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A: The Crest + Oral-B family of products is designed to grow with your child’s oral care needs. Starting them out with Pro-Health Stages and then graduating to Pro-Health Jr. products for kids keeps you feeling confident that your child is getting great oral care products, and keeps your child feeling encouraged to maintain their routine.
The International and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) have published two studies about oral health inequalities in older people and low income individuals. The articles are published in the Journal of Dental Research, the official publication of the IADR/AADR.
… Globally, poor oral health amongst older people has been particularly evident in high levels of tooth loss, dental caries experience, and the prevalence rates of periodontal disease, xerostomia and oral precancer/cancer. The …
We noticed that more than one online post by users stated that they (and often their dentist or hygienist too) felt that their brushing results were improved after switching to a different Oral-B head.
Bonding is a procedure in which we use a tooth-colored composite product to a tooth, shape it, allow it to harden, and polish it. It can be utilized in certain circumstances where a tooth has actually been broken or ended up being stained. These are typically small repairs, ones that can be resolved through this fairly inexpensive methods rather than through a more pricey dental treatment.
Weighing in at just 6oz and only 6in tall, which is approximately 2 inches shorter than some of the newest products on the market, Be. is designed to fit in your purse, in your desk compartment, or in that last bit of space left in your almost overweight carry-on. When you are constantly on the move and trying to manage space for your essentials, size matters, and Be. makes the cut. 
An emergency tooth extraction is definitely not something anyone wants to add to their daily agenda. You might require an emergency tooth extraction if you have a tooth that has decayed beyond a dentist’s ability to repair it. When this occurs, it is important to see your Newark emergency dentist right away because the more quickly the extraction is accomplished, the less likely you are to have painful complications that require the use of medications like antibiotics and painkillers.
Oral-B brush head refills feature indicator bristles that fade halfway to help remind you when to replace your toothbrush head so you maintain a superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. Replace…
My hygienist recommended these heads on the Braun Vitality. I’m very happy with them. They last as long as I’d use a manual brush, and I think the floss action while not a replacement for actual flossing does do a better job getting in the crevices with brushing action while using this head as compared to the non-floss-action heads.
Shortest are the inner Blue bristles, with the inner ring of White bristles slightly taller. The height of the bristles on the very outer ring, vary in height. For the most part they are the same height as the inner ring of bristles, but quite a few of the outer bristles are fractionally taller.
reviewing electric toothbrush

Many oral diseases can be prevented with routine care and regular dental checkups. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to access adequate oral care. Dental public health programs work to rectify that. They provide assistance and programs so people can avoid the pain and discomfort poor oral health causes.
Studies indicate that children from low-income and minority families, children with special needs, and children raised in rural areas of the U.S. shoulder a disproportionate burden of oral disease, adding to the list of health disparities among some disadvantaged populations. Contributing factors may include lack of community water fluoridation, dental workforce shortages, and the high cost of care and limited access to dental insurance. Cultural beliefs, values, and practices are also often implicated as causes of oral health disparities, yet little can be found in the dental literature that isn’t epidemiological in nature. In other words, the literature demonstrates disparities in oral health rather than identifying specific oral beliefs and practices among different cultural groups. 1
Correct teeth brushing remains essential to a good oral health. Unfortunately, many of us rush through this exercise in order to get it done. This way a lot of destructive bacteria remains and slowly causes the formation of plaque and eventually tooth decay.
Fifty years of expertise has taught us that kids’ oral care needs change as they grow. So we’ve designed each and every Stages toothbrush to meet the specific needs that your child’s age and development demands.
Kid’s Power Toothbrush by Oral – B. Electric Power Toothbrush. your toothbrush every 3 months for optimal dental care. HELLO KITTY. Rotating brush head has a raised center row to. Brush head is not Replaceable.
Dentists encourage the use of electric toothbrushes because most models are set to run for two minutes, which is the right amount of brushing time to get a proper clean, and almost double the amount of time that the average person brushes.
There’s no specific tongue-cleaning mode, but you can simply switch to a less intensive speed when cleaning your tongue. With as much as half a mouth’s bacteria being found on the tongue this is not something you should ignore in your dental hygiene routine.
The Oral-B Genius 8000 can track the brush’s position in your mouth, thanks to on-board location sensors and access to your phone’s front-facing camera. (For more on our experience with the Genius, see “Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Review: Who Needs a Smart Toothbrush?”) Smart capabilities aside, the brush itself, like our pick, is a reliable tool. Like other models in the Oral-B line, it has more cleaning modes than necessary and is compatible with any of the company’s replacement heads. And like the Pro 3000, the Genius has an on-board pressure sensor that flashes red when you brush too hard (no app necessary). If you travel with an electric toothbrush, you’ll appreciate the included case, which can charge the brush handle and a phone. Still, unless you find that being “watched” helps motivate you to thoroughly brush regions in your mouth you’d usually miss, you could spend half the cost of this brush for another habit-tracking smart model, such as the Pro 3000, or less than a quarter of the cost for an equally great clean with our pick.
Whilst this is unlikely to be a factor with new DBCs providing routine care in the UK, the reverse might occur where dentists are encouraged to refer in certain circumstances, either as a way of limiting the treatment provided by the dentist or as a form of risk management.
More than 40,000 Alaska Native people living in 81 previously unserved or underserved rural communities have regular access to dental care thanks to the addition of DHATs to dentists’ teams.6 No malpractice claims have ever been filed against a DHAT.7  
… All rights reserved. Am J Health Behav. 2010;34(3):275-285 275 Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking: An Emerging Health Crisis in the United Caroline Cobb, MS; Kenneth D. Ward, PhD; Wasim Maziak, MD, PhD; Alan L. Shihadeh, ScD; Thomas Eissenberg, PhD …
For patients with vomiting secondary to morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, or gastric reflux during late pregnancy, the use of antacids or rinsing with a baking soda solution (ie, 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in 1 cup of water) may help neutralize the associated acid.
62. Vasse E, Vernooij-Dassen M, Spijker A, Rikkert MO, Koopmans R. A systematic review of communication strategies for people with dementia in residential and nursing homes. Int Psychogeriatr. 2010;22(2):189–200. pmid:19638257
2.3. Regarding Component 2, are states who currently receive DP1609 (Models of Collaboration for State Chronic Disease and Oral Health Programs) the only ones who are eligible to apply for Component 2 funding under DP18-1810? If applying for Component 2 and unsuccessful, can applicants still receive Component 1 funding?
USB-C instead of micro-USB! We got this request really often, and we too think that this is a great way to build Amabrush with top-notch technology right from the beginning. Many of you demanded such an upgrade, and your request is our command!
“I like the Oral B Braun brush for its circumferential action on the tooth surface,” says David Tecosky, a Philadelphia-based dentist. A pressure sensor lets you know when you’re brushing too hard, and an in-handle timer pulses every 30 seconds to signal that it’s time to move to a different part of your mouth. 

