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“The publication of the Oral Health Action Plan for Scotland marks an important step in developing a preventive approach within NHS dental services. It also presents an opportunity  to maximise the contribution that dental teams can make to the general health and wellbeing of the population of Scotland.”
Fresh brush head refills delivered every 3 months before they become unhygienic and incapable of cleaning — for just $5 with free international shipping. You can get our anticavity mint toothpaste in your refills, too.
See if you qualify for Medicaid. We proudly accept Medicaid at every location, and if you don’t have insurance, you should see if you qualify for Medicaid assistance. Medicaid covers basic dental services, such as cleanings for qualified families. 
As a general rule, dentists will recommend that you replace your toothbrush every three months. This is because it’s likely that the bristles will become frayed and will stop doing cleaning effectively. If the bristles become frayed or damaged sooner than this, it may be worthwhile replacing your toothbrush earlier.
Our ever so brilliant writer of this guide just mentioned something that was so nifty all I could say was ‘wow’ –> Repurpose your old toothbrush as a new electric toothbrush cleaning tool. It will be able to get in those crevasses!
66. Department of Health and Human Services (US) Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Healthy People 2020 topics and objectives: health communication and health information technology [cited 2014 Jul 22] Available from:
Dentists approve electric brushes: The New York Times, 28 August 1964. This article from the archives notes that the American Dental Association first approved electric brushes in 1964, though cautioned against misleading claims.
The vibration isn’t very strong and the bristles are a little too soft. I often find that I end up having to go over everything again cause the first pass just doesn’t feel clean. I’ve always used soft bristle, but this feels softer than it should. If they sold this in a medium hardness I would recommend going for that one.
Many dentists recommend that their patients take advantage of powered toothbrushes to keep their teeth bright and clean. While electric varieties are highly popular, battery-powered toothbrushes provide less expensive options for individuals who like the benefit of using such devices without paying a lot to acquire them. Since replacement brushes are readily available, powered devices are useful for many years. The benefits of using a powered toothbrush are quickly noticed by people who use them. Not only does the mouth look and feel cleaner, but it becomes healthier. As plaque is continually removed through the powered brushing achieved by this style of toothbrush, the gums become firmer and more resilient. Electric toothbrushes help to minimize the number of cavities a person develops. Using sonic technology, this style of toothbrush delivers more strokes in one day than a person would get in two weeks with a handheld toothbrush. Using an electric device is clearly more powerful than manual brushing. Plus, Philips electric toothbrushes feature a long battery life once they are charged, so they’re convenient to use.
The key to maintaining oral health in the geriatric population remains timely access to care. Community dwelling dependent seniors, homebound frail elderly, and long-term care facility residents face many more obstacles to receiving dental care than do healthy, independent seniors. Therefore, physicians play a primary and crucial role in ensuring adequate oral health of these individuals. Familiarity with common oral conditions afflicting both dentate and edentulous elderly adults is the first and most basic step in assuring improved oral health in these patients.
Needless to say, this brush is absolutely stunning — but it’s more than just a pretty face. “It uses sonic technology that delivers 40,000 vibrations per minute,” explains Apa, who created the brush. “It has three modes to clean, whiten and massage.” Furthermore, it features a built-in timer, so there’s no risk for over or under-brushing.
… Oral health also has an effect on other chronic diseases (1). Because of the failure to tackle social and material determinants and incorporate oral health into general health promotion, millions suffer intractable toothache and poor quality of life and end up with few …
Hahn CL, Schenkein HA, Tew JG. Endocarditis-associated oral streptococci promote rapid differentiation of monocytes into mature dendritic cells. Infect Immun. 2005;73(8):5015–21.View ArticlePubMedPubMed CentralGoogle Scholar
Dr. Robert W. Hutson (1920–2001),[1] a California periodontist, designed and patented a toothbrush in 1950. The application for his “Hutson toothbrush” was filed on January 13, 1950, and U.S. Patent No. 160,604 was granted on October 24 the same year.[2] In 1958, he was granted a new patent for a “mouthbrush” having numerous fine, soft, flat-ended nylon bristles, and a similar appearance to the 1950 design.[3] He claimed in his application that this brush was less abrasive to tooth enamel, better for massaging the gums, and more effective at picking up tooth powder than other brushes available at the time, which had coarse, angle-cut bristles.
