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Dental disease is almost entirely preventable and oral health is just as important as the health of the rest of your body. Untreated dental disease can lead to serious health problems such as infection, damage to bone or nerve, and tooth loss. Infection from tooth disease can even spread to other parts of the body and in rare cases, can lead to death.
The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is a stylish electric toothbrush with some really handy smart features including automatic timing so you don’t need an awkward app, five different cleaning modes and wireless charging. At list price it’s not great value for money but you can pick it up much cheaper online. If you want to use a connected app you should consider the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum.
Rather than getting jacked up for a mediocre Crest brush at the airport vending machine, spend the minor few bucks on this travel-friendly sonic sweeper that operates at 22,000 spm to polish up dentures. The moisture-releasing vented cap is an overlooked design attribute that keeps the tool dry and ensures a bacteria-free zone. Brush heads last up to six months, which is more sufficient than any manual toothbrush. Simply store it in any dopp kit or throw inside your pockets when feeling the need to brush in between meals at work.
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Just as you can cleverly use the space inside kitchen cabinet doors by hanging hooks and racks, you should do the same in the bathroom. Givens suggests a shallow rack on the vanity door to hold spare toiletries that are best tucked away; display prettier supplies in a wall-mounted rack. 
Get the ultimate clean with DiamondClean Smart. Eliminate guesswork with real time feedback and personalized coaching for superior teeth, gum, whitening & fresh breath. It’s more than just a toothbrush – it’s a complete oral care solution.
Hello. I recently came across the Coredy St-520 which was recommended on YouTube and as an Amazon choice (currently at $30). Are you familiar with this? Could you offer me any advise on buying this vs a Sonicare (my pre-essence Sonicare needs to be replaced) and was planning on buying the series 2 until I saw the Coredy.
Your primary dentist may refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon if you experience facial pain, or if he or she suspects you have some variety of oral cancer. OMSs are also your primary source when planning most oral surgeries, like tooth extractions, cyst repairs and removals, and dental implants. However, an OMS can also treat a number of other ailments and diseases related to the maxillofacial region. For instance, malformations in your facial bones can cause sleep apnea, and an OMS can perform corrective surgery that removes or shapes bone. Many of these experts are also involved with more cosmetic procedures, performing or assisting with facial implants and rhinoplasty, in which the nose bone is modified.
Because of the similarity of the terms “ultrasonic” and “sonic”, there is some confusion in the marketplace and sonic toothbrushes are frequently mislabeled as ultrasonic ones. A toothbrush operating at a frequency or vibration of less than 2,400,000 movements per minute (20,000 Hz) is a “sonic” toothbrush. It is called “sonic” because its operating frequency, for example 31,000 movements per minute, is within the human hearing range of between roughly 20 Hz to about 20,000 Hz. Only a toothbrush that emits ultrasound, or vibration at a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing, can be called an “ultrasonic” toothbrush.
The foundation for every oral-care routine is a great toothbrush. In addition to traditional and rechargeable battery-powered toothbrushes, we carry replacement heads and toothbrush sanitizers and holders. If you’re interested in whitening products, you’ve come to the right place! We offer many different application techniques, including ampoules, pens, gel sets, toothpastes, and even gum. We also have dental rinses, mouthwashes, breath treatments, and other basics. Our vast selection features top brands that are dedicated to perfecting pearly whites, including TriOral, Supersmile, GO SMiLE, Smileactives, and Pursonic.
Tarzhanova/shutterstockThese days, it seems that no discussion of toothbrushes would be complete without seeking the expert opinion of Blippi, whose Toothbrush Song has been viewed literally millions of times. Here is a sample of the lyrics that are driving kids between the ages of two and seven to beg their parents for toothbrush time:
Got the product and charged it for 24 hours. Used it for day and a half (3 brushes) and the battery was dead on the 4th use. Charged it back up again and it was good for about a week before it started to give trouble again. Basically, the battery drains very quickly. After a month of use, I came to the conclusion that the bluetooth must be running and draining the battery. I’m at the point where I leave the handle on the charger all the time when not in use. And, that is not a 100% fix either. I still pulled the handle from the charger and have a dead battery. I wanted to get my money back with the 60 Satisfaction Guarantee, however, it says I need the original packaging which I do not have anymore. Other option is to send it out for repair. But I am a little irritated that I have to pay for shipping to repair something that was essentially defective when I got it. Where most companies would pay to replace or repair the defective product under their warranty, Oral-B chooses not to. I really liked my previous Oral-B brush, but this one has major flaws.
