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This particular model produces over 30,000 brush strokes each minute and has a special cleaning and whitening mode, as well as one for everyday brushing. And there’s 3 power settings which can be handy if you have sensitive teeth or gums. Some models also come with a UV sanitizer for your brush head, which is a nice feature.
We tested this particular model by switching between the five available modes. It is likely that the battery could last a bit longer if you only use the daily clean mode. Other available modes include gum care, sensitive, whitening, and pro-clean.
You scrub food off of your teeth with it and you brush the icky film off of your tongue with it, but then you  do no more than rinse it and give it a perfunctory shake to clean it.  It’s your toothbrush and cleaning it thoroughly will help you get through this winter’s cold and flu season a little healthier.
Among its recommendations, a new scheme is proposed to meet the needs of the ageing population, enabling suitably skilled practitioners to treat people cared for in their own homes, and a Community Challenge Fund of up to £500,000 in 2018/19 will allow organisations to bid for funding to work in deprived communities and support people to practise better oral health. 
Extremely Quiet. While many electric toothbrushes have a loud motor, this electric toothbrush is relatively quiet. Many users praise the quiet design of this electric toothbrush, particularly when compared to other electric toothbrush products they previously owned.
And you can expect our best gum care too. DiamondClean Smart is clinically proven to deliver up to 100% less gum inflammation* – just click on the Premium Gum Care brush head for gentle, targeted cleaning along the gum line.
I’ve been using this item for a week or so now, and I love the way it makes my teeth feel. The scrubbing power of this brush is much stronger than my prior rechargeable toothbrush, so I wasn’t sure about it at first. I’m still getting used to the settings, but my teeth feel like I just left the dentist’s chair. As other reviewer have stated, it is really long and took some getting used to at first. There are many extras that come with this item (tongue scraper, some kind of mouth guard thing, toothpaste roller), but I honestly haven’t even opened them yet.
“Towards Better Oral Health in Children”, published in September 2002, set out the facts about the oral health of children in Scotland and outlined a range of possible measures to encourage improvement. It also sought views on how to enhance preventive treatments, the promotion and practice of healthy eating and ways of using fluoride, including the issue of water fluoridation.
Finally, the motivation of individuals and communities should be optimally explored and understood. The most difficult patients are often, but not always, those at the highest risk with the lowest motivation. On the other hand, there are many individuals and communities at low risk with high motivation levels. This situation emphasizes the need to negate the common attitude of a universal “treatment plan”. The recently developed “Motivational Interviewing” (MI) is designed as a brief, non-confrontational, technique of facilitating making changes in behavior. MI accepts the patients’ existing motivation and aims to amicably help choose an optimal behavior based upon the existing motivation. MI does not tell people what to do and fully recognizes that change is not entirely easy. This method has been effectively utilized in physical exercise, smoking, alcohol abuse, oral health and other behavior modifications [9,10].
Electric toothbrushes are designed to help users care for their teeth and gums more effectively for optimal oral health. The Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush utilizes unique technology to increase cleaning ability and reduce plaque. There are different Philips Sonicare models designed for various preferences, so it’s easy to find the sonic toothbrush that’s perfect for you.
Two-thirds of those seniors who are considered poor are not eligible for any type of Medicaid dental coverage. For those persons, the prospects for receiving good-quality, definitive care are limited.
20 PCS VeniCare Compatible Replacement for Oral B Brush Heads – Best Alternative for Your Floss Action Braun Electric Toothbrush – Extra Strong, Clean Feeling, Extra Comfort, Top Quality – 100% Satisf
“If you are a wonderful brusher and a wonderful flosser … then the manual toothbrushes are just great,” says Kimberly Harms, DDS, an ADA consumer advisor who is also a dentist in Farmington, Minn. However, she says powered devices can help people who have trouble physically moving their brushes around their mouth to clean all teeth surfaces. These may include anyone with a motor disability or arthritis.
I am not a focused person, so using a manual brush I only ever gave my teeth a quick brush for maybe thirty seconds before calling it a day. The timer on this guy, though, makes sure that I brush my teeth for the recommended three minutes time instead of slacking off like I’d done before. The bristles themselves are soft, too, which doesn’t irritate my gums. I can run the brush over where my gums are the worst with some bleeding but no pain, which is AWESOME since those gums need the brushing the most. After my first brush trying this when it arrived, I couldn’t remember the last time my teeth felt so smooth and clean. Seriously, if you hate brushing your teeth but REALLY need to, you need this product!
To keep the mouth and teeth healthy, it is recommended to brush and floss every day – at least two times a day. Dentists also recommend avoiding certain cavity-producing foods, such as sugary treats, and avoiding tobacco products. You should also see your dentist or oral health professional regularly (recommended every six months).
There are lots of factors that enhance the risk of developing gum disease consisting of smoking cigarettes, pregnancy, and diabetes. It is necessary to go to your dentist if you think you have gum disease because the quicker you treat it the better.
We will develop joint action plans with National Services Scotland and the Special Health Boards such as NHS Health Scotland and NHS Education Scotland who have a direct remit for these functions nationally.
