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I love this toothbrush and so does my 2-year old daughter. The LEDlight is awesome, allows me to see inside her mouth while I’m brushing her teeth. We “take turns,” she goes first and then I get my turn. It has a nice gentle vibration, much softer than an adult toothbrush. I definitely think I’m getting her teeth cleaner than with a traditional brush, also she’s more willing to let me do it! Great all around.
Safety. Although all toothbrushes with an ADA Seal of Approval have been tested for safety, there may be certain individuals for whom a particular type of toothbrush is safer. If you tend to brush too vigorously, which can damage your gums and teeth, a powered toothbrush may make it easier for you to be gentle on your gums and teeth and get them clean at the same time. Some studies suggest that using a powered toothbrush may increase the amount of bacteria in the bloodstream more than a manual toothbrush. This does not pose a risk for healthy people with normal immune systems and healthy hearts. But it could increase the likelihood that people with certain heart conditions could acquire a potentially dangerous infection in the heart. Further investigation is needed to determine whether this should be a cause for concern.
There are all the extra gadgets you’d expect at this price range – Most importantly a ‘Smartimer’ and ‘Quadpacer’ to help remind you to clean every corner of your mouth and spend enough time doing so.
Ok, I’ve been getting the cheap generic ones off Amazon and, although not blown away, I thought they were tolerable. I decided based on reviews to give the “expensive” ones a go. (Note at 10 heads that means these are $3 a piece, that’s not bad for a fresh toothbrush… plus if you are switching from regular toothbrushes think of the plastic you won’t be throwing out every month!).
1 HX6530 handle. Compatible with ALL EasyClean HX6511/50 HX6512. etc series toothbrush. Better plaque removal -the ultimate toothbrush for whiter teeth. Easy-start program to acclimate to the Sonicare experience.
The dental profession is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and disorders of the oral cavity and related structures. But, the overarching question is what role dental professionals will fill about the general health and well-being of patients under their care. As the population ages and chronic illnesses affect a large percentage of those seeking and requiring dental services, will the dental profession be prepared to comprehensively treat these kinds of patients?[4] Dentists have always cared for more than their patients’ teeth, but only in recent decades have researchers begun to establish the effectiveness of doing procedures in a dental office that have traditionally been limited to medical clinics.[5] Health care in neglected population can be improved by increasing the utilization of existing health care providers, particularly dentists, an opportunity that has been largely ignored.[6,7] They can then serve as oral physicians who can provide limited preventive primary care, including screening for chronic diseases, while continuing to oversee all dental care, whether provided by dentists or nondentists.[6]
This paper, the first in a series of three, discusses the notion of quality of care in dentistry, set against the context of existing definitions of quality of care generally in other healthcare services. In so doing it addresses what is known about quality in primary dental care and whether quality, as a concept in dentistry, differs from other healthcare services. The paper will outline the attributes of quality and the different perspectives of stakeholder groups (public, patients, dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs), commissioners, and policy-makers) and comment on the policy implications for a clear agreed definition of quality. It will end by describing how a framework for defining quality for dentistry could be developed and some of the key concepts that it would include. The second paper in this series will discuss how to measure quality and the final paper in the series will look at quality improvement within primary dental care.
Nothing but frustration with Phillips USA that owns Sonicare. My product failed and at first Phillips said they would do nothing. Then they agreed to replace it, but sent me a computer battery instead. Then they sent 3 Sonicare AIrfloss. I had to go to the post office four times to return items they sent by mistake. My chats and calls to the company were disconnected. Promises were made then rescinded. In frustration I wrote the CEO about the hours of my time they wasted with their compounded mistakes. Mr Brent Shafer, the CEO waited weeks before they would respond and all they would do is of free couple brush heads – not appropriate in my book given the massive amount of time and frustration they caused me.
What to use: Choose a brush with soft or medium bristles, which are gentler on the gums and may clean better because they’re more flexible. The brush design does not appear to influence effectiveness, so choose any one you like.
The ability to “test drive” an electric toothbrush: It’s understandable to want to test out a rechargeable electric toothbrush before buying a high-tech one for the first time. While your dental professional is the best person to ask for a recommendation, you may also consider some affordable, entry tier options. They’re ideal for people who are curious about giving an electric toothbrush a try but want a taste of what it’s like first.