Global health is also prominent among NIH research priorities. NIH Director Francis Collins has cited global health among one of the five thematic areas of science that offer particular promise for the future. The NIH expects to collaborate with other partners to build capacity and training in the developing world, and to expand research to facilitate advances in prevention, diagnostics, and new treatments (Collins, 2010). Two final trends that contribute to an optimistic view of the future are the increasing interdisciplinary opportunities in research and the growing interest in global health among young people eager to make a difference.
Fluoride is not just for kids. This natural mineral hardens tooth enamel, helping to prevent cavities. You can get fluoride from your toothpaste, some mouthrinses and in-office or at-home treatments your dental professional may provide. Talk to your dentist about what type of fluoride treatments are right for you.
Variations in referral rates between different practitioners, even when expressed as a function of the number of patients under their care, are difficult to interpret. On one hand a high referring practitioner may be inappropriately referring cases which are well within their abilities. On the other hand a low referral rate might be the result of a poor ability to identify patients who would benefit from specialist care. One obvious explanation for variations amongst dentists might be different levels of need amongst their patients, but there are other factors.
To begin using the Dental Care Cost Estimator tool, click the Agree button below. By clicking, you agree that you have read the information below, are accessing this information for purposes of determining treatment cost estimates for dental care services you are considering receiving, and will not use the information in this tool for a commercial or anti-competitive purpose. The costs provided in this tool are estimates only and are not a guarantee of payment or benefits. Your actual cost may be higher or lower than the estimate for various reasons.
Due to super-high vibration frequency, the brush strokes per minute is incredibly high in sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes. This is certainly the most significant and highlighted feature of these modern age electric toothbrushes.
The Phillips AirFloss Pro is really pro. Easy to use, the baterry lasts forever and now after having the top braces on is even harder to brush and the flosser gives me a better clean feel and my ortho said it’s a good investment.
To start, apply a fluoride toothpaste to the brush head (and by the way, remember to replace the brush head on your power toothbrush every three months).How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth?To brush your teeth correctly, spend at least two minutes using a recommended technique, which includes 30 seconds brushing each section of your mouth (upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left), both morning and night. Most Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrushes have built-in two-minute timers, and some even have professional timers that parse out 30 seconds for each quadrant to help you keep track.Using Proper Electric Toothbrush TechniqueWhen using a rechargeable electric toothbrush, it isn’t necessary to press hard or scrub. Simply guide the brush while it provides the brushing action. In fact, some Oral-B electric toothbrushes have pressure sensors that alert you when you’re brushing too hard.Step 1: Make sure your toothbrush is charged. Many electric toothbrushes have charge level indicator lights, so you can actually see when the toothbrush is charged.
17. Government Accountability Office (US) Washington: Government Printing Office (US); 2013. Dental services: information on coverage, payments, and fee variation. GAO-13-754. Also available from: [cited 2014 Jul 22]
Downsides include the lack of standing base while charging and that the micro usb comes without a wall adapter for charging. That said, I was able to use any generic micro usb cord in my house to charge the toothbrush.
Manual toothbrushes are available in a variety of bristle shapes. Manual toothbrushes can come with bristles that are in a cup shape or diagonal shape. According to Dentistry Today, burrs, which are the sharp edges of bristles, can be more destructive to teeth than end-rounded bristles. An individual should select a toothbrush with bristles that are end-rounded, which are less abrasive than burrs.
Lip or tongue piercings. The piercings can cause chronic irritation to the gingival tissue, resulting in its shifting out of place. Even if the piercing doesn’t seem to bother and you may not feel any discomfort, but the repetitive rubbing of the jewelry against soft tissues can still gradually cause damage to gum tissues.
Delta Dental established the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation in 1986. Its mission includes promoting and assisting educational projects devoted to the enhancement of dental health, providing research programs designed to increase public awareness of the general benefits of good health, and improving dental health through the science of dentistry. Each year, Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation provides financial support to various organizations throughout the state.
Sorry, no international shipping and immediate payment please. Item is in good used condition and it is untested. Please views photos carefully as part of the description and it comes as shown. SOLD AS IS AND NO RETURNS! Thanks for browsing and happy bidding!
The vibration sensation might cause people to think that they can just hold the bristles against their teeth to clean them without actually moving the brush back and forth across their teeth and gums.
