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Your oral health changes just as frequently as any other aspect of your overall health. Stress, medical conditions,and poor oral hygiene can contribute to a less-than-healthy mouth.  So how do you know when your oral health enters a slump? And how do you boost your mouth’s health? In this post, we list five symptoms of poor oral health and four strategies to restore your mouth to full well being.
In 2005, the Centers for Disease Control published the results of a national survey of dental fluorosis conducted between 1999 and 2002. According to the CDC, black children in the United States have significantly higher rates of dental fluorosis than either white or Hispanic children. This was not the first time that black children were found to suffer higher rates of dental fluorosis. At least five other studies — dating as far back as the 1960s — have found black children in the United States are disproportionately impacted by dental fluorosis.
In this article, Tagg and colleague Karen P. Dierksen review what they describe as an “ongoing battle” between oral microbes, some of which may pose an infectious threat to the host, and others of which confer protection. They propose further exploration of the use of probiotic organisms to colonize human tissues with health-promoting effector strains of beneficial bacteria that can out-compete disease-causing germs. Finally, they focus on recent progress in application of so-called avirulent (non-dangerous) S. salivarius species in the control of dental cavities, strep throats, and even childhood ear infections. Let’s take our own look at the evidence for these oral probiotics.
Community participation is a key factor in oral health promotion. Inter-sectoral collaboration is where relevant agencies and sectors are involved in partnership to identify key oral health issues and to implement new methods to improve oral health.[23]
The cost of dental care and lack of dental coverage are often cited as reasons individuals do not seek needed dental care.17 Publicly financed reimbursement programs covering the provision of oral health services are often limited in scope or are nonexistent for adults. For example, Medicare provides 22 preventive screenings for eligible individuals but does not include oral health services. Medicare is limited in its scope of coverage for dental care and, typically, dental care must be related to a covered medical procedure provided in a hospital setting. Although most state Medicaid programs cover emergency dental procedures for low-income adults, only 28 U.S. states provide dental benefits to Medicaid-enrolled adults beyond medically necessary care in emergency circumstances.18 Emergency room treatment for preventable dental conditions, estimated at 830,000 visits in 2009, is expensive and continues to increase.19 In addition, the geographic distribution of dentists varies substantially. In 2011, the number of dentists per 10,000 population ranged from 4.2 (in Arkansas and Mississippi) to 10.8 (in the District of Columbia).20
Motor-powered toothbrushes with 30,000+ brush strokes per minute will save you time. They will truly clean the visible parts of the teeth, as well as between teeth that are not tightly squeezed. Where they will fail, however, is reaching the deep and dark parts of teeth that are very close to each other.
Electric toothbrushes offer a good solution to this. They are not only fun to use, but they also employ the correct brush movements that our hands often tend to disregard when we clean our teeth manually.
I am a self employed contractor so I understand the costs involved that are not easily recognized by your clients. And when you list your 10K chair, equipment, electric, rent, water, napkins, rinse cups, etc. you end up with a pretty big list. What you don’t include however is an actual bread down of the costs per patient. I mean that list makes it look like your taking it in the shorts. A thousand to clean your teeth doesn’t even cover the chair you bought for me to sit in. But after ten years and thousands of patients my cost on that chair is really less the a couple dollars. I choose to drive a truck that cost me 12K$ used in excellent condition. If I drive a new 60K$ truck can I now charge you a lot more for hanging your siding? I buy equipment based on will it improve my quality in less time resulting in a profit for me. Not to raise my prices. Before I went to my dentist he did not even know I existed. Thus his equipment purchase was not based on me at all.
I just had a deep cleaning on three quadrants. If you are told you need it, it’s because they need to get beneath the gums where you cannot reach with dental floss or toothbrush and where your regular hygienist usually doesn’t go when you get your teeth cleaned biannually. It didn’t hurt for me. In fact, I felt like my gums were getting massaged, and I liked that feeling. If your gums/teeth are more sensitive than mine, you can get anesthetic applied. It may take a little longer and cost a little more (may not be covered by insurance).