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  1. Oral B toothbrush heads come in a number of styles, allowing you to find one that suits your toothbrush and your unique dental needs. If you have sensitive teeth, opt for toothbrush heads with soft bristles that are gentle on your teeth and gums. Other Oral B toothbrush heads are round, modeled after professional dental cleaning instruments, allow them to deeply penetrate to remove plaque and buildup, even between your teeth. These toothbrush heads also come in styles that feature precision bristles, which gently but deeply cleanse your teeth for a brighter and healthier smile. Some brush heads are designed to move when powered by your toothbrush. This style features dual rotating heads that work to polish each tooth. Oral B is a leader in power toothbrushes, and when you invest in this style of toothbrush, you want to ensure it works its best. Having a supply of toothbrush heads on hand allows you to keep your Oral B toothbrush operating properly. With a number of styles available at Walgreens, you are sure to find the toothbrush head that works best for your dental hygiene needs.
    Primary Dental Care is the research journal of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), and the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated wholly to research in primary care dentistry. The aim of the journal is to promote academic and research aspects of primary dental care by publishing relevant peer-reviewed papers. In addition, reviews, reports of clinical cases, book reviews, opinions, summaries and abstracts of scientific meetings and news items are included.
    It comes with a two-minute sand timer that your child will love to watch to figure out when it’s time to stop brushing. It also comes with a cute rinse cup that your child should love to use, a stand to hold everything, and a replacement head.
    Dental schools typically have a clinic offering discounted rates for services by supervised students or faculty. The American Student Dental Association[6] maintains a list of dental schools. CostHelper readers report paying $15-$50 for a standard teeth cleaning, exam and X-rays at a dental hygienist school (with some noting that their appointment took four hours).
    29. Campo J, Cano J, del Romero J, Hernando V, del Amo J, Moreno S. Role of the dental surgeon in the early detection of adults with underlying HIV infection/AIDS. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2012;17:e401–8. [PMC free article] [PubMed]
    Primary care is greater therefore than merely the clinical treatment of patients and quality is not confined to clinical outcomes but also encompasses how a service is organised and delivered according to such pivotal features. When definitions of quality have been considered in the literature there is an underlying assumption that clinical care and the broader features of a service are delivered by qualified, competent and up-to-date practitioners who recognise their own limitations and draw appropriately on the strengths of others.1 These assumptions are important as they set minimum standards and conceptually separate out quality from individual professional under-performance and misconduct.
    Dental sealants  provide a physical barrier on the chewing surfaces of permanent molars and prevent over 80 percent of cavities 2 years after placement.9 Experts recommend sealant programs administered through schools to increase the number of children who receive sealants. These programs typically target schools attended by a large number of children at high risk for tooth decay. Studies indicate that delivering sealants to high-risk children can offer Medicaid a positive return on investment at 2 years.10

