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“The Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation is proud to be able to sustain the Oral Health Education Initiative to provide alternative funding for innovative school districts,” said Gene F. Napoliello, D.D.S., president, Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation. “We have maintained our level of giving in all areas of our Foundation throughout the recession. We realize that now more than ever, the underserved need our assistance in improving their oral health.”
Evidence cited throughout this report demonstrates that oral health is integral to overall health and that dental coverage is a major determinant of access to and utilization of oral health care. Reducing financial and administrative barriers to oral health care are among the most significant actions that can be taken to achieve the committee’s vision.
The travel case is NOT the same as the USB charging case, in case [sic] anyone is wondering. It’s just a plain, plastic, clam shell case that will hold the toothbrush and the two brush heads. The Flexcare Plus and my old Easy Clean actually have the same charging base, but now it’s called the travel charger. The Flexcare Plus also comes with a wider, plastic, snap-on base that you clip around the travel charger to give it a wider footprint along with two holders for extra brush heads.
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And although this cleaning action is only of secondary importance (as compared to the direct scrubbing action of the brush’s bristles directly against teeth), it’s reason enough to seriously consider a high-frequency oscillating-pulsating brush, rather than just a conventional rotary one.
Additional Features Whitening, USB Charging Travel Case, 5 cleaning modes, Pre-set timers GumCare, Travel Case, Improves gum health up to 100% better than manual toothbrush No Travel Case, Removes up to 6x more plaque tan a manual toothbrush Bluetooth, Travel Case, 3 Refills, 6 Cleaning Modes
Abstract – A study of satisfaction with dental services among adults in the United Kingdom | Full Text – A study of satisfaction with dental services among adults in the United Kingdom | PDF (67 KB) – A study of satisfaction with dental services among adults in the United Kingdom
A root planing is required at this stage because there’s so much tartar buildup that brushing and flossing on your own will be inadequate now. With this much tartar buildup, it’s impossible to clean down to the surface of the tooth — until it’s removed by a professional in a deep cleaning.
NiCd batteries have an attribute called ‘memory’, which quickly eats away the battery life if you don’t fully discharge the battery before charging it again. Since the voltage fall-off curve is fairly soft, that means the toothbrush or whatever it is that you’re using will lose effectiveness long before you fully discharge the battery as well. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that I believe some Sonicare models use NiMH batteries (most modern rechargables probably should, if not Li-ion…)
The theoretical model set forth by Andersen and Davidson (1997) [8] is an adaptation of the behavioral model created by Andersen and Newman (1973) [5] for oral health studies. Its precursor proposes that individual determining factors of the use of services are divided into three categories: predisposing, enabling, and self-reported level of the disease.
Discover the next level of oral care innovation with the Oral-B PRO 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth Connectivity electric rechargeable toothbrush. A revolutionary new way to take care of your oral health, it not only removes more plaque but also eliminates doubt. Download the Oral-B app on your smartphone and connect with Bluetooth technology to get real-time feedback on your brushing habits.
… diseases can be achieved. Lifestyle behaviour that affects general health such as tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption and poor dietary choices affect oral and craniofacial health as well. These individual behaviours are …
We found that Toronto participants who reported greater perceived current stress in their lives also self-reported progressively poorer oral health and greater oral pain compared to those with lesser stress. The association with oral pain is novel, while our findings generally support other studies indicating a positive association between stress and poor oral health. Segura and Sheiham (1992) found a positive association between work-related demands and periodontal illness indicated by bleeding or pockets in a clinical exam [5]. Finlayson et al (2010) found positive associations between chronic stress and poorer self-rated oral health [26]; as did Armfield et al (2013), including a positive significant associated between chronic stress and untreated decayed teeth [8]. These findings indicate the salience of our framework linking perceived current stress to chronic disease, including oral disease (Fig. 1).