The electric toothbrush has motions more than a hundred times faster than the manual toothbrush. Seeing how busy the world has become lately, it is important to do things fast but also right. The rapid movement in this toothbrush will ensure your kids brush their teeth more efficiently and in less time as opposed to the manual toothbrush.
The Coalition is part of a larger movement nationwide to expand access to dental care. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is supporting efforts in five states – Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio,Vermont and Washington – to pursue an innovative dental provider model that can expand access to dental care by adding an additional provider to the team. Community Catalyst, a national health advocacy organization, is helping to lead the effort.
Prudently, after publishing Choosing better oral health: an oral health plan for England in 2005, the Department of Health commissioned BASCD to produce a prevention toolkit as a guide to delivering it.
• HRSA can support dissemination and implementation of this recommendation by identifying FQHC “best practices” to highlight what states and/or individual clinics are doing and what impact these efforts are having on access.
102. van Weert JC, van Dulmen AM, Spreeuwenberg PM, Ribbe MW, Bensing JM. Effects of snoezelen, integrated in 24 h dementia care, on nurse-patient communication during morning care. Patient Educ Couns. 2005;58(3):312–26. pmid:16054329
The American Dental Association recommends that dental visits begin no later than a child’s first birthday to establish a “dental home.” Dentists can provide guidance to children and parents, deliver preventive oral health services, and diagnose and treat dental disease in its earliest stages. This ongoing dental care will help both children and adults maintain optimal oral health throughout their lifetimes.
If your child won’t brush with anything that doesn’t come plastered with Frozen characters all over it, you can still grab them a cheaper Oral-B that comes with an embedded two-minute self-timer. But if you really want to encourage them to start building the foundation for oral health habits that will last a lifetime, the Fun Zone is going to be one of the best possible ways to do it and the 3000 series fills all the basic requirements without breaking the bank. entirely.
Electric toothbrushes wear away the protective layer of her tooth enamel, and expose the sensitive root, with inevitable, painful consequences. Dentists say that people are brushing too hard and fast with them and it’s causing damage. They advise returning to old-fashioned, manual brushing (stock image)
Tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease are two of the most common oral diseases you and your family may experience at some point in your lives. Injuries to the face and head can also compromise the health of your teeth. However, here are a few less common oral health problems that may be worth seeking help with from your dentist or doctor.
If you prefer using an electric toothbrush over a manual one, you may be wondering about the best ways to store the toothbrush heads. For every type of toothbrush, you’ll want to take some specific precautions of storing the brush heads safely to reduce germ contamination. You have some choices on how exactly you do this, and you’ll also want to follow some guidelines on when to replace your toothbrush head.
Vernon LT, Demko CA, Whalen CC, Lederman MM, Toossi Z, Wu M, et al. Characterizing traditionally defined periodontal disease in HIV+ adults. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. 2009;37(5):427–37.PubMedCentralPubMedCrossRefGoogle Scholar
Pathology refers to the study of disease, specifically as it presents in tissue. Oral pathologists, then, are responsible for studying the diseases that affect the tissue of the mouth and other surrounding muscle groups. These experts are considered to be true specialists, having focused their work on very niche areas of both dentistry and pathology. Though oral pathology is rather specialized, it’s a vital component of the oral health industry. By analyzing tissue taken from biopsies, oral pathologists can help diagnose and eventually treat a number of oral diseases, including leukoplakia, cementoma and squamous cell carcinoma, among others.
We don’t know that any of these researchers were especially knowledgeable about the options Oral-B offers. They may have just used what they thought was the brush with the newest design. But without question, the CrossAction has been used in more recent research studies than the other two.
Oral-B 5000 ($100): Basically the same as this toothbrush, but missing a few extras like a nicer carrying case and tongue cleaning mode. The tongue cleaning mode isn’t necessary — you’re better off grabbing a real tongue scraper anyway.
