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End of the year budgets are tight for everyone, especially in this economy.It’s especially hard for the millions of Americans who depend on government programs like food stamps to help make ends meet. || Posted November 11 2013
Because of its fully automated design, your kid does not have to count strokes manually whilst using this toothbrush. It does so automatically. It also cleans faster and better than most manual models and is good at neutralizing bad breath.
Dental sealants can reduce child tooth decay by more than 70 percent, estimates the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is why several states have implemented school-based programs to provide sealants to children from low-income families who are at risk for cavities. Such programs identify a target market within a school district to meet the needs of children who are less likely to receive private dental care.
rotary electric toothbrush heads

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Using a SmartSeries toothbrush as intended requires discipline (remembering to take your phone to the bathroom) and courage (the bathroom is a dangerous place for phones), but really there’s no need for either if you have a SmartGuide by the sink. Unfortunately, US consumers don’t have a choice, as the Pro 5000 doesn’t come with a SmartGuide. The little peripheral is included with both UK models, however.
Pearl Enterprises offers the comfort and convenience of a familiar brushing motion similar to what you would experience with a traditional manual toothbrush, but Removes 100% more plaque than a regular toothbrush.
There is no saturation point for teeth-cleaning products, which makes something like Goby all that more relevant for modern standards. Each brush head is designed with precision, boasting soft bristles that have been examined “at microscopic level” to guarantee quality brushing. The soft-touch handle is comforting to clutch in hand and is made from smooth materials for quick risibility. That means less Colgate buildup. Keep the device housed in the USB charging shell for clutter-free charging. Goby’s also engineered the device to require no more than two charges per month for optimal performance.
Remove the tooth stain and dental plaque, whiten your teeth and alleviate gums bleeding. Applicable crowd: general. Brush head replaceable, low-carbon and healthy. Bristle material: High-grade fiber. Anti-slip curvy handle design, comfortable to hold it in hand.
The opportunity presents itself for health-promoting dental practices in England to be giving universal, unambiguous advice to all patients, including those with dental disease and those most at risk of developing disease. This toolkit is as valuable to oral health promoters and public health practitioners working to reduce inequalities in oral health with whole communities, half of which may never present themselves to dentists, unless for emergency treatment.
Finger toothbrushes can seem a lot less intimidating to toddlers than regular-sized toothbrushes do. If your toddler has been resistant to all of the other toothbrushes you’ve tried to introduce, go back to the beginning and introduce a non-threatening finger toothbrush.
We spent 10 weeks reading through medical journals, researching online and speaking to manufacturers and dental professionals. As a result, we made up a solid list of rotary and sonic toothbrushes to test, rate and review.
“The idea of a toothbrush is to remove plaque and to stimulate the gums,” explains John Ictech-Cassis, DDS, DMD, clinical associate professor at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. “Most toothbrushes will keep the teeth clean if you know how to use them.”
I got this toothbrush as a gift for someone, so I was hoping that it would look as good as the pictures. It looks great in person, came with a charge right out of the box. It is super simple to use, you literally press a button and it lights up the setting that it is on. The little cup that is included is nice, but plastic instead of glass. I love that it came with two brush heads so that they don’t have to go out any buy new ones any time soon. It is super high quality and comparable to much more expensive tooth brushes.
Experts agree that you’ll generally want to stick with small heads whether you’re a child or an adult, because lowering the surface area of contact with the brush is a good way to prevent over-brushing and enamel degradation.
While it’s known that people with diabetes are more prone to gum disease, surprising new studies suggest that serious gum disease may actually contribute to diabetes as it affects blood glucose control. The Canadian Diabetes Association says, “Because periodontal disease is an infection, bacteria produce toxins that affect the carbohydrate metabolism in individual cells. It is also thought that the host response to periodontal bacteria can increase insulin resistance and, therefore, blood glucose levels.” This two-way link is a wake-up call to take care of your teeth, especially since the incidence of diabetes is rising.