Prior to getting the deep gum clean i was not flossing and suffered bad breath and bleeding gums. As a result I lost two teeth. After the clean and useing a mouth wash called Savacol for ten days I found a big difference straight away!! I no longer had a unpleasent taste in my mouth nor did I have bleeding gums and bad breath. The dentist did it in two sessions costing me $152 Australian dollars per session. If only I knew that this procedure excisted I would of had it done sooner which would of saved me money and pain.(I was getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months but not the deep gum clean). My dentist said I should get the deep gum clean done every 3 months,this is to expensive for me. I now floss I feel that my gums are in good condition so I will be getting the deep gum clean done twice a year and see how that goes. Being 34 years old I found it to be shocking that i lost two teeth and had to folk out $4,000 for an implant! I think it’s worth Investing the time and money for this procedure once you lose a tooth its gone forever!
These are a great add-on item, especially to get you over the ‘free ship’ line with Amazon. Sometimes in our area (Metro Detroit) we can go months without seeing replacement heads at any of the stores–so long that I got a few cheapie battery powered toothbrushes to tide me over
Needless to say, this brush is absolutely stunning — but it’s more than just a pretty face. “It uses sonic technology that delivers 40,000 vibrations per minute,” explains Apa, who created the brush. “It has three modes to clean, whiten and massage.” Furthermore, it features a built-in timer, so there’s no risk for over or under-brushing.
Regular dental care is a key component to good oral and general health. Despite the lack of evidence that prenatal oral health care improves pregnancy outcomes, ample evidence shows that oral health care during pregnancy is safe and should be recommended to improve the oral and general health of the woman. Improved oral health of the woman may decrease transmission of potentially cariogenic bacteria to infants and reduce children’s future risk of caries (34–37). For many women, obstetrician–gynecologists are the most frequently accessed health care professional, which creates a unique opportunity to educate women throughout their lifespan, including during pregnancy, about the importance of dental care and good oral hygiene.
I bought this in 2011 and was (and still is) my first and only electronic tooth brush. Immediately after first using it, the sensation is a bit strange on your teeth/gums but your teeth will feel cleaner than a standard tooth brush. There have been times I’ve taken just the brush w/out the base charger on a week long + trip and the battery finally dies down, and have had to resort to manual brushing. I immediately then miss the cleaning action of the brush when it is charged and look forward to having it charged again. For a six year investment and still using it, I would say it has been great. I’ve used all the brush heads that Oral-B makes, and the ‘floss action’ is my favorite. It offers a good mix of brush stiffness (vs being too soft or hard) and leaves my teeth polished and clean.
The Oral-B Pro 1000 is many consumers’ first choice of an electric toothbrush. It is inexpensive, it cleans well, and it is easier to use when compared to most high-end models that come with smartphone apps and Bluetooth connections. As all other Oral-B models, it is oscillating, so that makes it a bit slower when compared to our top choice – the Sonicare 2 Series. When tested, we found the Pro 1000 is also not as gentle on the gums. We believe that to be due to the harder bristles on the brush head. 
I can imagine you taking a second look at your brush before using it – but you don’t have to worry about these bacteria, you know? With toothbrush sanitizers, you’d be sure that 99.9 percent of the germs on your brush is dead. Just like when using mouthwash. Even if the mouthwash burns a bit, it does the job, isn’t it?
Some now provide up to 8,800 oscillations per minute and they’re getting more expensive, too, with devotees paying up to £170 for them. As a result, more and more dentists are advising a return to old-fashioned, manual brushing.
Lacerda JT, Simionato EM, Peres KG, Peres MA, Traebert J, Marcenes W: Dental pain as the reason for visiting a dentist in a Brazilian adult population. Rev Saude Publica. 2004, 38: 453-458.View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar
While potentially avoidable, however, these inequalities are far larger than general health strategy, instead expressive of our broader society as a whole. The task of government agencies, associations and other health bodies must be to work collaboratively to produce and integrate a series of cohesive messages, focusing on prevention, which feeds into the education and health and social care sectors. 
