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Carrie is a dental hygienist, oral health coach and creator of Oral Health Coaching, an online course that teaches you how to care for your mouth with life long results.  Her daily “bite-size” pieces to understanding what it takes to achieve a healthy mouth make it easy to learn and implement at home. Carrie owns and operates, where she studies and recommends natural oral health care products that are effective and deliver great results.  She helps families all over the world via Skype, and works locally in person as well as an oral health coach, a personal trainer for your mouth.  She is happy to consult with anyone who may have questions. Come say hello on Google +, Facebook and Twitter.
For many people, grinding their teeth – also known as bruxism – is a subconscious behavior, usually the result of stress. It can eventually damage your teeth. The only way to treat your grinding habit is to meet with an endodontist, who will fit you with a bite plate to mitigate the damage to your teeth.
The Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE) is an independent, international professional association made up of a diverse membership of health education professionals and students. The Society promotes healthy behaviors, healthy communities, and healthy environments through its membership, its network of local chapters, and its numerous partnerships with other organizations.
All that said, most of these features are merely fun add-ons that don’t actually add to the effectiveness of how well your teeth get brushed. That’s all handled by the motor underneath the hood, which aside from a few subtle upgrades here and there, hasn’t changed all that much over the years. If you’ve got a Sonicare from 2010 (hopefully with a new brush head or two), chances are it will have the same strokes per minute and core brushing technology as the latest model from 2018.
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In terms of battery life the clear winner is the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum, which can keep going for up to three weeks between charges (on a twice-a-day two-minute regime). Others typically range between one and two weeks of battery life.
Our testing methodology has also changed a little bit, as we now give less preference to smartphone features and more weight to the oscillating and rotatory performance of the toothbrush. Having said that, the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 remains our top choice for people who are looking to get the most feature-packed model.
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Here’s a link to Delivering Better Oral Health – 3rd Edition.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
If you happen to live in New York City, you’ve probably seen subway ads for this painfully cool toothbrush. Perhaps not coincidentally, it’s ideal for small-space dwellers (i.e. New York City residents) because it doesn’t commandeer countertop space with a charging base. Instead, it runs on a single AA battery and can be attached to the inside of your medicine cabinet with the re-stickable stand (included). This baby is as sensible as it is sleek: Quip will send you new brush heads every three months, so you don’t have to remember when to replace them. “The subscription service makes it easy for people to keep up with a healthy oral-care routine,” notes Lowenberg.
The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is a stylish electric toothbrush with some really handy smart features including automatic timing so you don’t need an awkward app, five different cleaning modes and wireless charging. At list price it’s not great value for money but you can pick it up much cheaper online. If you want to use a connected app you should consider the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum.
Attempts to define quality of healthcare basically fall in to two camps: generic and disaggregated.2 The former seek to define all aspects of quality in a single all encompassing (hopefully succinct) statement, whereas the latter disaggregated definitions seek to define separate and multiple dimensions of quality.
So it may feel like you’re replacing your child’s toothbrush every month. Believe me, it’s worth the extra money to replace it. Having a germy toothbrush can retrigger an illness or make it last longer (source).
I experimented with various modes (there are five: clean, for everyday cleaning; white, to remove surface stains; deep clean and gum health) and the three speeds, before settling on a medium speed, gum health setting. The brush was able to remove stubborn strips of plaque along the gum line on my back molars that I’d struggled to tackle with the Oral-B.
The report highlights several policy solutions to address the dental crisis facing older Americans. Chief among them are the need for expanded coverage in Medicare and Medicaid. Further, adult dental coverage and services should be deemed as “essential health benefits” under the Affordable Care Act to expand access to services for those under 65. The report argues that states need a legal mandate for providing oral healthcare in Medicaid to ensure broad coverage and more equitable provider payment. In addition, the lack of dental coverage in Medicare must be addressed to effectively confront the growing challenge faced by older Americans.
Now, there is no doubt that the FlossAction gives a great clean, but during testing, we failed to notice that the area between our teeth was any cleaner than brushing with a different Oral-B head using a proper technique.
Caution: change brush head every 3 months or sooner if the brush is worn or parts are loose. Failure to do so could lead to brush head breakage, generation of small parts and possible injury. After every use, remove brush head and rinse brush head thoroughly with water. Do not use brush with damaged or loose parts. Warning: children under age 3 should use under adult supervision. Do not submerge in water; the unit can be damaged.