Sometimes even the best national data available are still insufficient to draw meaningful policy conclusions. On May 31, the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute released a 50-state report estimating the geographic proximity of publicly insured children to Medicaid providers. The re…
We will be straight up, We have not had a good experience with con-air products in general. We have nothing against the company, but in all our reviews where Conair featured fielded a product, it was generally inferior.
… Sources of information are the WHO Global Oral Health Data Bank (2), the WHO Oral Health Country/Area Profile Programme (3) and scientific reports from population studies on oral health carried out in various countries. For …
Two broad federal initiatives recognize the integral role of oral health: Healthy People 2020 and initiatives related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.16,30 In the private sector, the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance (hereinafter, Alliance) has launched a parallel effort to address oral health for vulnerable populations. The Alliance has created an action plan, An Emerging Framework for Action, that reflects the wisdom and ideas of multiple disciplines and establishes a common platform for working together.31 Alliance initiatives and the Framework provide opportunities for HHS, other federal partners, and external stakeholders to jointly engage in activities to improve oral health and reduce oral health disparities.
Over months of normal use, brush heads gradually wear down and lose their stiffness. The Sonicare app includes a smart brush head performance monitor to track your brush head effectiveness based on your actual brushing time and pressure. It tells you when to replace your brush head so you continue to get the best results. You even have the option to order replacement brush heads right from within the app.
Before you rush out to buy an electric toothbrush, do a little research. First, electric toothbrushes aren’t the same as battery-powered toothbrushes, which are similar to manual brushes but use a AA battery to make the bristles vibrate a little, thus providing some extra cleaning. True electric toothbrushes are rechargeable units that plug into the wall. You change the brush heads every three to six months and keep the handle, which receives the charge. The heads comes in different shapes and sizes and work differently. They may oscillate, vibrate, rotate or use sonic technology [source: Oral B].
However, we know people like simple answers, so we have done our best to break things down a bit. Have a read over the sections below to see which brush head appeals to you the most. And be sure to check out the rest of this article if you need any more information – we’ve covered as much as possible, but if you’ve got any questions, ask in the comments.
Toothbrushes should be replaced approximately every three to four months or more often if the bristles become matted or frayed.  The effectiveness of the brush decreases as the bristles become worn.10
Read this NCSL Legisbrief on states that have enacted numerous strategies to improve access to oral health care services in rural America, including dental loan repayment programs, teledentistry and oral health integration into overall health.
LISTERINE® Mouthwash is the world’s number one daily mouthwash with antibacterial properties to clean the mouth, freshen breath and fight plaque.   Over 50 clinical studies support the plaque reduction efficacy of LISTERINE® Mouthwash when used routinely as an adjunct to mechanical plaque removal. LISTERINE® Mouthwash has been used by more than one billion people in more than 85 countries.  Professional dental organizations around the world have awarded LISTERINE® Mouthwash with their seals of acceptance.
Tooth decay occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches), such as breads, cereals, milk, soda, fruits, cakes, or candy are left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth digest these foods, turning them into acids. The bacteria, acid, food debris, and saliva combine to form plaque, which clings to the teeth. The acids in plaque dissolve the enamel surface of the teeth, creating holes in the teeth called cavities.
Thorough cleaning is especially important for people undergoing orthodontic treatment as the brace wires can catch on food and encourage the accumulation of plaque. Braces can make you susceptible to a range of conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay and halitosis.
platinum electric toothbrush review

The key factor in determining referral is almost certainly the primary care practitioner in their ‘gatekeeper’ or filtering role. PDC practitioners stimulate demand in terms of identifying patients who would benefit from specialised care, in promoting referral to the patient, and have a key role in managing inappropriate demand. Perhaps surprisingly, despite the differences between primary and secondary dental care in terms of direct costs to patients, there is little evidence that this is a major factor in referral, at least not for minor oral surgery.14
In addition to the burden of living with & treating costly chronic diseases, poor oral health undermines an individual’s economic security and can lead to lost workdays, reduced employability, & the preventable use of costly acute care.
If poor oral hygiene is left unaddressed, you may develop oral infections like thrush. These infections occur most often in children, older adults, and those with weakened immune systems. Thrush manifests as white, raised lesions on the soft tissues in the mouth.