Save the date for OHCO’s annual awards luncheon and meeting, Friday, April 28th from 10am to 1:30pm. Location TBD. Nominate someone to receive an award for their excellence in oral health in Colorado here.
It has been known since the 1930s that poor nutrition enhances the toxicity of fluoride. As discussed below, nutrient deficiencies have been specifically linked to increased susceptibility to fluoride-induced tooth damage (dental fluorosis), bone damage (osteomalacia), neurotoxicity (reduced intelligence), and mutagenicity. The nutrients of primary importance appear to be calcium,
This is not the Phillips product that is substantially more expensive, but it works well. I was worried about the brush wearing out too quickly or losing shape or falling off. I have used for more three months and the brush still looks good. It does a good job and my mouth feels I just came from my cleaning for the dentist office. It is not a regular tooth brush and it gets some getting used to it. I wish the timer was such that you could disable it when you did not want to use it.
Featuring an advanced dual action technology, the cleaning power of this Spinbrush Pro toothbrush in impressive. Using its circular oscillating head, it spins back and forth to clean and polish the enamel. It also cleans teeth thoroughly and fights plaque without irritating people. You do not need a teeth whitening kit or a special type of toothpaste for this product to work well.
An electric one can cover a larger area faster, so you clean more surfaces in the same amount of time. When you brush by hand, you make about 300 strokes per minute. Compare that with the thousands — in some cases tens of thousands — of strokes per minute a power one makes.
Two of the included research projects [65, 66, 92–94] assessed strategies to manage responsive behaviors related to oral care (Table 2). The first research project [66, 92–94] assessed these strategies in conjunction with oral health education of care staff. In the second study [65], the trained research team delivered the intervention instead of the care team. The other two studies [91, 95] excluded residents with a history of responsive behaviors to oral care, but focused on strategies to enable and motivate nursing home residents to perform their own oral care. One set of strategies identified involved a modification of the physical environment (e.g., visual cuing/reinforcement by using colored items, mirrors, reminders; placing items within the reach of residents; using ergonomic tooth brushes; or move the over-bed table oral care can be carried out easier). Another set of strategies focused on instructions to staff on how to overcome residents’ cognitive or non-cognitive deficits (e.g., teaching staff how to use a diagram to prompt resident; teaching staff about residents’ preserved abilities and how to elicit them; or teaching staff that a resident may need cues to initiate and stop tasks). A third set of strategies included task focused or social communication, full physical assistance or redirection. As Table 2 shows, there was a large variety of strategies directed at addressing oral care related responsive behaviors.
CDC promotes community water fluoridation by supporting state and local water fluoridation efforts through monitoring, training, and technical assistance, and develops and disseminates communication tools about community water fluoridation for key audiences. (Strategy 2-A)
If you’re set to White mode an extra 40 seconds is added to the regulation two minutes so you can focus on the visible front teeth to remove stains. Deep Clean mode takes three minutes. (Strangely the app introduces itself at first use by stating that the Clean mode takes three minutes rather than the two it actually does take.)
Get enough fluoride. Regular use of fluoride toughens the enamel, making it harder for acid to penetrate. Although many towns require tap water to be fluoridated, others don’t. If your water supply is not fluoridated or if your family uses purified water, ask your dentist for fluoride supplements. Most toothpastes contain fluoride but toothpaste alone will not fully protect a child’s teeth. Be careful, however, since too much fluoride can cause tooth discoloration. Check with your dentist before supplementing.
The Braun 1000 (and Canadian 2000 model) oscillate 8800 times per minute and pulsate 20,000 times per minute. The 3000, 4000, and 5000 models oscillate at the same rate but pulsate at 40,000 per minute. There are some that say that the 40,000 pulsations act similar to Sonicare’s 31,000 micro-vibrating sweeps, that clean beyond where the toothbrush comes in contact with your teeth…by spraying water, toothpaste and saliva between teeth etc. The 20,000 pulsations are theoretically less effective than the 40,000 pulsations in this respect.

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