8. Gift HC, Reisine ST, Larach DC. The social impact of dental problems and visits [published erratum appears in Am J Public Health 1993;83:816] Am J Public Health. 1992;82:1663–8. [PMC free article] [PubMed]
When first world war began, the need for soup bones far outweighed the need for brush handles. Once again, necessity was a catalyst that helped create Celluloid handles. Soup bones everywhere breathed a soupy sigh of relief. Molds were created in the shape of brush handles and celluloid was poured in and cooled. At this point, brush makers either dipped bristles into liquid celluloid or drilled holes into solid celluloid handles and then stapled them in.
Was gifted an oral-B electric toothbrush and wanted husband and wife to have a variety of heads for each. LOVE the feel of my mouth when I use this system. GREAT price for these attachments. These arrived in good time, perfect condition, for a fair price and will get these again if we ever need more.
Description: Gentle Dental is an after hour dentist Newark area professional that is open on Saturdays for your convenience, and is known for their standout treatment of every new patient that walks in the door. Dr Bernstein and his dedicated staff are always on hand to help with any new dental emergency that you encounter: it may be anything from a cracked tooth or broken crown on up to an abscess; they’ve got you covered. Every incredibly busy individual likes to know that they can locate a Sunday dentist or better:
Can the oral health care provider ask questions to explore the most proximal risk behaviors (or likely candidate behaviors) that may have contributed to the patient’s oral disease? For example, does the provider know:
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Had this for over 10 months. In the beginning, it was OK – just OK. As time went on the head kept separating from the battery unit while brushing. The unit stopped sticking to the mirror DESPITE constant cleaning of the sticky sucker surface, threw it away. No options for soft, med and hard bristles either, a very limited setup to say the least. The quality fell WAY OFF as time went on yet the heads kept coming $. I quit the service. Sooooo I went to Amazon bought an Oral B Black Pro for 39 bucks (rechargeable) and eight heads for 12 bucks – DONE. QUALITY, COST EFFECTIVE, AND IN MY MED CABINET!
Some other studies have not observed associations between measures of stress and poor oral health (e.g., [7]). One explanation for inconsistent findings is that studies about stress are not properly accounting for the stress process and potential moderators of effects on oral health in the analysis of data. For example, associations observed in the study by Armfield et al (2013) were diminished in size and rendered non-significant in the case of untreated decayed teeth when models were adjusted for oral maintenance behaviours (i.e., tooth brushing) [8]. We argue that such factors may be on the causal pathway (e.g., [6]) as part of the response to perceived stress, and therefore should not be included in statistical models as potential confounders of effects of stress on oral health. Dental care utilization was also included as a confounder in that analysis and contributed to the diminished effect of stress on poor oral health [8]; whereas our findings suggest that this factor may actually moderate this association.
Taking care of your teeth is about more than just maintaining a great-looking smile. It’s also vital for your overall well-being, and if you neglect it, there can be serious medical consequences. Make your oral health a priority by regularly seeing a dentist at The Happy Tooth.
Electric toothbrushes: Children love gadgets and electric toothbrushes are no exception. All they have to do is turn on the toothbrush and let it do all the work. Some toothbrushes even come with timers to help your child brush for the recommended two minutes each session. Or you can sing or play a song for them for two minutes.
Martha wins our patients over with her warm and enthusiastic personality. She is always eager to improve the dental experience with details that make our patients feel welcome, cared for, at ease, and happy with their visit. Her wisdom and interpersonal skills are a priceless asset to our office, allowing Private Dental Services to increase our quality of service.
shopelectric toothbrushes online

… All rights reserved. Am J Health Behav. 2010;34(3):275-285 275 Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking: An Emerging Health Crisis in the United Caroline Cobb, MS; Kenneth D. Ward, PhD; Wasim Maziak, MD, PhD; Alan L. Shihadeh, ScD; Thomas Eissenberg, PhD …
The February 2018 National Children’s Dental Health Month is brought to you by the ADA and Crest + Oral B. This month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, healthcare providers, and educators to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, their caregivers, teachers and many others.