Research has shown that children in North Carolina follow the overall trend in the United States with respect to oral health status, with a high burden of dental disease and many children reporting related dental pain.27–29 Blumenshine et al. examined health factors affecting school performance in North Carolina children in 2006 and 2007, as well as the impact of poor oral health status on school performance, while controlling for other health and sociodemographic factors.30 Children with both poor oral and general health were 2.3 times more likely (95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.07, 5.67) to perform poorly in school than were those with both good oral and general health.
Anyway, electric toothbrushes are a prime example of too much choice! Which brand to go for? Which type of cleaning action (e.g. sonic cleaning or the rotating-head type)? Do I need the extra functions of some of the more expensive models?
Amazing practitioner. He will be my main guy even though I am in Chicago only 1 or 2x per year. Incredible workmanship and fairly priced. Beautiful offices with an extremely attentive staff. Thank you.
How do you make sure hospitals deliver high-quality care? Fine them if they deliver bad care. Just look at the effort to reduce readmissions. Medicare’s penalty program seems to be motivating hospitals in ways regulations, reports, and lawsuits can’t.
5. Sakanaka S., Aizawa M., Kim M., Yamamoto T. Inhibitory effects of green tea polyphenols on growth and cellular adherence of an oral bacterium, Porphyromonas gingivalis. Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry. 1996;60(5):745–749.
OMG, I love this toothbrush. I have never had an electric toothbrush and since the electrical plugs are at a premium in my house, I could not justify plugging in an electric toothbrush every night. For the Sonicool Sonic toothbrush, you plug it into your computer overnight and it last up to 30 days. My teeth feel so much cleaner. It is amazing. I love the box and all of the extra toothbrush heads that come with it. I would highly recommend this product!
33. Azarpazhooh A, Tenenbaum HC. Separating fact from fiction: Use of high-level evidence from research syntheses to identify diseases and disorders associated with periodontal disease. J Can Dent Assoc. 2012;78:c25. pmid:22436432
It’s the No. 1 type of dental injury. An accident can cause a chip. So can something much less dramatic, like chomping popcorn. Your dentist may recommend a crown if the chip is large or bonding with a strong resin material to replace the area that chipped. If the pulp is at risk, you may need a root canal followed by a veneer or crown.
Adults and children 2 yrs. & older: brush teeth thoroughly after meals or at least twice a day or use as directed by a dentist. Do not swallow. To minimize swallowing use a pea-sized amount in children under 6. Supervise children’s brushing until good habits are established. Children under 2 yrs.: ask a dentist.
Abstract – The development of a concise questionnaire designed to measure perceived outcomes on the issues of greatest importance to patients | Full Text – The development of a concise questionnaire designed to measure perceived outcomes on the issues of greatest importance to patients | PDF (676 KB) – The development of a concise questionnaire designed to measure perceived outcomes on the issues of greatest importance to patients
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Though the reasons are not fully understood, it’s clear that gum disease and heart disease often go hand in hand. Up to 91% of patients with heart disease have periodontitis, compared to 66% of people with no heart disease. The two conditions have several risk factors in common, such as smoking, unhealthy diet, and excess weight. And some suspect that periodontitis has a direct role in raising the risk for heart disease as well.
Welcome to the Professional Center of Dental Care in Bolingbrook, IL! Our team is excited to meet you and help you achieve and maintain a vibrant, healthy smile. We know our patients value safe, efficient, and affordable care, so we strive to offer our patients the best technology and procedures available to the dental industry. The Professional Center of Dental Care is here to help you every step of the way, from providing you with the facts about good oral hygiene to walking you through treatment options. With proper dental care, we believe everyone can achieve a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.
One unit can be used by everyone as the product offers 10 brush heads in different colors for easier identification. Brush heads are easy to remove after use to allow the next person to use the main unit.
The Pro 5000, Black 7000, and White 7000 models provide real-time feedback on your brushing habits by connecting with the Oral-B App on your smartphone, helping you improve your overall oral health.1 Vs. a regular manual toothbrush

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