We can deliver orders to most countries. For a detailed explanation of each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please check our website:
The toothbrush has the same 30-second interval timer we’ve all come to expect from our electric oral care devices, and can be operated in three different modes, which are Clean, Soft, and Massage. Each setting uses a different intensity of “micro-brushes,” which basically means vibration speed. Clean, the most intense, delivers 35,000 micro-brushes per minute.
I think this is valid information and great for people who want basic knowledge to make a simple home made toothpaste. For those who want high quality, organic holistic hygiene products at affordable prices, please check out This product line was developed to adjust and maintain the PH level of the mouth so bacteria can not damage the teeth and gums. The teeth clay mask was invented to detoxify and remineralize. The Daily Teeth Cleaner and Oil Pulling Solution help maintain the PH during the day and at night.
So, you are set on buying your first vibrating toothbrush, but you are not sure what to look for. That’s fine, we all need to start somewhere. But, be advised, often times a $60 electric toothbrush can have the same core features as a $200 one. It is also quite possible that the cheaper one will outperform the more expensive one. So, let’s review some of the core elements to look for when purchasing a rotary or sonic toothbrushes.
As brushing becomes a routine habit, one of simple muscle memory, we tend to multitask while brushing; i.e. checking our email on a smartphone or performing a chore outside of the bathroom. The automation of an electric toothbrush can help us in this case. However, the bells and whistles of an electric toothbrush such as bluetooth connectivity, or various settings such as “whitening” or “sensitive” ultimately distract from proper habits and technique. Ultimately an electric toothbrush should lead to better oral health with less effort and vibratory and oscillatory movement on your part.
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If you want a deep clean but have specific dental needs, the Balance Sonic Electric Toothbrush is for you. This powerful device costs less than $20 and features sonic technology, boasting 80,000 brush strokes in a 2-minute cycle. It features four modes to help you clean even the most sensitive teeth, and timers help you clean your entire mouth in the recommended amount of time.
Recontouring Teeth Recontouring or reshaping the teeth (also called odontoplasty, enameloplasty, stripping, or slenderizing) is a procedure in which small amounts of tooth enamel are removed to change a tooth’s length, shape, or surface.
As the gum line wears away it expands the gap between it and the tooth. This creates more space for buildup of the bacteria. If to leave the gum recession untreated, it can cause severe damage to the supporting tissue and bone structure. In some cases, it’s also possible that a person can loose a tooth like that. So it’s best to find treatment right away to fix it.
Dr. Ewing and Team at New Day Dental believe that every single person presents a beautiful life deserving of a healthy, beautiful and radiant smile.   Serving Pleasanton and the surrounding communities, we are known for our friendly, compassionate and gentle treatment.  Our office is committed to providing quality health care to locals and treat patients of all ages. We provide comprehensive solutions for our patients’ oral health needs.  Believing in the importance of listening to our patients, we take the time to truly understand each person’s needs, goals, and lifestyle. By understanding our patients’ objectives we can provide solutions that will improve their health while transforming their smile into something bright and beautiful.
To our knowledge, there are no published US data examining the relationship between oral health and school achievement or performance. Several international studies have examined this relationship with the aim of using poor school performance as a proxy measure for dental treatment need.22–26 Generally, these studies have revealed positive correlations between oral health status and school performance, but the results are limited in their generalizability to the United States because of differences in number of school days per year, length of school days, and use of school-based dental clinics.
Whichever option you choose, the most important part of brushing is ensuring that you do it. Selecting a brush that you’re comfortable with using and keeping to a regular schedule of brushing is the best way to help keep your teeth clean and healthy between visits to your dentist.
However, generic measures tend to not detect the specific and nuanced problems of particular oral diseases. A generic OHQoL measure, the Oral Health Impact Profile, was found to be relatively insensitive to some aspects of DH.3,4 Accordingly, an OHQoL measure specific for the impacts of DH was developed based on interviews with people with the condition.5,6
The U.S. health-care system has historically separated oral health care from overall health care in the health professions’ education, practice, and payment systems. The lack of interoperability between medical and dental records further adds to segmentation of health-care delivery.
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