With a science librarian, we developed, pretested and applied a search strategy (S1 Appendix) combining terms related to oral health with terms related to care providers and residents in nursing homes. On April 8, 2016, we searched the databases Medline, EMBASE, Evidence Based Reviews–Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, CINAHL, and Web of Science. We did not limit language or year of publication, and retrieved all findings starting with the earliest reference available in the respective database. In addition, we searched key journals and key author publications by hand. Based on the number and relevance of published papers, we selected four key journals (Geriatrics and Gerontology, Gerodontology, International Journal of Nursing Studies, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society) and ten key authors (Jane M. Chalmers, Ronald L. Ettinger, Marianne Forsell, Rita A. Jablonski, Rie Konno, Michael I. MacEntee, Debora C. Matthews, Mary E. McNally, Inger M. Wårdh, Sheryl Zimmerman). Finally, we screened reference lists of included studies.
This is an amazing Product. Yes, it has a bit of a soapy taste, but I love the taste. My teeth feel slippery clean every time and they are whiter, which I did not figure on. My gums are so healthy and feel firmer. I will never go back to regular toothpaste. Have had for a few weeks. Bottle still 3/4 full. Should hast quite awhile. I just use a couple of drops on my toothbrush at a time. A great value even at its price. Should work out close to the same as cost for regular toothpaste.
The Oral-B app connects to our Bluetooth Genius and Smart Series Power toothbrushes with Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices. Once paired, the Bluetooth connectivity provides features that strengthen your teeth brushing performance, control, and compliance, including personalized routines tailored to your oral care needs!
Not really. The fridge temperature is not going to make any big difference or destroy any type of bacteria that may be found in the toothbrush but instead it may cause sensitivity if you use it right away. It is not vert hygienic to keep a toothbrush next to your food.

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  1. The 1989 NHIS was unique because it included a supplement focusing on oral health among those aged older than 2 years, along with questions about missed school and work as well as reduced normal activity because of dental visits or problems. Gift et al. analyzed this data set and found that nearly 3.9 million restricted activity days were reported for children and adolescents aged 18 years or younger.13 A major limitation of their study was that they did not address whether these dental visits were routine or emergency visits, and thus it is not possible to disentangle the nature of the visit that resulted in school absences or restricted activity.21
    The Pew Charitable Trusts is driven by the power of knowledge to solve today’s most challenging problems. Pew applies a rigorous, analytical approach to improve public policy, inform the public and invigorate civic life.
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    Video of using Amabrush prototype. Plaque was buildup on teeth by not brushing them for 30h. This is not meant as a proper clinical trial or plaque test, but as a demonstration of brushing teeth with Amabrush.
    In the study that included 1622 older men, complete tooth loss, dry mouth, and cumulative oral health problems were associated with incidence of frailty independent of socioeconomic factors and comorbidities.
    More than 40,000 Alaska Native people living in 81 previously unserved or underserved rural communities have regular access to dental care thanks to the addition of DHATs to dentists’ teams.6 No malpractice claims have ever been filed against a DHAT.7  
    With nine unique brushing options, an intuitive pressure sensor and advanced brush head technology, Philips Sonicare HX9110/02 flexcare platinum rechargeable electric toothbrush goes beyond traditional cleaning to deliver exceptional plaque removal between teeth and improved gum health. Reach maximum comfort with three adjustable intensity levels that can be combined with any of the three brushing modes to offer you a customized brushing experience to adapt to your needs. Designed to be simple and intuitive, the advanced pressure sensor automatically alerts you when you are brushing too hard. Flexcare platinum includes the new Philips Sonicare intercare brush head for an exceptional clean between teeth. With advanced tufting technology and extra-long bristles, intercare removes up to 7x more plaque between teeth than a manual toothbrush and improves gum health in just 2 weeks. Philips Sonicare’s patented sonic technology delivers 31,000 brush strokes per minute and drives fluids deep into the tight spaces between your teeth and along the gum line, which results in a cleaner, healthier mouth. Integrated smartimer and quad pacer encourage attentive brushing of each quadrant of the mouth and reinforce the dentist recommended brushing time of at least 2 minutes. Sonicare is the power toothbrush brand most often recommended by U.S. Dental professionals. This kit includes 1 flexcare platinum handle, 2 standard intercare brush heads, 2 hygienic travel caps, 1 deluxe charger with cord wrap and brush head storage, and 1 travel case.
    This country nestled in the middle of South America has some of the worst oral health in the region. Twelve-year-olds have an average of four decayed, missing, or filled-in teeth. A study also suggests that only 50 percent of students own a toothbrush. 

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