 to 7,500 (some from 30,000 to 40,000) brush strokes per minute, it’s no wonder why they work more effectively to remove plaque, stains and prevent gum disease. Each bristle head is designed to clean every part of your mouth, even in hard-to-reach areas (molars and wisdom teeth that are almost impossible for a manual toothbrush to reach) and the tiniest cracks between your teeth. Electric toothbrushes also have a built-in, two minute timer which is the recommended time needed to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.
    Although almost any toothbrush can do an effective job, research suggests there is one electronic toothbrush bristle configuration that seems to be better at removing plaque and preventing gum disease. Electric toothbrushes with bristles that rotate together in one direction, and then switch and rotate in the opposite direction — a process known as rotating-oscillating — appear to be more effective than manual brushes and other electric brushes that spin in only one direction. If you do opt for an electronic toothbrush, a model with rotating-oscillating bristles is probably your best bet.
    The NCDHM Program Planning Guide provides program coordinators, dental societies, teachers, and parents with resources to promote the benefits of good oral health to children. The guide includes easy-to-do activities, program planning timetable tips, a sample NCDHM proclamation, and much, much more. 

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