After no contact for about a month, I did receive an email stating that a replacement was being shipped. I’ve upgraded my rating reflecting this. Having gone weeks without any acknowledgement, I did purchase a replacement, another Sonicare (similar model). Now, I’ll have a backup.
We admit it’s not entirely fair to put these systems toe-to-toe with similarly-priced standalone brushes given the amount of extra kit you get when you go with the full Waterpik set, but we thought we’d consider them nonetheless.
We’ve been using this toothbrush for 4 months now and also the one that’s yellow/blue too. This one is more “adult” and I have noticed that it spins faster and a little more harder than the yellow/blue one. My daughter find that it’s a little too tough for her teeth. I think this would be better for more teenagers or adults.
Health Benefits Whiter, healthier teeth for life Perfect for plaque reduction and gum health Advanced cleaning for whiter teeth Advanced cleaning for healthier gums Better cleaning for healthier teeth Better results than your manual toothbrush
This power toothbrush has a red light that warns you when your brushing too hard. It also has a selection of settings including a gentle setting for sensitive gums. Those two features justify the greater cost over lower end Oral-B power toothbrushes. I haven’t bothered adding the Oral-B app to my smart phone, so I can’t comment on the bluetooth feature.
The vibration isn’t very strong and the bristles are a little too soft. I often find that I end up having to go over everything again cause the first pass just doesn’t feel clean. I’ve always used soft bristle, but this feels softer than it should. If they sold this in a medium hardness I would recommend going for that one.
Short battery life. Oral-B claims the battery life on the Oral-B Kid’s Power Rechargeable Toothbrush lasts up to 5 days on a single battery charge. Many users found this untrue, and report have to charge it every night to ensure optimal performance.
There are a number of changes after treatment similar to what you’ve described, some of which can be permanent. Rehabilitation, however, can ease the side effects of treatment, and there are ways to cope with these effects over the long term.
Loose teeth. As mentioned above, periodontal disease causes pockets to form between the teeth and this can cause the presence of bacteria under the gums and around the teeth. If the disease develops, the gums loose more of attachment structure so the pockets deepen even more. The bacteria that has been building up can destroy the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth and this means destroying the support that holds the teeth in place.
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Water fluoridation. Fluoridation of public water supplies is a proven public health measure that has been demonstrated to reduce caries experience, especially amongst socially deprived communities. Water fluoridation has led to an overall 44% reduction in caries in 5-year-old children. The greatest benefit was in the most deprived areas. Water fluoridation reduced oral health inequalities amongst the child population.17 This finding is supported by studies in the UK and Australia.53,54 Water fluoridation provided benefits for all social classes but the effects were more pronounced in lower social class children, particularly in the primary dentition.54
Therefore, this work proposes to investigate the factors associated with the use of public dental services by the adult population of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, using data from the SB Minas Gerais Project – research on the oral health conditions of the population of Minas Gerais, based on Andersen and Davidson’s (1997) [8] theoretical model.
Regular flossing with string is effective, but water flossing gets the job done even more effectively — blasting between teeth, beneath the gum line, and into all the nooks and crannies of your back molars to remove sticky plaque, food bits, and bacteria. Waterpik has always been the top name in water flossers, but now the company has ingeniously combined a water flosser and an electric toothbrush in one convenient package. Just one cord to plug in and your toothbrush charges right on the water flosser’s stand.
How much is it going to cost? Want to know before you set foot in the dentist’s office? Get started here. Our Dental Care Cost Estimator tool provides estimated cost ranges for common dental care needs.
Apply for up to $1,000 to Create Health Access Now for Greater Equity. This grant is intended to encourage and facilitate PA volunteerism and service-learning for the delivery of patient education and care. Certified PAs, PA organizations (accredited educational programs and constituent organizations), and PA students working with a PA faculty member at an accredited PA program may apply. Applications are reviewed as received until all funds are expended. View the RFP.
Until the 1900s, toothbrushes were made from natural materials, usually plant or animal fibers. Eventually, the modern manual toothbrush, with a plastic handle and nylon bristles, became the standard.
In this way we will ensure that we maximise the very real potential that exists for training both dentists and Professionals Complementary to Dentistry (PCDs) within a range of community settings, through dental outreach.
Oral health inequalities will only be reduced through the implementation of effective and appropriate oral health promotion policies.46 Treatment services will never successfully tackle the underlying cause of oral diseases.47 Improvements in oral health that have occurred over the last 30 years have been largely a result of social, economic and environmental factors.21,22 To extend these improvements further and thereby reduce widening oral health inequalities therefore requires a strategic oral health promotion approach.
Bacteria can spread from your oral cavity to your bloodstream, causing a life-threatening infection of your heart valves. Your dentist may suggest you take antibiotics as a preventive measure before they perform any dental procedure that could dislodge bacteria in your mouth.
She’s a stylist who can work all kinds of magic with a makeup brush, and she knows nothing beats a white smile. That’s why she tells all her clients about another type of brush, the one with a rounded brush head – the Oral-B GENIUS 8000. Watch the story

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