  2. We are born with no visible teeth, but they’re there, growing beneath the gums. Teeth begin forming just six weeks after conception, and by the time we’re born our incisors have formed beneath the gums with the rest on the way. Occasionally babies are born with an impacted tooth but usually teething doesn’t begin until two to three months old. The first teeth to come in are those central incisors and they make their appearance starting at 5 months. Newborns should see a dentist before their first birthday.
    Hello Rita, Thank you for your comments and I agree that a recyclable toothbrush would be great. I don’t see how it could be that difficult for big name companies like Reach could at least make the handle out of a plastic that can be recycled. Not sure what to do about the bristle yead though.
    I have been very happy with the brush and the way it cleans but unfortunately I have discovered what seems to be a design flaw that negatively affects use in damp climates. In the holes on the front and back of the brush head, I noticed something black. Accustomed to the rapid growth of mold and mildew in our city, I inserted an inter-proximal brush (very thin) in the holes and withdrew black mold. I poured hydrogen peroxide down the brush and collected the dirty liquid in a glass. The mold had collected although, after use, I habitually shake and clean the brush in running water.
    It doesn’t take long to visibly see when one’s mouth lacks attention. In just a matter of days you’re able to see yellow buildup of dental plaque from not brushing. And when poor oral hygiene continues, the plaque builds giving way to inflammation of the gum and eventually infection.2
    Patient outcomes form one part of the classic triad used to define quality of care: structure, process, and outcome. Outcomes research in dentistry should focus on global questions such as: What difference does dental care make to a patient? Do patients derive perceptible …
    39. Department of Health and Human Services (US) Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Form CMS-416: annual EPSDT participation report [cited 2015 Nov 2] Available from:

  3. Toothbrush sanitizers, what? Do these things exist? Yes, they do! Have you ever spared some thought to the idea your toothbrush might just be a haven for bacteria? Every morning you’re reminded of the colony of bacteria growing in your mouth – and off you go to brush your teeth – what do you use to clean your mouth?
    Cost and availability. “It’s inexpensive and accessible,” says Ictech-Cassis. “This is the toothbrush that the majority of dentists give away.” Electric toothbrushes may simply be too expensive for many people, so it’s nice to know that you can do a great job brushing with a manual toothbrush.
    An excellent electric toothbrush that justifies its premium price thanks to the quality of its cleaning and the elegance of its design. At least part of the reason for that is that it’s frequently on offer at half its RRP; never pay full price for it!
    It is very obvious that Waterpik has drawn inspiration from Philips Sonicare in regards to how the Sensonic Professional Plus functions. But this is much more than just a copy-cat, Waterpik has found ways to improve on areas that the Sonicare lacked.
    Only the Rota-Dent® toothbrush has patented microfilament brush tips designed to reach underneath the gum line and in-between the teeth. Clinically proven to reduce harmful bacteria (dental plaque and gingivitis) beyond the brush tip in Periodontal Pockets…where it counts!

  4. Here’s a link to Delivering Better Oral Health – 3rd Edition.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    Welcome to If you prefer a simplified shopping experience, try the mobile web version of Amazon at The mobile web version is similar to the mobile app. Stay on for access to all the features of the main Amazon website.
    Visit the Find a Program page to search through approximately 200 community-based oral health programs, across the nation, in 11 categories. You can replicate one of these programs or adapt it to meet a specific need in your community. Or, you can design your own program, drawing from the experiences of included programs. You’ll also find contact information (as available) for each program in its profile in the database.
    Thousands of dental professionals worldwide recommend Philips Sonicare to their patients. Why? Philips’ patented Sonicare toothbrush technology produces a dynamic cleaning action that thoroughly cleans teeth and massages gums while still being remarkably gentle, even on sensitive teeth. Our products give your patients superior plaque removal, healthier gums and naturally whiter teeth.
    Sambunjak D, Nickerson JW, Poklepovic T, Johnson TM, Imai P, Tugwell P, et al. Flossing for the management of periodontal diseases and dental caries in adults. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2011;12, CD008829.PubMedGoogle Scholar
    This is one of the average-sized brush heads for the Oral B toothbrush, but can still feel quite large due to the moving parts at the base of the brush – children and those with a smaller mouth cavity may find it uncomfortably large in the beginning, but this is something you can easily get used to. The bottom part of the brush head moves side to side, the top rotates. In terms of cleaning power, I have not seen a noticeable difference between this and the Deep Sweep – (where both parts move side to side). Personally I prefer the Deep Sweep, which has a larger head, and a motion that most closely resembles a classic toothbrush. However, that’s just personal preference, and they are both great for the job.

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