The Company offers a comprehensive selection of products and services, including value-added solutions for operating efficient practices and delivering high-quality care.  Henry Schein operates through a centralized and automated distribution network, with a selection of more than 96,000 branded products and Henry Schein private-brand products in stock, as well as more than 110,000 additional products available as special-order items. The Company also offers its customers exclusive, innovative technology solutions, including practice management software and e-commerce solutions, as well as a broad range of financial services.
The Sonicare does not “oscillate,” it merely vibrates. “Sonic Pulverization” feels great, but we were unable to find any scientific evidence that backs its efficacy. Every clinical study says that the Oral B is better when it comes to cleaning your mouth.
Kathy Pedersen, MPAS, PA-C, has dedicated her career to promoting equitable health care for all. This annual grant program equips PAs with up to $5,000 for projects that strive to follow in those footsteps. The grant supports innovative, actionable strategies that directly and sustainably impact public health needs. Grant applicants are challenged to design programs that bridge system gaps, advocate for the under served, or creatively develop resources for those in need. Certified PAs, PA organizations (accredited educational programs and constituent organizations), and PA students may apply. Completed applications are due Thursday, June 7, 2018. View the RFP.
Kevin W. said “I go to college here in Chicago and was looking for a dentist that I could see myself going to for years. I searched the internet and came across Lincoln Park Smiles. I was skeptical at first finding a…” read more
This head is a little bit harder than the oral-b original I had before, but I think I will get used to it. It is a great value for the price, it would be 5 starts if the brush was a little bit more comfortable and soft.
Oral-B 5000 ($100): Basically the same as this toothbrush, but missing a few extras like a nicer carrying case and tongue cleaning mode. The tongue cleaning mode isn’t necessary — you’re better off grabbing a real tongue scraper anyway.
Our major explanatory variable was the child’s oral health status as reported by the adult household respondent. Oral health status was measured with the question “How would you rate the condition of [your child’s] teeth? Would you say their condition is excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor?”
The frequency of dental visits depends on your risk of dental caries and may require visits every 3 months. Dental X-rays may also be required more often if you are at higher risk of dental carious lesions.
As wonderful as brushing regularly is, it is not holistic in its responsibility to clean your teeth. Brushing can clean the surface of the teeth, but it cannot do the same for the spaces in between teeth.
Washington’s oral health programs are making progress for kindergarten and second- and third-grade children! During the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years, the Washington State Department of Health conducted the fifth Smile Survey. More than 13,000 children in 76 public schools and over 1,400 preschool children from 47 Head Start and ECEAP program participated in the 2015-1016 Smile Survey. Dental screenings were completed by licensed dental hygienists and one dentist.
All contemporary high-end electric toothbrushes come standard with rechargeable batteries that are charged using inductive charging. Such toothbrushes are not new to the market, however, they have been subjected to continuous improvement based on scientific research. Or, so do large manufacturers want us to believe.
Patent number 18,653 marked the first toothbrush patent in the United States of America. It was registered by an entrepreneur, H. N. Wadsworth, in 1857. Mass production of tooth brushes began in 1885 and dental hygiene enthusiasts sighed a fresh breath of relief.
My journey to the Quip began when I decided to re-commit to flossing and start using an electric toothbrush again. In July, I told my dentist that I was planning to get a Sonicare; she approved, and told me to make sure that I got one with a “DiamondClean brush head.” This seemed reasonable enough…except then I discovered that the DiamondClean one costs $190, to which I said “lol NOPE BYE,” and bought this one instead, which cost $25 at the time. It’s fine (I’d owned two Sonicares before this one and both were fine), but the Quip caught my eye because it’s so beautiful, and because I was seeing the ads everywhere. So a few weeks after I bought the new Sonicare, Quip sent me two toothbrushes to try and review. Later, I interviewed founders Simon Enever and Bill May (who are SO nice, but look like they were sent directly from Central Casting to portray hipster bro startup founders) at Quip’s office in Dumbo.

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