Simmons LA, Wolever RQ. Integrative health coaching and motivational interviewing: synergistic approaches to behavior change in healthcare. Glob Adv Health Med. 2013;2(4):28–35. This article outlines the similarities and differences between Motivational Interviewing and integrative health coaching and details the conceptual foundations, process, and strategies of both approaches.Google Scholar
The business staff is well trained in medical and dental insurance processing. You should notice a distinct difference between our business personnel and our surgical assistants as every staff member has specified duties. Many times your visit to our office will require the coordination of multiple insurance plans involving both medical and dental coverage. Our personnel will assist you in the coordination of these benefits making your visit as efficient as possible and maximizing your insurance allowance.
Langdon J D. Implications for diagnosis, prognosis and patient management. In: Johnson N W, ed. Oral cancer — detection of patients and lesions at risk. Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991.
RECOMMENDATION 1a: The Healthcare Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) should convene key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors to develop a core set of oral health competencies for health care professionals.
Another limitation of this study is the fact that the dependent variable considers only the type of service used in the last consultation, which may well be an exception to the type of routinely used service. However, considering the random method of selecting individuals, it can be inferred that these situations present a random distribution around the average values [46].
Adding a whitening toothpaste to your oral hygiene routine is a great way to keep your smile shining and your teeth clean and healthy. Colgate’s Optic White Express White Toothpaste is our top choice because results show up in just three days.
The professionally inspired design of the CrossAction brush head surrounds each tooth with bristles angled at 16 degrees, and the 3D cleaning action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break up plaque.
Xiaomi Oclean SE Sonic Toothbrush! Warehouse is located in Europe. I can’t find any active coupons for this product. This is APP price (open the link, launch the Gearbest app and scan the QR code to add this product to your cart (or add product to your cart on the computer and buy it from application))!
Having healthy and attractive teeth starts with proper oral hygiene, which basically includes regular brushing (at least twice a day) and flossing. However, you won’t have the best results unless you use a good-quality toothbrush. While the manual brush is still the most popular type of toothbrush these days, thousands of people swear by the benefits of electric toothbrushes. In fact, even scientists agree that they are far better than their manual counterparts when it comes to cleaning the teeth and removing plaque.
This affordable toothbrush is available in soft or medium varieties, depending on your preferences. The “soft” variety has firm bristles, so it is a hybrid between soft and medium. The colors in your pack of six toothbrushes will vary. This pack is one of the “most wished for” items on Amazon and has outstanding reviews online. Colgate also has great specialty toothbrushes, like the Colgate Max White Full Head Toothbrush with whitening benefits and the Colgate 360 Enamel Extra Soft Health Sensitive Toothbrush for sensitive teeth.
One of the first features people notice about you is your smile. With the help of our oral-care collection, you can make yours look like it cost a million dollars (and you’ll be the only one who knows it didn’t!). You’re going to love the results you get from our dental-care products, but that’s not the only reason you’ll be grinning from ear to ear! Our assortment will also transform your everyday oral-care routine into an enjoyable beauty treatment, so you’ll look forward to taking care of your teeth instead of considering it a chore.
Teeth Grinding: For many people, grinding their teeth – also known as bruxism – is a subconscious behavior, usually the result of stress. It can eventually damage your teeth. The only way to treat your grinding habit is to meet with an endodontist, who will fit you with with a bite plate to mitigate the damage to your teeth.
DiClemente RJ. Planning models are critical for facilitating the development, implementation, and evaluation of dental health promotion interventions. J Public Health Dent. 2011;71 Suppl 1:S16.PubMedCrossRefGoogle Scholar
The vibration sensation might cause people to think that they can just hold the bristles against their teeth to clean them without actually moving the brush back and forth across their teeth and gums.
So that you can have fewer dental and health problems, you and the dental professionals can create a unique program of home care, products, (like which toothbrush to use), and dental services that address your particular risk factors.
Description: Gentle Dental is an after hour dentist Newark area professional that is open on Saturdays for your convenience, and is known for their standout treatment of every new patient that walks in the door. Dr Bernstein and his dedicated staff are always on hand to help with any new dental emergency that you encounter: it may be anything from a cracked tooth or broken crown on up to an abscess; they’ve got you covered. Every incredibly busy individual likes to know that they can locate a Sunday dentist or better:
It is important to follow any instructions from your Newark emergency dentists during the healing process. Try to avoid smoking, drinking from a straw, drinking alcohol or eating hard foods for the first few days following the procedure.