The other problem with the Cochrane report is that though it’s conducted by a nonprofit, it includes in its survey studies that are conducted by companies testing their own toothbrush products. Unsurprisingly, we’ve never found a study published by P&G’s Oral-B that has found its electric toothbrushes inferior to another brand; the same goes for Philips’s Sonicare. This doesn’t necessarily apply to every study, but it applies to a gross majority of the toothbrush research available. But caveats about biased research aside, scientists do consistently find that an electric toothbrush is significantly better at removing plaque and reducing gingivitis in the average person’s mouth.
The app shows improvements over Oral-B’s initial efforts, and I find it to have a better look and feel than the Sonicare app. If having an app track your brushing gets you to brush more, great. For me, these apps are something to play with once and then never use again for two reasons: I don’t find they provide any more useful info than I get from the Smart Ring; and 2) I usually don’t have my phone in the bathroom. But, if you’re partial to integrating an app into your brushing routine, it’s available.
RECOMMENDATION 1a: The Healthcare Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) should convene key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors to develop a core set of oral health competencies for health care professionals.
• Professional organizations and patient advocacy organizations can work with their constituencies to help identify populations in need of case management and the specific administrative barriers serving these populations.
highlight the crowns of the back teeth. Dentists take one or two bite-wing X-rays on each side of the mouth. Each X-ray shows the upper and lower molars (back teeth) and bicuspids (teeth in front of the molars). These X-rays are called “bite-wings” because you bite down on a wing-shaped device that holds the film in place while the X-ray is taken. These X-rays help dentists find decay between back teeth.
Because of the similarity of the terms “ultrasonic” and “sonic”, there is some confusion in the marketplace and sonic toothbrushes are frequently mislabeled as ultrasonic ones. A toothbrush operating at a frequency or vibration of less than 2,400,000 movements per minute (20,000 Hz) is a “sonic” toothbrush. It is called “sonic” because its operating frequency, for example 31,000 movements per minute, is within the human hearing range of between roughly 20 Hz to about 20,000 Hz. Only a toothbrush that emits ultrasound, or vibration at a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing, can be called an “ultrasonic” toothbrush.
I’ve owned many versions of the Oral B, from the 1000 to the 7000 and I must say the 7500 is by far the best. It’s much lighter than the 7000 due to the Lithium battery. It seems a bit more powerful as well. The brush heads seem to rotate a bit more than the 7000. Lith​ium battery does last longer, and more importantly, it operates at full power until the battery is out. The non-lithium powered brushes start off strong, but the motor weakens as the charge runs down. I get about 10-12 days out of each charge on the 7500. The old battery takes over 12 hours to charge, this takes about 6-7 hours.
Preventive dentistry involves any dental procedures or protocols that attempt to preserve oral hard tissues (teeth) and soft tissues (gums) in good health. Common examples of preventive dentistry include regular checkups, regular cleanings, fluoride treatment and fissure sealants.
As dentists, we favor electric toothbrushes simply because they make it easier for our patients to keep their teeth as clean as possible. It’s important to note that they are not necessarily better than manual brushes because ultimately their success depends on how they are used. Regardless of whether you choose a power brush or a manual brush, always make sure that you are brushing twice a day for 2 minutes each time. Following this routine, in addition to flossing and the regular use of mouthwash, will help you maintain great oral hygiene in between your regular dental checkups.
The Oral-B Pro 3000 3D White Smart Series is another smart brush. The least expensive of all Bluetooth models we’ve considered, this brush is part of the Oral-B line of electric toothbrushes that have earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance. It is similar to our top pick in form and function, except it has three cleaning modes (two more than necessary), and connects to an app via Bluetooth. It’s also twice the price. Though this model does not offer position detection, it stores brushing time and pressure data from the 30 most recent brushing sessions, which you can sync to the app later, should you prefer not to bring your phone or tablet into the bathroom every time you clean your mouth. If you find reviewing your basic brushing performance motivational, and would rather not need an app or pen and paper handy each time you brush, consider the Pro 3000 Smart Series.
Previous IOM reports have supported the idea of expanding scope of practice in alignment with professional competencies (IOM, 2001, 2008, 2010). For example, the report Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century noted that, “scope of practice acts and other workforce regulations need to allow for innovation in the use of all types of clinicians to meet patient needs in the most effective and efficient way possible” (IOM, 2001). More recently, the report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health recommended that scope-of-practice barriers be removed to enable advanced nurse practitioners “to practice
Oral-B® Electric Toothbrushes make getting rid of plaque easier. The dentist-inspired, small, round brush head surrounds each tooth for an individualized clean, removing more plaque1 in hard-to-reach areas. 