We are currently expanding training capacity for dental professionals in Scotland, both by expanding the intake of dental students by 15%, to guarantee an output target of 135 by 2006 and by radically reviewing the dental training model.
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Vibrating – this technique creates a rapid buzz against the teeth. Interestingly enough, some Philips toothbrushes offer this feature in addition to their oscillating attribute. The two movements can be triggered to perform simultaneously and destroy plaque that even Chuck Norris could not get to.
The sonic action, also known as the acoustic streaming action, was first introduced in 1983. Since then it has been improved to produce up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute. At such speed, the energy waves of pressure allow the above-mentioned bubbles and fluid molecules to reach areas between the teeth that are not accessible to bristles. The action of acoustic streaming is arguably said to go some 4mm beyond the reach of regular bristles. Technically, this means that sonic toothbrushes are capable of removing plaque from beneath the gum line.
Health benefits Personalized in-app coaching for plaque reduction and gum health Sonicare’s best and most complete care for healthier mouth Sonicare’s best and most complete care for healthier mouth Sonicare’s best and most complete care for healthier mouth
For example, you could simply mix coconut oil and baking soda with a pinch of Himalayan salt. High-quality peppermint essential oil can be added for flavor and cavity prevention. Start with a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and baking soda, and add more of one or the other until you get an agreeable consistency. (Slightly firmer consistency tends to be easier to use.) Here’s another, clay-based, recipe by MindBodyGreen:9

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  1. Wisdom teeth are no different than other teeth except that they are the last to grow into the mouth. If they grow in properly, have a proper bite relationship and have healthy gum tissue around them, they are useful. Often, however, problems develop when the teeth grow in, requiring their removal.
    “The fear is that everything’s going to get worse,” said Loren Feldner, an Orland Park dentist and chair of the government affairs and access to care committee at the Chicago Dental Society. “Dental services are something it’s easy for legislators to overlook.”
    … form oral health impact profile Gary D, Slade Department of Dental Ecology, University of North Carolina, USA Slade GD; Derivation and validation of a short-fortn oral health impact profile. Comtnunity Dent Oral Epidetniol 1997; 25; 284-90. © Munksgaard, 1997 …
    Patients line up two days in advance for Mission of Mercy events, free weekendlong clinics offered every two years in Illinois for thousands of patients. Nationally, 114 million people have no dental coverage, compared to an estimated 28 million who lack medical coverage. Part of the reason is that many states provide skimpy or nonexistent Medicaid dental benefits for adults.

  2. As public health and oral health advocates work to improve policies designed to reduce inequity, we applaud their efforts to inform their policies and actions directly from the community. When we ask community members about barriers to oral health, we find that sometimes the answers are far removed from the dentists’ chairs and are much more pedantic. When one listens to those experiencing the greatest inequities, we find that lack of hope and personal efficacy, public transportation limitations or economic insecurity can be just as important as the availability of providers that accept lower-income patients. As we continue our work to advance equity in oral health, we will continue to work closely with our community partners to make sure that we are getting closer to oral health for all in a manner that works for all.
    For this tip, you do not need anything more than what you already have – a toothbrush. Now that fancy toothpastes are available everywhere, it is easy to rely on them to do the work for you. However, if you take the time to clean your teeth properly, it matters a lot less what you use to clean them. Brush vigorously for at least two and a half minutes before you put down your toothbrush.
    I ABSOLUTELY love my dentist. Dr. King and his team are AMAZING!!! No other Dentist Office compares. He is known for constantly keeping himself educated in his field. His office is stunning with the latest technology. My Hygienist is Katie and if you ever let her give you a cleaning, I promise you…you would never want to get a cleaning from anywhere else. I no longer live in Chicago and flew in yesterday from Texas for my service. Will fly in next month for my fillings. Before meeting Dr. King I dreaded going to the dentist. But I have never experienced any pain after being serviced by him. I’ve had a root canal and wisdom tooth pulled, which are major for me and each experience has impacted the strong relationship that we have now. If he can’t do it….no one can. There is an art in dentistry and this office has PERFECTED IT. Send me to the moon and I will still find a way to find this office.
    At Dental Care Seattle, our doctors are recognized and work with the best to deliver top-notch dental solutions you can be confident in! If you’re looking for an expert, gentle dentist in Seattle, our friendly doctors will provide you the quality care you deserve.
    With an electric toothbrush you let the toothbrush do the work, rather than using a scrubbing motion. FlexCare Platinum Connected has a scrubbing sensor that helps guide you to reduce scrubbing for optimized technique and a more gentle clean.

  3. slim, lightweight, and effective! The product came in a nice and secure box. All the gadgets were individually wrapped, so they were definitely new and clean – huge plus for me. I really like the idea of the user being able to use this as a normal toothbrush and/or at the same time be able to switch it to electronic. I highly recommend it for anyone who has sensitive teeth or gums to give this a try as the bristles are very smooth and soft!
    First, I asked two friends who are dentists what they prefer. One friend strongly recommended the Sonicare FlexCare+, stating that the top of the line models are not any better. The other provided a similar recommendation to my dentist – either one will be a huge improvement over a manual brush. So slight tilt to the Sonicare at this point. Very slight because not much detail was provided as to why the Sonicare was better. Just a “trust me, get this” endorsement.

  4. What’s worse, according to Dr. Gerry Curatola, founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry, heart attacks related to gum disease are fatal 9 times out of 10. So, a major part of oral health is attending to your oral microbiome. If you’ve been lax about your oral health, make this the year you grab the proverbial bull by the horn and really make an effort to address the health of your mouth.
    The committee’s ultimate goals in this report are to synthesize current issues related to accessing oral health care, to examine strengths and deficiencies in the delivery system that responds to these issues, and to provide a vision for improving the delivery of oral health care to underserved and vulnerable populations across the life cycle.
    Because FlexCare Platinum can last three weeks between charges, you won’t need a charger for most of your travels. A travel case, two hygienic travel caps, and multi-voltage travel charger are included for further on-the-go convenience.
    CDC and HRSA coordinate program oversight and monitoring of related oral health programs, increase communication and knowledge sharing between project officers, and hold regularly scheduled discussions across agencies. CDC, HRSA, and SAMHSA build and/or maintain effective public health capacity for implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of best practices for preventing and improving oral health, and deliver joint webinars and coordinate technical assistance to state grantees. (Strategy 2-C)
    Both Component 1 and Component 2 are open for all applicants under this NOFO. It is anticipated that there will be 18 awards for Component 1, and that 5 of these recipients receive additional funding for Component 2. Applicants that are not awarded funds under Component 2 might receive an award under Component 1, depending on the outcome of the objective review process.
    The American Dental Association is committed to improving the nation’s oral health through public education and through legislative advocacy to strengthen funding for dental services provided through public health programs.
    This Framework represents the most recent demonstration of the federal government’s commitment to oral health. The first-ever Surgeon General’s report on oral health, Oral Health in America, in 2000 was followed by the National Call to Action to Promote Oral Health in 2003 and the HHS 2010 Oral Health Initiative.4,25,26 Although some improvements in oral health have been achieved in response to recommendations outlined in these reports, further action leading to measurable results is still needed.

  5. Very poorly designed. Package is hard to open. Putting the battery in and removing it is a dangerous battle as the holder doesn’t let much of an angle for the task, so we ended up with a dented battery and a hurt finger. It feels flimsy and cheap. Only positive is that it lights up. Don’t recommend it.
    Back in March 2010, Consumer Reports performed its own tests for plaque removal and concluded, “[T]he two priciest brushes removed 75 percent or more of plaque in our tests, on average.” In the years following those tests, two of the top models have been discontinued and replaced by similar ones, and one has been recalled; as of May 2016, CR no longer tests toothbrushes at all. GHI’s recommendations don’t say much and do not explain whether expensive features are really necessary.
    Have larger, more ergonomic handles that make it easier for the elderly, children or people with disabilities or limited mobility to hold the toothbrush. Also, the powered brushing action helps them clean their teeth better since it does most of the work for them.
    While you probably know the importance of flossing, you may not do it as often as needed. You should floss thoroughly at least once a day. While you’re working to improve your oral health, you may decide to floss after meals as well to make it easier to clean your teeth well.
    The 31000 times/min high-frequency vibration and strong torque output make the power can be efficiently transmitted to the brush head. The power drives the water and toothpaste foam to form the pulse force to effectively clean tooth gap and remove dental plaque

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