If you’d like to get involved and contribute to the development of this standard, please read about developing standards and assessment plans. You can email the trailblazer contact using the details on this page.
Jump up ^ Deacon, Scott A; Glenny, Anne-Marie; Deery, Chris; Robinson, Peter G; Heanue, Mike; Walmsley, A Damien; Shaw, William C (2010-12-08). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. doi:10.1002/14651858.cd004971.pub2.
Sonic technology in electric toothbrushes has become more popular over the years as it provides such great cleaning results. First, it was introduced to the market by Sonicare. Since the first release, the technology, and the brush heads have dramatically advanced. Now they are considered the most advanced toothbrushes on the market. Below you will find the answer. If you’re looking for a Sonicare, you probably want the best Sonicare toothbrush on the market.
The staff are very friendly and they provide an excellent service. It’s also a great place for the whole family. I actually had a terrible tooth ache and the office took me in without an appointment. …Dr. MORANO extracted the tooth because it could not be saved and I feel so much better. I recommend this dental office to any one. See More
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Martha wins our patients over with her warm and enthusiastic personality. She is always eager to improve the dental experience with details that make our patients feel welcome, cared for, at ease, and happy with their visit. Her wisdom and interpersonal skills are a priceless asset to our office, allowing Private Dental Services to increase our quality of service.
When you read a Sonicare toothbrush review for the very first time, it’s easy to wonder at the awe-struck remarks and ask yourself: “What could there be about a toothbrush that makes it so special?” Well, when it comes to the Sonicare toothbrush, there really is a
How long should one of these last – not the heads, but the handle/charger combo? The article says that the power might decrease over time as the rechargeable battery deteriorates, but I didn’t see any estimate of a general lifespan.
The vision of the IOHP is an Idaho where all are free from oral disease and have access to optimal oral healthcare.  We improve the oral health of Idahoans by planning, implementing, and evaluating programs that prevent oral disease.
The Oral-B Precision Clean head is my preferred brush head. It was the recommendation of my Dentist and I feel it cleans my teeth well. According to my dentist has been helping my gum health. Kind of a win-win.
Dental caries Pregnancy may result in dental caries due to the increased acidity in the mouth, greater intake of sugary snacks and drinks secondary to pregnancy cravings, and decreased attention to prenatal oral health maintenance.
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Despite these advances, tooth decay affects one in four children aged 3–9 years who lives in poverty.47 Older adults are keeping more teeth than previous generations, yet develop new decay at rates equal to or higher than those in children.48 Prevention of oral disease can be enhanced through the increased delivery of clinical and community preventive services that remain underutilized. HHS, along with public and private partners at the national, state, tribal, and local levels, can increase the reach of preventive interventions that promote healthy behaviors, such as effective self-management activities to improve health and quality of life.
The dental-care should generate immense stimulus in form of satisfaction so as to reinforce good habit to seek oral care. However, this stimulus is rarely provided as the quality of service offered is often poor and more so in rural areas. A good dental clinic is largely beyond the reach of the masses.[4]
As far as their capability of performing their intended function, that obviously being the cleaning of your teeth, I have to say that the three models all seem pretty equal on those terms. There is one listed distinction, however, between the newest Platinum model and the DiamondCare and Plus. The Platinum model is apparently capable of a little bit of a higher intensity than the other two models. Philips states the following about the Platinum: “Philips Sonicare’s best ever plaque removal: up to 10x more than a manual toothbrush”. The other two models are listing 7x more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush. I cannot speak to the accuracy of this claim, but I can say that I have used all three models one after the other on their highest intensity settings and I cannot perceive any difference in intensity or in the way that they perform.
electric toothbrush

Ensure that oral health is seen as an integral part of health improvement actions in particular in children and young people with programmes such as Sure Start, implementation of the Scottish framework for nursing in schools, health promoting schools programme and community based health improvement programmes.
Rotating power head of the kids toothbrush reaches, surrounds, and thoroughly cleans multiple tooth and mouth surfaces. Child toothbrush is with light weight design,easy to carry around,portable size, easy to carry with your travel bag.
The 2018 NCDHM poster is brought to you by the ADA and Crest + Oral B. Join the “Tooth Team” in promoting oral health with their message, “Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and clean between your teeth for a healthy smile”. Posters are 12″x 18″, English on the front and Spanish on the back. Each pack contains 25 posters, orders are limited to 8 packs (200 posters). For orders larger than 200 posters, please call Sharee Clough, Manager, Preventive Health Activities (CAAP) at 312.440.2775.

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